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  1. This is exactly the route I went. Used a DC XT 70tx for like 3 years until it snapped. Never found anything I liked until the Ventus Black.
  2. I live on Guam, its about 90 all year and humid. These days is 90, with about 90 percent humidity and sometimes minimal wind. Awful heat. I use GP mcc +4. Glove wise I only use Fit 39 gloves or I have a few Footjoy Rain gloves which are good as well. I sweat more than a normal human. Fit 39 gloves are the ones, and they last long and are washable
  3. I had an 9* epic subzero with a kuro kage dual core 70tx @44.5 that was pretty good. Then went to a SIM Max 9* with a Tensei Av raw orange 75tx @44 and didn't hit that so well. Added lead tape to the head and it was better but I felt the short length changed my delivery and to be fair I've been changing my swing this year via online lessons. For the last 3 months I went 1st gen SIM 9* with a Ventus Black 6x and have never hit the driver this consistent. Zero rights (im a lefty) and feel of the length and ventus is so confidence inspiring. 45" with a mid 60 gram seems to be the best for me. I'm 5'11" so pretty standard height.
  4. I'm using zx7s, and vokey sm8s in 50,54,58. Works great for me!
  5. I might be a little different here but I have DG X7 in my irons and s200 in my wedges and it's working great since I hardly ever beat the crap out of a wedge anyway. I was gonna put s400s but decided to try them out with the stock wedge shafts (sm8) and it's fine. Go figure
  6. I had the KK DC tini 70tx and I loved that thing until it snapped from one too many adapter changes and some traveling mishandling. I'm using a ventus black 6x now and love it. With the KK DC I could go after it or smooth it, and it would still have feel. I get the same feeling with the Ventus Black 6x. Same low spin but ventus might launch slightly lower. Good luck with your search, that KK DC was a special shaft!
  7. Darn it, looks like they're out of stock already lol. I'm interested in the left dot. Been using the left dash and as someone who doesn't really care for titlest golf balls, I have to say I love the left dash. Only gripe is its pretty firm feeling off the putter so I wanted to try the left dot. Maybe it's a good thing I didn't get to try it with it being limited release.
  8. Hello, did a Google search and didn't come up with a whole lot. My Buddy is gonna be out in Vegas and wants to get fit for his entire bag. Where we live there are no fitters or launch monitors so we buy blindly here lol. Looking for any recommendations or if you'd like to share an experience you've had so I can relay the information to him. Thanks in advance!
  9. Not to sound cliché, but the Ventus Black has made my driving game so much more consistent. For me it controls spin so well and there is definitely some "forgiveness" factor to less then ideal strikes. It feels great too! Now I'm looking to get a new 4 wood setup with a Ventus and put a Ventus in my driving iron too Lol Do it!!!
  10. I dont have any access to EI graphs but I'd think the kuro kage xd could be similar, I had the dual core tini xt 70tx and have the ventus black 6x now and I think they feel somewhat similar. Feel is subjective of course.
  11. Has anyone hit the ventus black or blue hb and the tensei pro hybrid? If so, what were the feel and ball flight differences for you? I have the 100tx tensei pro in my ping crossover and it's good but the ventus black in my driver is so friggn' good I want to put a ventus in everything I can haha.
  12. I have a ventus black 6x untipped, 9* og sim set at std loft. I swing 122-124 smooth transition and it's been great so far. Feel is excellent, distance and dispersion are great too!
  13. I the top shaft is a dual core "xt" profile similar to the first kuro kage xts that Rory still uses. It's a mid high kick point "low" launch shaft, the bottom shaft with the gold lettering is an "xm" profile that has more of a mid kick and is supposedly a more mid/mid-low shaft. At least that's my understanding of that. As far as one being Mitsubishi Rayon and the other being Mitsu Chemical, these came out right around the time they changed their name to Mitsubishi Chemical. Again, im no expert but this is my guess lol BTW the dual core xt is one of the best shafts I've ever had, great feel and performance!!
  14. I should've clarified it was the tensei av raw orange 75tx, so the premium materials
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