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  1. Fowler makes triple on the 18th. Think they said he was +6 on the last 5 holes or something like that.
  2. Wolff is a bit of a whiner. He throws a mini b**** fit after every bad shot or missed putt.
  3. Webb Simpson's caddy is guest anchoring on PGA tour live. Dude won't shut up. Hope he doesn't quit his day job.
  4. DJs putting has been awful today. Just hit one in the water on 16.
  5. Lol wow manlet confirmed.
  6. It was pretty unbearable. I don't watch much TV but when I do, I'm always blown away by the saccharine cringe of current year commercials. Total MK ultra They Live psyop mind control. They make robocop's satire look normal.
  7. *in grandma voice* such a nice young man.
  8. If Azinger says "knee-knocker" one more time...
  9. He really is the worst. "Ooohh look out for that bunker! *ball lands 40 yards clear of the bunker*
  10. Come to think of it, no one has run away in any of the majors this year. Every final round has been exciting.
  11. That would be a dream. I am, without a shred of doubt, the worst golfer in every category on this entire forum
  12. Rahm was about to murder someone in the gallery
  13. Did i just hear the Louie makes 91% of putts inside 10 feet? Thats nuts.
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