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  1. I've only played Ambiente twice but one of those two it was in absolutely terrible condition. I mean, roll the ball every time, takes away appreciation from the game level shape. I also didn't think it was a very interesting course at all. I'm surprised every time I hear someone say they like it. I wouldn't play it again for free.
  2. Totally agree that visitors should play it and think it is overall slightly underrated. The 8th hole is one of the worst designed holes I've ever played however. 4 iron-3 wood-Wedge is fine. I don't mind that. It is the fact that there's not a single interesting thing about the tee shot and that no matter what you do there's nothing ingesting about the hole. The green is completely without character as well. If it provided some type of challenge I would think differently. It doesn't. Even a very average player has no choices other than the obvious and they aren't particularly tough shots. Perhaps the worst par 5 in the Valley and one of the worst designed holes I've ever played anywhere. I enjoy the par 3s OTOH. Think they are fun and they are the reason that I play it a few times/year.
  3. azmx

    Arizona Wind

    Gusts today were 35+mph (was told that there was a 50mph gust measured at the weather station in the clubhouse but can't prove it). So, yeah, no wind @AZ_JHWK Today I played with a guy from Chicago and a guy from Nebraska. Both said that the wind we played in today was far worse than they what they expect at home. Oh and my outdoor furniture was blown around 70' from where it normally is located when I returned home. This Spring has been consistently the windiest I've seen in 25+ years here. I've had to go pick up the couch that sits on top of a viewing deck from the bottom of my yard around 10 times. It weighs 48lbs and is being thrown over the railing like a rag doll.
  4. That's great news. Yes, a hike, but worth it.
  5. That was the to answer the previous Italian food query. Sorry it didn't meet your standards but no surprise you responded the way you did. I'm also sorry that everything makes you such an angry person. I mean, it can't be your fault, right?
  6. A friend of mine turned me on to Los Dos Molinos a few years ago (New Mexican style) and it is best I've had in the area. I think Barrio Cafe closed due to the pandemic but it was amazing as well. Honestly, most of it is not stand out different. Jalapeño Inferno is above average, Juan Jaime's is so bad I'd rather eat Taco Bell but most everything else I've had close enough as to not make a huge difference. I say this as someone that loves Mexican food.
  7. Parma Italian Roots, Basil and Garlic, Vic and Ola's (by far the best but more expensive and formal) and Spiga are all good.
  8. Answers: -No, not from Cali, from PA but have lived in AZ for 98% of my life -He clearly had the link so why post it as his question was not about that but the source -I felt the need to do state because I did -No, you feel free to respond how you want. I’ll do the same. Only responding because you asked and apparently I touched a nerve. Let’s get this out of the way, I don’t care. Well, maybe that’s not true. I’ll likely go out of my way to annoy any time I can you since you think you can just decide to throw out the whole snotty “so figures” comment. Starting to remember why I left this site years ago...
  9. 325 members is also way too many people to easily get what you want around tee times. We have 300 (hard cap and a 30+ person waiting list) and have been restricted to immediate family guests only since our club reopened in December and it is a PITA to get a tee time you want (lottery and various other rules). If there weren’t a waiting list 20 deep I’d be considering a move to a club not too far from me that has a 200 member max. Unfortunately that is for several multiples of the fees and initiation fee the OP asked for as well. Terrible time to join a club in this area.
  10. I’m going to type the info for you but if you had clicked on Help it would have taken ~15 seconds for you to locate it yourself. https://pacifictigers.com/index.aspx I don’t mean to be difficult but it actually took me longer to find the auction than the info on it being legit since you didn’t link it. If you look at Contact Us you will see info on the coach. I was going to type out a smartalec reply along the lines of “if there was only a way to find this secret info” but you seem genuinely lost on it so I decided to be helpful in instead.
  11. Unlikely to happen. We used to have reciprocal with them and that stopped when Parsons took over. The Mineshaft course is fine, nothing special. Might be in the top 30-40 in AZ but I doubt it. I've heard the Other course is better but I haven't played it. I know 4 people that used to be members but they've all resigned post Parsons takeover. Of course, if you really, really want to get on then you can always just sign up for "The Xperience" https://sngc.com/the-xperience/ I've been told that this is required for new memberships as well. I have many comments on this that I will keep to myself. I know one former member here that actually knows Parsons and says he's not the d-bag that he comes off as but I wouldn't associate with him based on what I know.
  12. I didn't think he was saying that. I think he was saying that the reality of what happens is different from what would be ideal. You have to have the funding to build a course and keep it viable. Without that the rest is meaningless unfortunately.
  13. Better course no doubt but I would pick Eagle Mountain for visitors. Far more scenic and also likely more amenable to a bachelor party scene.
  14. Why is that horrible routing? Not sure I understand why the amount of par 4s/3s/5s on a given 9 matters. Actual question, not disagreement.
  15. azmx

    Arizona Wind

    Winds were brutal today. Unlike @Bonneville85308 I LOVE playing in a heavy wind. Not a woke opinion at all. Just want to be creative on the course and have to think on every shot. I hate wind on the driving range when I am practicing though.
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