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  1. Spent some time with this today and surprisingly really liked it. I say surprisingly because until recently I’ve always been a blade guy (Scotty Cameron Newport) and I’ve never liked an overly soft/mushy face which caused me to feel like I couldn’t really feel in control of the speed. I never got along with the previous TM Spiders I’m both look and feel. I recently finally did a proper putter fitting and due to my SBST stroke I found out I need just a touch (about 10-25%) of toe hang and a mallet was suggested. I’ve since picked up a Scotty Cameron Flowback 5 that has greatly impro
  2. Just got off the phone with Bettinardi and they think the Stock SS28 Deep Etched grip, which is pretty heavy at 85g, may account for the difference in the overall swing weight. Sounds like if I go with a lighter grip like the Scotty Pistolini I’ll have better luck matching overall swing weight. I’m gonna try it and report back in case this is helpful to anyone. Sorry guys still learning about all this stuff! As an aside, the guys at Bettinardi we’re extremely helpful and spent plenty of time with my on the phone talking through what I was trying to accomplish. Really appr
  3. My apologies, I stand corrected! I just got off the phone with someone at Scotty Cameron said that with the stock 20g weights the flowback 5 at 33” is just over 360g. I’m very surprised as it does feel like a significantly heavier swing weight than my Bettinardi slotback SS28. Maybe the Scotty Cameron shaft is adding to the overall weight.
  4. Thanks, but it’s got to be heavier than that. My other putter is a Bettinardi Slotback SS28 at 358g and side by side the Flowback 5 is much heavier. I actually prefer the heavier headweight of the Flowback and I would like to add some weight to my Bettinardi to try and match it as closely as possible - This is why I am inquiring about the exact headweight the Flowback 5. It’s so annoying that it doesn’t seem to be published anywhere
  5. I can’t find it anywhere and it’s driving me crazy. I’ve been searching Google and YouTube with no luck. Anyone know the head weight for the Flowback 5? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hey guys maybe a separate thread should be made for “Taylormade P-Series Irons: Order Status Updates.” This thread is really getting diluted by order updates/complaints and it’s making the thread fairly useless for those like myself who are interested in exchanging information with others about their actual hands-on experience gaming the new p-series irons. I mean absolutely no condescension and no offense to anyone who’s had their orders delayed or who have held off due to assumed delays - I really feel for you and I know how frustrating that is! I’m one of the lucky ones
  7. Anyone experienced with the Gen 2 Bat Attack or Mustang? Did a (kind of) fitting yesterday... the putting greens were closed so didn’t get much valuable input besides putting a few with each style putter on some less than ideal turf. I liked both a lot, both with a plumbers neck suited my stroke well it seemed. I come from Scotty Cameron Newports generally so I’m tempted to mix it up and go with the Bat Attack which was SO cool say to align, but man the Mustang felt great! Any insight into either of these is appreciated. I like a little bit of toe hang and have a pretty straight back/forth str
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