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  1. Selling this one from my collection. Very nice shape putter. Hard to find 340 gram head. Studio Style head cover. Matador grip with a very nice looking black shaft. $450 shipped via UPS. NO trades, NO Canada, NO Usps.
  2. Looking for one of these. Hit me up if you have one.
  3. Because when you know you just know. And I knew that I was kidding myself if I thought I could play a round of golf with these clubs. I need something more forgiving with more offset.
  4. Tonight only - ANY REASONABLE OFFER ACCEPTED! After tonight I’ll probably just hang on to them until someone comes along looking for a set of these.
  5. GOT ONE! Looking for a Ventus Black 6X Velocore. Must be a minimum of 44” butt to tip with no extensions. Cash ready to go. Send me pics and a price via PM
  6. Bought these with the hopes that I would be good enough to game them. I am not. They need to go so I can get something more forgiving. I used these once on the range for a 40 ball bucket. No club hit more than 10 balls. All standard specs. To get this same set from TM your looking at about $1200 and they won’t ship till November! Length shown is a 5 Iron. $800 shipped. Ships via UPS with signature required. NO Canada, NO USPS, NO trades. Please make sure you can be there to sign. I don’t need them getting shipped back to me! pin 9/13
  7. Here’s a thumbs up to you for actually gaming a Champions Choice instead of just buying it to flip it.
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