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  1. Have a few rounds with traditions under my belt now, they are comfortable and light, but found after 18 holes carrying balls of feet can really feel going back to spiked from the ProSL. For me they might replace the tour x as a winter spiked shoe, but will be looking for a new pair of prosl carbon for the summer. Going back to proSL is like playing in sneakers in comparison, although do feel slightly less secure back to back. This probably rules out the other spiked versions of the new footjoys for me, not sure why they have gone to this on the more sneaker based shoes which would se
  2. Writers? it’s his nickname since he was a kid, common shorthand for Rory in Ireland. There wasn’t a crack team writers brought in to find a good name, some 5 year old called him in on his first day in school and that was that. back to the clubs, they look good. A little apex pro 21 about them. Would love a p750 in this style.
  3. So latest here is quite a ramp up of opening. From may 10th all clubs can open for visitors and members, 4 balls allowed formal comps not allowed. From June 2nd hotels can reopen with indoor bar and food, but for overnight guests only. From June 17th outdoor services in all bars and restaurants can open. Indoor bar and restaurants hoped for July. (Assuming vaccinations keep current pace) Visitors from USA still have mandatory quarantine currently though. Vaccine passports are expected to be allowed bypass this in mid summer.
  4. Back playing golf since yesterday here, 2 households and members only per group. Most clubs taking that to mean 2 balls and no competitions. that’s to align with current regulations that only two households should meet and only outdoors. Slow opening is intended to mean no future rollback. Current expectation is that gradual reopening will continue across May and June but the focus will be on outdoor events.
  5. Courses open April 26th, members only and only 2 households. It’s expected all going well that about 4 weeks later we might have 4 balls allowed, 4 weeks after that visitors and green fees allowed) people can still only travel 20k from home through April and May. ( a 400 person wedding in August seems unlikely, no firm plans for clothes shops, restaurants or pubs to reopen, a best hope would be shops in may, restaurants in June, pubs in July either outside only or with social distancing) vaccinations are only at less that 10% of people here, only on over 70s st
  6. 3/4 at the moment. callaway driver taylormade 3 wood titliest hybrids Taylormade irons titleist wedges Odyssey putter.
  7. I still have my steelhead III 3 wood with callaway steel shaft. Great off the tee, very accurate and good flight, hard to get ‘wild’ with it. Don’t usually carry it anymore as can get similar distances from 3 hybrid, and use my driver now on every possible hole. Once I’m not using it off tee a lot, then 3 hybrid and sim or ts3 3 wood are more versatile for other shots, but would say I could put it back in the bag and score just as well.
  8. There is a white version with a little gum/yellow colour in the sole to come, it’s in the original catalogue for 2021
  9. Easy win for DJ even with poor enough putting. He makes it look so easy when in form. Course suited him, but this was a solid field. If he can play like that and get the putter going he will be unbeatable this year.
  10. Yep, it’s a pity there aren’t more pros like Berger willing to just walk over and keep a very close eye on what he was doing. It’s better for golf in the long run than shrugging your shoulders and looking the other way to avoid an argument.
  11. no, the available evidence was whether the ball was actually embedded or not. Literally by just looking at the ball. Which he prevented the rules official from doing, claimed himself he wasn’t sure about then afterward said It couldn’t have been, Since it’s impossible once it’s bounced. you don’t just pick up your ball because no one can prove it bounced. You don’t pick it up unless you can be certain it’s embedded, and only once your playing partner or rules official agrees. Anything else is just flat out cheating.
  12. So your argument is that from 200 yards the ball can land in heavy rough and take a good bounce but then drop a few feet further and embed? That’s just trolling.
  13. Simple, you play the ball as it lies. If everyone can just pick their ball up in heavy rough ‘because no-one saw it bounce’ then the game is a farce. I doubt very much if everyone else is trying to keep a good eye on his ball, for a start it took a decent bounce so they would have seen it if they were. All it shows is the absolute disregard for any kind of etiquette, the ball couldn’t have been embedded it it’s own pitch mark having taken that bounce, but he took relief anyway. He didn’t call an official because they would have said it’s not embedded. Then he fiddled around at the l
  14. Nice kicks! Really like the look of the boas for shorts, can’t live with the boa jutting out the back otherwise. The traditions look really good.
  15. Rory fighting his game a bit and putts not rolling. Hatton a great leader, rolled in some amount of putts today. Rory mentioned afterward that he’s managing his game a bit and not striking it that well, hence lack of consistency. Personally thought all he needed today was to roll in more putts and wouldn’t have had to push as hard, poor 3 putt bogey on par 3 and missed 8 foot for birdie at next let Hatton back in when he looked very shaky early on. On his part had 3 amazing up and downs early to save par to keep pressure on Rory.
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