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  1. Q Star, not the tour model.
  2. I have been playing the Soft Feel and other similar balls (Supersoft, E6, TopFlite control, etc.) but I'm intrigued by good reviews on the Q Star. I typically shoot in the 90s but my short game is actually my strongest part of my game, so that's why the greater greenside spin of the Q Star is appealing to me. But, I do often deal with offline (mostly right) tee shots and approach shots so I don't want to make that worse. Any thoughts on a comparison between the two models?
  3. I recently purchased an Eddie Bauer hybrid jacket from one of their outlet stores. The chest is filled with a synthetic down (fairly thin) but the arms are more of just a fleece type lining. I've not worn it in really cold conditions but so far, I've been happy with it. In cold weather, I'll definitely have to layer under (and possibly over) it but has done well in active things in fall weather.
  4. They have some Biom hybrids (not the Gore Tex version) for $85 today. I personally find the GoreTex version to be more comfortable so I'm holding out hoping something better comes along for BF.
  5. Anyone own the Ecco S Casual shoes and have a review? I see they are currently on sale and look good, but not a whole lot of reviews out there. Thanks!
  6. I personally prefer the comfort of spikeless shoes and haven't noticed any traction issues with spikeless.
  7. Thanks. The last thing I need is more golf balls, but I may have to get some to try.
  8. Would the RBZ soft be the current version of the Burner Soft?
  9. How is the fit on these? I am typically a small waist but concerned they won't be long enough (5'11").
  10. That's a great video. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely check out more of his.
  11. Thanks, I will check out that video. I'm also going to share your thoughts with the instructor I'm going to see tomorrow to try to work on that in the lesson. I think some of what I got from the other instructor may not be quite right for me. Not blaming him, but perhaps my interpretation is the issue. Bottom line, he encouraged me to keep more weight forward but given how most instructors teach the opposite, I'm going to go back to the previous instructor I was working with. I think you're probably spot on about practice- it's obvious what I've been doing isn't working
  12. Anyone have these? They are advertised as waterproof but some reviews say that aren't. I'm not planning to use in rain, just morning dew or wet conditions over the fall and winter.
  13. I keep reverting back to an old habit of using my arms with not enough hip turn. To me, I can't feel the difference but others have pointed it out to me. Any tips on getting a better feel for proper rotation, videos, drills, etc.? I've been doing the standard folded arms on chest but that just doesn't seem to carry over to actually hitting balls.
  14. Thanks for taking the time to watch the video and share your thoughts. This game can be so frustrating... I have been working so hard all year- lessons, club fitting, TPI evaluation, playing and practicing several times a week but as you can see, have not made much progress. Do you have any suggestions on videos or other resources that might help with getting a better feel for rotation/full body swing like you describe? I honestly feel like my hips and shoulders are rotating so obviously there is a disconnect between what I feel (and see) compared to what is actually go
  15. I've been struggling with fat shots and misses right for a long time. One instructor identified reverse pivot and said I was not getting enough weight back in the backswing. After almost a year with little progress. I recently went to go see a different instructor who told me I should have less weight back and more forward in the backswing. Needless to say, I am quite confused and still struggling with fat shots. I have a link to the video below. I would appreciate any suggestions especially if you see reverse pivot in this video. https://photos.app.goo.gl/H
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