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  1. Nevermind; I found that answer. Just ordered 2 dozen to try out. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Can non-Costco members get Kirklands online (no Costco in my area)?
  3. This season, I've really been struggling with greenside sand shots. I was pretty proficient at getting out last season but lately, I'm skulling more across the green than getting them on the green. I know all the technical stuff... Open stance, face, hit an inch behind the ball. But, when I actually get in the trap, they go flying across the green. It cost me probably 5 strokes in yesterday's round so I'm really frustrated!
  4. Any opinions on the Gamer vs. Diablo Tour? My course has some pretty slick greens so I've been trying some balls that (hopefully) stop quicker than standard 2-piece. Unfortunately, I also have a bad habit of losing balls so don't want to spend ProV type cash!
  5. My bag is about due for replacement so I'm looking for recommendations. I primarily push my bag on a Clicgear 4.0 cart (which is made to accommodate a stand bag but not a big cart type bag). I will periodically use a cart, and least often, actually carry my bag. I am not a fan of the 14-club dividers. Any suggestions I should look at?
  6. I picked up a dozen E12 contact balls at Dick's last week and played 9 the other day. I was pleased- good feel, felt like distance was good but also did well around the green. I will probably get some more.
  7. My son (who is 11) accidentally stepped on and broke his driver yesterday. He's almost ready for the next size up in clubs, but not quite yet. I've contacted the manufacturer (US Kids Golf) and they do not sell replacement shafts, so no luck there. Would using something like a ladies shaft and cutting it down be an OK solution to get him by until his next set of clubs? Or, any other suggestions?
  8. I noticed the Gamer is on sale. Do you think it's worth the extra cost over a 2 piece ball for someone who shoots in the 90s?
  9. Do you have any opinion of how the hammer stacks up against other two piece of balls? I see that they are on sale right now and have thought of trying some of those too.
  10. I'm currently a 90-100 shooter but working on getting better. My short game is definitely my strongest area but I still spend a lot of time working on it. I use a mix of different balls in my practice tube. Would it be worth replacing them with balls most like what I actually play (soft feel, e6, supersoft)?
  11. I have been playing the Soft Feel and other similar balls (Supersoft, E6, TopFlite control, etc.) but I'm intrigued by good reviews on the Q Star. I typically shoot in the 90s but my short game is actually my strongest part of my game, so that's why the greater greenside spin of the Q Star is appealing to me. But, I do often deal with offline (mostly right) tee shots and approach shots so I don't want to make that worse. Any thoughts on a comparison between the two models?
  12. I recently purchased an Eddie Bauer hybrid jacket from one of their outlet stores. The chest is filled with a synthetic down (fairly thin) but the arms are more of just a fleece type lining. I've not worn it in really cold conditions but so far, I've been happy with it. In cold weather, I'll definitely have to layer under (and possibly over) it but has done well in active things in fall weather.
  13. They have some Biom hybrids (not the Gore Tex version) for $85 today. I personally find the GoreTex version to be more comfortable so I'm holding out hoping something better comes along for BF.
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