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  1. I ordered from them in March and got my clubs 3rd week of April IIRC. They had to wait for components, they always answered my emails. I only sent 2 emails because I already knew about supply issues through here. Build is wonderful and I would definitely order from them again. Sorry you've been waiting so long but I think it's more of a global issue than a Fairway Jockey one. I'm in distribution out here on Guam and everything is behind, kinda scary because we're in the middle of nowhere.
  2. Gonna chime in about my 4-pw set of zx7's. I absolutely love these irons, the feel IMO is perfect. Distance and forgiveness are excellent. Strong flight but I still get plenty of spin. Now as for the v sole, I never really thought about it at all, I mean after all our goal is to hit the ball before the ground haha. That being said, I had one shot in particular last weekend (played a 3 day tournament) where I knew it was a crap swing. It felt super chunky but the ball still hit the green, never once thought about the v sole until right now as I write this. Perhaps there's something to this v so
  3. I was in the same boat. I'm a lefty, wanted zx7's with x7s and had to go custom build. Love my set though and really enjoy the x7s, great feel, flight and spin
  4. I completely agree with this comparison! X forged are great and they probably spun a little more for me than zx7s but I get plenty of stopping power from my zx7s. I am a high launch and spin iron player historically though. Feel I'd personally say x forged feel more soft where the zx7s are still soft but more dense and thick feeling. They both feel wonderful so it's a wash for me. Forgiveness I see less distance loss on mishits with the zx7, for me at least.
  5. This is where I get confused with shafts haha. I've always hit a higher ball flight, I have a 120+ swing speed but my tempo and transition are slow and smooth. Maybe chasing a shaft that has some feel is a fools arrangement for me. I would test but im on an island in the middle of the Pacific lol. I've tried my buddy's Hulk green tx tipped like 1.75 and the flight was nice but good grief that was soo much work to swing. Then I had an even flow white t1100 and that kicked too much, same with tour ad gp 7x too much kick. I like some load but no kick. Anyway I'm on the fence about ve
  6. Bumping this topic because I don't want to start yet another ventus thread lol. So im pretty set on getting a Ventus Black to try out. I want to try something lighter than high 70 gram range and 45 inch playing length, as I'm currently playing 44". So 6x Ventus Black it is, then I see a 6tx as a option. What's the difference between regular Ventus Black 6x vs the tour only 6tx? I'm assuming torque would be slightly lower, maybe making it play more stiff/stable? Just curious!
  7. Someday I'll get to hit on a real monitor, not one on here on island where I live. Closest thing is my buddy has a voice caddy sc300, not sure how accurate that is. It has me at 126 chs most swings but I assume it reads higher so 122 is more likely. Next trip stateside I'm definitely getting on a trackman or gc quad.
  8. Awesome thanks, sounds like the black for me, im always looking for a lower flight. Had the sim max set at 7 degrees and it still went too high, got a regular Sim and set it to lower and i still hit it pretty high. Working on my swing so my spin isn't terrible, it's probably my AOA. Thanks for the help! When I get one I'll come back in to share my experience
  9. Yeah I was originally gonna get a ventus but I didn't. Where I live I buy blind and hope haha. I'm thinking blue because I have a smooth transition but perhaps black because I also swing 122 to 124 with the driver.
  10. Bumping this thread Question, I have a tensei av raw orange 75tx in my sim currently. I hit it okay, but I've always wanted to try a ventus. If any of you have played the av raw orange and tested the ventus line which one did you like most? I'm looking for a little more feel, I have no opportunity to test where I live. So I'm collecting info from my fellow WRX'ers and make my best guess that way lol.
  11. I have an MT in my M2 HL and it's a magical combo. Easy to hit of the deck or the tee. I play my "4" wood at 42.5" GD Mt 8tx tipped 2 inches lol but it feels smooth. The 2 inch tipping was done by accident at the golf shop here, when I had it installed the guy was like "yeah I did the standard 2 inch tipping for a fw" but it turned out to be great, go figure.
  12. Pretty cool video, but I'd be more interested if he teed it up with those clubs in a tournament. I'd think that would be a better indicator of whether or not club fitting matters or not
  13. Didn't read the entire thread but came in to answer haha Hell no, a 4 has ZERO chance lol
  14. Thought I'd come back in here and give my thoughts and comparisons between these 2 shafts. Modus 130 swings "lighter" feels more firm in swing but pleasing at impact. DGX7 feels heavier in swing, I personally feel it load more than modus 130x and has more crisp impact feel. Flight is definitely lower than modus. Unfortunately I don't have any fitters or launch monitors out here where I live. Luckily the dgx7 is exactly what I hoped it would be. Heavier, more loading sensation, and good feel. I'd say if you're sensitive to weight be careful wi
  15. So I have 2 rounds under my belt with the zx7s and they are awesome clubs. Gained about 5ish yards through the bag, its too soon to tell really. More importantly is the flight is wonderful and miss hits are extremely playable . I am making swing changes so I'm not putting the best move on the ball quite yet. Rounds of 79 and 75 this weekend. The 79 was from 7488 yards so got to use a good mix of long/mid and short irons lol I did almost have my first ace during my first round with them and it wasn't the best strike either! Looking forward to the next few years with these clu
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