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  1. SELLING OR TRADING TODAY 3/8 SO SEND ME YOUR OFFER!!!! Ping G410 19* Hybrid 3 - $175 Looking for a hybrid that doesn’t hook? Here you go! Great club but I just don’t have a spot in the bag for it now with my new irons and their gapping. Club has a Kuro Kage X Flex 80 gram shaft and also comes with the headcover. Headcover is missing the number tag that attaches to it. $175 OBO shipped plus $5 west of the Mississippi. Shipping is via UPS. Trade: Cool X Flex Driver Shafts PING Callaway X Forged UT 18* Utility Driving Iron
  2. The ST200G is a high launch, low spin monster. I hit one on Wednesday in the simulator and couldn’t believe the numbers it produced. Someone will be thrilled with this head.
  3. Bought this a couple weeks ago thinking I got better at golf over the winter while not playing or practicing. I got worse and can’t hit this club. So unfortunately this beauty has to go. Pictures tell the story of this one; one trip to the simulator, less than ten shots and here she is. $200 shipped via UPS plus $5 west of the Mississippi.
  4. Looking for a buddy of mine. He just got the 210 irons and wants to add the U Wedge to the set. Message me a price and some pictures if you have one.
  5. In my experience with using shims, I’ll say that if done correctly you should never know it is in there and it shouldn’t give you any problems. Just make sure whoever is doing it knows what they are doing and you should be fine.
  6. I’ve got one of these that I picked up along with the adapters and it is like gold. Makes it very easy to test different heads on a particular shaft. These adapters are also very durable. I’ve probably installed and pulled it from 25 or so shafts and it still works beautifully. Only issue I’ve ever run into is finding a screw that is the proper thread pitch (the adapter uses the same screw as a TaylorMade) but also long enough as the fitting between the adapter and the head sometimes requires a longer screw. I’ve found that the ones which came with the kit at subpar. I ju
  7. Looking for some clean pulls. Midsized would be preferred and Golf Pride also preferred but send me whatever you have. Also, not looking to spend a ton on this, like $25 or less.
  8. PXG because their commercials are annoying and their irons make me wonder what they are thinking. I guess on the plus side, if I’m ever short a screw for a job I’m doing I could always pull one of the million they have in the back of one of their irons. DUMB
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