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  1. It's interesting that he was born in the city of Matsuyama and his last name is also Matsuyama. Is this a coincidence or he is named after the city?
  2. I have ordered on 1/3 and tracking says "gathering components" but scheduled to arrive on 2/4. I think they will make sure most preorders get the clubs on 2/4.
  3. Yes, I love seeing hit the driver. It looks much smoother than Dechambeau hitting driver.
  4. That's a lot of content, I am excited. I don't mind the ads between shots except the one featuring Robert Pattinson.
  5. He just hit it long. I don't think he will make the cut. He struggles to make cuts on the Sunshine tour. He has made just over 4k EUR in the last 5 tournaments. https://www.europeantour.com/players/james-hart-du-preez-41040/
  6. I am striking the balls much better than before and taking divots although still much shallower than what are seen on PGA tour. The divots are also after the ball. I hit the balls really crisp. However, I am still not where I want to be yet. After watching countless videos on GG website I learned much more about my problems. I had many problems such as overswinging, early release, standing up, flipping and butts moving forward during down swing, open club face and slight out to in swing. At least at this point I understand where the major problems are. I am working a bunch of drills: 1) Taking the club back - during this process my left wrist changes from flat at address to bowed at top of back swing. I do this 100-200 times a day without doing the down swing. 2) Half swing - with extreme bowed wrist at half backswing, I squat down with right butt cheek sticking out turn and hit the ball as hard as I can while maintaining shaft lean and lag. I try to maintain contact with the imaginary wall with right butt cheek and as I turn and pivot on the left leg the left butt cheek moves back against the imaginary wall. I check on video and I am much less likely to stand up or move forward with this drill. 50 times a day. 3) 30, 60 yards pitching with bowed wrist and shaft lean. 100 times a day. I don't really hit full shots in practice anymore. I worry the old swing will creep back. I will continue to do these drills until I have lag, no more flipping, and standing up at impact. I think I will need to be very disciplined to overcome an ingrained bad swing.
  7. Ever since he gave the Mexican caddie 0.4% of the winning he is unwatchable for me.
  8. It would be good for golf and the PGA given the massive potential of golf in China.
  9. Got it, it makes sense to experiment to dial in the weight before buying. I have some lead tape. My 43.75" M5 feels light so I put in about 12g of lead tape on the head.
  10. Thank you. I will play as received and if it feels light I will change the back weight, sliding weight or both depending on the trajectory of the ball flight. I have ordered the 8* head.
  11. So Taylormade doesn't make the adjustment and I have to do it? This 24 grams goes where, into the shaft or head?
  12. Jumping onto a jump box or in my case the park benches behind my house is a great exercise. A lot of power for the golf swing comes from your legs. Without the box or a platform, you would land on your feet and that put too much force into your knees. I am amazed how much of a total body exercise jumping did for my body. I am 47, after the first day of 40 jumps on to an 20" bench, my entire body was sore. Mostly in the abs and oblique muscles. After a week with 3 sessions, my body is more tone. I started this because I saw Justin Thomas did it in one of his videos.
  13. I have ordered Stealth Plus with -2" length, standard tip, 5.5 Hrzdus RED RDX, what will they do with swing weight? Removing 2" on the butt end and not adding weight or putting a weight in the shaft? Currently I am playing a 43.75" M5 driver. I bought it second hand so I am not sure what they have done to the swing weight.
  14. Next week it will be even better with featured groups, marquee group, and featured holes. 4 different channels to choose from.
  15. Na cools off, scores seem to be higher today.
  16. I also have $20 on Na at 28:1. Now he is at 4:1, crazy. Hope he wins this and another tournament and makes the President Cup team. He wants to participate desperately.
  17. If you have Amazon fire stick then you can still use your Amazon account to sign up with Espn+.
  18. Unfortunately those are the best for this tournament.
  19. I had $20 on Na. Featured groups on PGA Tour Live on Thursday: Morning Abraham Ancer Harris English Billy Horschel Hideki Matsuyama Kevin Kisner Webb Simpson Afternoon Cameron Smith Talor Gooch Kevin Na All the players I want to see in this tournament. I am very happy with the PGA Tour Live ESPN+ coverage.
  20. I live in Cypress and also go to this Roger Dunn. I should have gone here to compare the Stealth and Stealth+ before ordering but I was too eager and ordered the Stealth+ 8* with 5.5 Hrzdus Red RDX shaft at midnight on the first day it became available. I like the adjustability of the Stealth+. I didn't read your other posts but did you order one?
  21. I am seeing the same message with my custom Stealth driver 2" short shaft. Original promise date was 2/11. I think they are ready but not shipped due to the 2/4 launch date. I ordered just 10 minutes after preorder was available.
  22. If you have access to a Golf Sim, Stealth + head and 3, 4 shafts I believe you can make adjustments on the head with various shaft and get very close to a professional fitting session. That is what I will do. I already have 2 shafts and ordered Stealth + with Hrzdus Red Rdx so a total of 3 shafts. I will fit myself with Skytrak.
  23. I wonder what is the return, -30%?
  24. I can tell when I hit it fat on the Fiberbuilt grass. Yes, you still get 90% of the distance but definitely it is easier on your wrist and elbow.
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