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  1. Sorry guys, didn’t get all the updates and having a busy weekend. Rogue head is sold, meant to price it at $100 and the shaft at $85 but oops
  2. Looking for a Sim Max 8 degree head. Not trying to pay a crazy premium as the 9 will work tilted down a notch, but would prefer the 8 degree.
  3. Selling a few recent buys that I changed already. Got some Mizuno MP 5’s in super good shape from Global Golf that finally showed up to my door 40 days later, today. In the meantime, I ended up with MP20’s, so I don’t need them. 5-PW, faces are 8.5/10, overall very, very nice (photos tell the story). C Taper 130 X flex shafts. $450 shipped (basically what I paid— $519 + CA tax -15% -$40 off) The Callaway Combo Iron Set is X Forged 4-7. 4 and 5 iron are both cut down 1/2", making the 4 iron the length of the 5, the 6 the length of the 6. Apex MB 2018's 8-PW
  4. Sold them just because the shafts weren't optimal for my ball flight. Went with the combo set that had the c taper 130x over the MMC's with DG x-100's.
  5. Played a ton until 2005ish then stopped besides maybe one scramble per year, until this year. Pandemic has allowed some time, so I upgraded my mp29’s and 2003 Ping driver. Driver: Rogue SZ w/ Hzrdus smoke Black 6.5 3w: Callaway XR pro w/ Matrix White tie X flex 2 @ 17, [email protected] 21: Mizuno mp20 HMB 1* flat, 1/2” short 5-6: mp20 MMC 7-pw: MP 20 MB 4 degree gapping all the way through, KBS C Taper 130x, all .5 flat Wedges: S18 50 @ 49, 55 @ 53.5, 60. KBS tour, all at 35.5, 2 flat Odyssey Indianapo
  6. Did my own little compare and contrast on some MP20's. MMC's w/ x100s, and a combo set of MP20 HMB, MMC, and MB's. Went with the combo set due to the numbers I got with the C Taper shafts, but deep down, I think I like the MMC's all the way through more. Stoked with each purchase and sad to see the MMC's go soon
  7. I hit my Apex X Forged/Apex MB combo (Modus 120x) vs a Full MP20MMC (X-100) vs a HMB 2,4, MMC 5,6, and MB 7-PW (C Taper 130 x) set at the PGA superstore this past weekend and ended up going with the combo set. Honestly, I would have probably just played the MMC's all the way through as they're super easy to hit, but the shafts were launching too high and too spinny on regular shots vs the C Taper's. I think the Apex MB's are super super small and round and just never set up right for me. The modus shafts were too light too. Hit my MP29's I came from much more solid and consist
  8. Hey all, I'm new to the forum and wanted to check in. Just moved back to So Cal (Huntington Beach) by way of Playa del Carmen and then Cabo, Mexico, and picked up golf again this summer after pretty much 15 years away from the game. Pretty much went from completely burned out, to having all sorts of time during this COVID era, and becoming completely obsessed with the game again lol.
  9. I tore my achilles and was non weight bearing for 6 weeks, in 2 shoes at 14 weeks, and slowly jogging in an Alter G at 16. Jogging on pavement around 22. I think at 6 months you'll probably be able to comfortably hit balls, but I wouldn't push it. At 6 months I was jumping, at 9 months playing basketball and fully using it. Definitely a good questions for your PT, or maybe check achillesblog.com and see if there's some info.
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