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  1. I got to use my Tensei Raw AV White TX today for the first time outdoors and it was super impressive. I thought the Pro White was a good shaft but this blew it away. If you have a chance to try one do it, you won’t be disappointed.
  2. I hit a couple buckets today (about 200 balls) and I could see how the MCC could be rough on the hands. I already have a lot of callouses from work but if I didn’t I bet my hands would be torn up. The grip definitely is a little rough on the hands.
  3. Same here, never noticed until I read this thread. Now it is all I can hear.
  4. When I walk I always carry all 14 clubs. If it ever starts to get to be too much I’ll probably invest in a pull cart.
  5. Found it through a Google search for some info about a club. Once I saw everything going on here I had to join.
  6. That really sums up his play this weekend right there.
  7. Gosh it is hard to watch him play. No matter what you think of him, it’s hard not to feel bad for him to see how lost he seems right now.
  8. I sure hope not, I would hate to see him go out like that. He’ll probably never win it at this point, but I’d sure love to see him contend one more time before hanging it up.
  9. Thanks for all the great feedback so far about these two. This is exactly the type of info I need. Keep the feedback coming, I am thinking I would like to buy one of these sooner than later so everything I can learn now is a bonus so I can buy the one that will best meet my needs.
  10. I looked at those but don’t know much about them. I’d love to have a stock face someday from a hybrid.
  11. I’m also a sweeper more than a digger so it sounds like we are looking for the same type qualities from a hybrid.
  12. That’s great feedback, thanks for that. I should have mentioned that forgiveness is a plus. I was looking at that 21* H1 as the one I would go with. Slightly weaker than my 4 iron but should fit right in the gap nicely.
  13. In the last few months I’ve realized that I just can’t hit my 4 iron anymore. Very inconsistent and it is really a club that I rarely use at all because of the inconsistency. With that being said, I’ve been looking for a hybrid to replace my 4 iron with. At this point I’ve narrowed it down to two choices and was looking for some feedback. I’m thinking either going with Callaway Apex 19 or Titleist 818 H1. Things I’m looking for from these clubs. First, if either has a bias towards fade that is a bonus, while draw bias is a big negative for me. Also, would like something that can hit
  14. That is great info, thanks. I think I’m going to drop the smoke green 6.5 and try the smoke green 6.5tx to see how it feels compared to the t1100. I really like the t1100 but as a true tinkerer I am always trying new stuff to find something I like a little more.
  15. I always love when I pull a grip and that stuff is under there. It is so much easier to remove than regular double faced tape.
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