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  1. Valid point! My scores don't seem to vary based on ball.
  2. Do you think the added cost over the e6 is worth it?
  3. Pamlico

    Q Star Tour

    Thanks all! Picked up 3 dozen QSTs at Dick's yesterday.
  4. Pamlico

    Q Star Tour

    Think the price difference of QST over the 2 piece QStar is worth it?
  5. What models are you planning to buy? I've played Softfeel, Q-Star & Q-Star Tours in the past and not sure which to buy this time.
  6. Pamlico

    Q Star Tour

    That's what I meant- not true BOGO this year.
  7. Pamlico

    Q Star Tour

    I have played some QST balls in the past and have been happy with them. However, I saw the testing Not allowed because of spam did last fall so I'm a bit apprehensive. With the BOGO deal going on, I'd like to get some but wondering if I should go with a different model.
  8. I have played yellow for the last year but now my club is using yellow range balls. After losing a couple in a sea of yellow balls, I'm back to white!
  9. I played a round with one of the Diablo balls someone gave me and I found the same thing. Looked brand new at the end of the round. Even more amazing was the fact that I didn't lose it first!
  10. I played one today and promptly hit it into a hazard but guess I can't blame the ball!
  11. Nevermind; I found that answer. Just ordered 2 dozen to try out. Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. Can non-Costco members get Kirklands online (no Costco in my area)?
  13. This season, I've really been struggling with greenside sand shots. I was pretty proficient at getting out last season but lately, I'm skulling more across the green than getting them on the green. I know all the technical stuff... Open stance, face, hit an inch behind the ball. But, when I actually get in the trap, they go flying across the green. It cost me probably 5 strokes in yesterday's round so I'm really frustrated!
  14. Any opinions on the Gamer vs. Diablo Tour? My course has some pretty slick greens so I've been trying some balls that (hopefully) stop quicker than standard 2-piece. Unfortunately, I also have a bad habit of losing balls so don't want to spend ProV type cash!
  15. My bag is about due for replacement so I'm looking for recommendations. I primarily push my bag on a Clicgear 4.0 cart (which is made to accommodate a stand bag but not a big cart type bag). I will periodically use a cart, and least often, actually carry my bag. I am not a fan of the 14-club dividers. Any suggestions I should look at?
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