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  1. The full 2021 shoe catalogue was available on 5the of October last year, so 2022 one is out there somewhere now, the retailers will all have seen it, hence discount. Shoes may not be available until early 22 though. I’m waiting to see new hyperflex design or colour way before buying a winter pair..
  2. I had a similar issue with ck orange 60 in my mavrik, moved to av raw white 65 in tsi3.
  3. Still no sign of the full new catalogue but the gradual release of new shoes continues, really like the update on the traditions
  4. I’d class that as very good weather for October! It’s been 19-20C every day for past week also, which is pretty unusual. A lot more rain and much colder wouldn’t have been a surprise!
  5. That’s us size, especially if you are normally a uk 8.5. 8.5 extra wide in UK, would fit like at least a normal 9.5 in my experience.
  6. Delighted you had a good trip and got pretty ok weather apart from a few windy days.
  7. Shouldn’t actually be too far off that, but you might find the dampness in the air and wind can make it feel a lot colder. You’ll probably get some good days, but as a point of reference all our 18 hole comps finish up in next 2 weeks and it’s 9 hole winter league stuff from then on. Links will seldom be closed, but for most people November to Feb is for a quick 9 holes (if they golf at all) and then get in out of the weather.
  8. All signs point to no! Or at least it’s never been before!
  9. You’ll get the good links weather anyway! We’ve just confirmed we had the warmest September on record, october making up for it at the moment but due to be warm again this weekend.
  10. Sunderland are popular over here, probably behind Galvin green for popularity and ahead of more companies like proquip. Quality brand, sizing more generous than some others.
  11. Bit of a turn in the weather last day or so, still sunny but got from 12C overnight to 4C and 18-20C during the day to 10-12C with stronger colder winds. We had a very mild September but October looks to be bringing proper weather. You’ll really get the full links experience now!
  12. I got my stock 4 iron with s300 105 and haven’t got on well with it at all, not sure why they changed to such a light stock shaft. I hoped it would fit into the bag in place of the udi to blend a little better, but I’m back to the 19 p790 4 iron for now or the udi depending on the tee shots on the day.
  13. A good source to plan weather 7 days out is met.Ie our national weather service. It gives very accurate regional forecasts 7 days out, although obviously most accurate 24/48 hours out. This includes rainfall forecasts on map and up to date rainfall radar so you can see rain coming in the day. You do need to pay attention to the overall forecast though, if it predicts no rain for a course, but you can see large amounts of rain nearby on the map and high winds obviously it can move a fair bit. Apple iPhone forecasts are generally not reliable for Ireland, if it’s raining anywhere it will predict rain for everywhere.
  14. You’ll fine most courses in ok condition, but it is the month for most courses to do a fair bit of green and tee box work, especially on Mondays. My course does some gentle scrarifying, tining and sanding of greens most Mondays and serious hollowtining, reseeding and levelling of tee boxes too. however links courses generally don’t need so much work to prep for winter, so will likely be in ok shape in the main. Weather here is gradually getting cooler, windier and wetter, although the last week has been dry except one day. We had a big comp this weekend and it was 19/20 degrees both days, most players out in shorts. We are losing daylight at quite a rate now though. So first tee time now about 7.20am and dark by about 7.40pm.
  15. I picked up the udi for the same price as a single iron, so a wash from that point of view, the shaft is very nice and low ones run much further than equivalent thin 4 iron, I might look to bend it weak to fit it in better instead of a 4 iron also. It’s bad lies in the rough from 220 or so that I want the hybrid for I think, although maybe it’s a summer versus winter thing. There is also the case that I won’t use my 3 wood in most rounds if carrying the udi. Every tee shot becomes driver or udi and par 5 greens are well protected on my course so 250-280 out is a very dangerous shot with 3 wood
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