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  1. Rickie is gonna win the Masters next week. That'll show you and all the doubters.
  2. I've watched quite a bit of golf since the world went mad and I've never seen him play well. He has won twice in 3 years but the commentators really overdo it whenever he's featured.
  3. I'm guessing you prefer the breast over the thigh? I'm talkin' chicken here btw.
  4. Hes just got one of those a****** faces lol I didn't think anyone else saw it too. Like he'd chew you out for a mediocre park job or something.
  5. Johnson wasn't doing so hot around this time last year, scoring back to back 80s in some tournament I don't remember. Then he went on a win streak scoring -30 at the Northern Trust, won the FedEx Cup, then the Masters.
  6. Horschel looks like he has polio when he putts.
  7. It is very patronizing. The tour is (usually) merit based of course but that doesn't create the wondrous kaleidoscope that the PGA/USGA want.
  8. Whats the story there? It's like he's playing junior length clubs.
  9. Lol this is fantastic best golf I've watched in a while
  10. Just heard Hovland was assessed a 2 stroke penalty for failing to move his ball marker back earlier on. Bad luck.
  11. Waiting for Rahm to blow his top. He feinted chopping the number 7 tee box like a medieval executioner. 9 holes to go
  12. Heard something about his back. He was walking like me when I pass out in my gaming chair.
  13. This tweet is misleading. Morikawa was fighting back tears because his grandfather just died. It wasn't over a very much alive Tiger Woods.
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