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  1. Thank you for this, I enjoy the modus 130, it used to feel like rebar until impactif that makes sense with the softer tip section. Swing is way different now and it feels good throughout just launches so darn high. Looks like I'll enjoy the dgx7 looking at the profile.
  2. Bumping this because I have a set of clubs coming with DGx7. Using the modus 130x now, good shaft but launches pretty high and I already hit it high naturally. Tried modus 120, feels great but I've changed my swing significantly and it feels way too light.
  3. Did you also order from Fairway Jockey? If so, let us pray
  4. I wonder if the backorder is for right handed sets. I placed an order through fairway jockey and they haven't sent me the dreaded backorder email yet. Hopefully they just so happened to have a left handed set lying around haha
  5. Sorry to bump an old thread but has anyone found heavier backweights for LH Sim Max drivers yet? Like a dummy I now realize why I've been struggling to control mine, it's coming out to about C5 swingwieght , so I need to add about 17ish grams. I could just do lead tape but I'd imagine it would be A LOT of lead tape.
  6. Well, been following this thread since page 1. Just ordered a set of zx7's 4-pw with dg x7's. Replacing my Cally 2018 xforged. Would've got the gap wedge if I weren't left handed lol. Looking forward hitting these things
  7. Came to check back in. I have like 30 rounds on my SIM Max. I love it. Wanted add, im a 0-2 handicap, taking lessons so im still making changes. Also my SS is around 123 and I find the max to be great for me at least. I have the Tensei AV Orange 75tx in it tipped a 1/2" and its a great combo. Originally had it set to 7.75 degrees or something like that but with the swing changes (hitting a draw instead of fade) i had to actually bring it back up to 9 degrees (std). Excellent driver and even with all these new releases I'm sticking with this until I cave the face lol. My irons on thr other hand
  8. I have a set of Callaway 2018 x forged, thinking about grabbing a set of zx7s. Anyone here have any comparisons of the two? Sorry if someone mentioned this earlier in thread!
  9. We don't really have a group name, just a small group of friends haha. Down to play sometime for sure.
  10. Thankfully no, we got back on the course end of May through first week of August then shutdown. Since I'm here posting, this Sim Max theoretically should spin less than G400 Max right? Of course everyone swings different.
  11. Guam, we had to shutdown again because of spikes in covid cases, and our hospital doesn't have much going for it. Makes for no room for anyone who's sick. 6 weeks we were shutdown. Looking forward to getting out on the course, and see what this Sim can do.
  12. Well, I got a Sim Max 9*. Being paired with a Tensei Orange AV 75tx. Golf just opened back up here so ill be trying it out on thr course Sunday. Unfortunately it's a tight course where I hit driver like once, but ill probably hit more than usual, for the sake of testing ? lol
  13. Out here where I live its 87-97 all year and during summer its really humid, feels like 105 but steamy. I sweat profusely lol. I have the MCC plus 4 which isn't too bad, but the glove I swear by are fit39, they're from Japan. Great grip, they're washable too. I bought 4, rotate them, and wash them and I've had them for over a year. I play 2 times a week, sometimes more, and go to the range 2 to 3 night a week. Look for some fit39 golf gloves, theyre good. Better than any FJ, etc etc IMO.
  14. Finally, a sound clip and it sounds lovely ??!! I still use my g400 max, funny thing is on paper with my SS I should use a "low spin" head, but the g400max with the right shaft and loft setting is the best driver I've ever used. Seems like the 425 Max will be an upgrade, ill wait patiently until its released and grab one?
  15. Started off with a Cally XR Pro 14 degree, it was great off the tee but it was kinda too long yardage wise so it almost served no purpose lol. Switched to a 16' M2 HL 16.5, same shaft GD tour ad Mt 8tx playing an inch shorter than standard and its perfect. Got it for like 65 bucks, threw my shaft in and have no plans of changing it ever. Very versatile club.
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