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  1. Private courses that I know for a fact have (or at least had the last time I played them) caddies: 1. Whisper Rock 2. Silverleaf 3. Desert Forest 4. Mirabel 5. Estancia 6. Scottsdale National 7. Phoenix Country Club (had to call way ahead here to get a caddie for our foursome which included one member) There are likely others as well. Those are just the ones I know. Silverleaf and Estancia are not what you'd think though. You still ride in a cart.
  2. There are three factors here: 1. Which club are you trying to get on? 2.Which club do you belong to? 3.When do you want to play? If the answer to 1 is the big names then the answer to 2 better be very big names and the answer to 3 better be no where near the Phoenix Open and mostly during the week.
  3. 20-30 minutes and it is pretty much always the same. No significant traffic in that part of town. @MaxBuck I was kidding the with the near death thing. Should have been more obvious about it. Sorry. It really is a huge difference in climate between downtown Phoenix and north of the 101 Scottsdale though. Almost a different world some days. I've spent a ton of time in the PS area and always found the area too windy for my taste. The winter warmth is not the big deal to me either, I'm more of a summer still tolerable person. There's no chance I'd live in Phoenix FWIW. None.
  4. I said Scottsdale, not Phoenix. Depending on where you're talking about in Scottsdale it could be 10*+ less than Phoenix. Phoenix weather is often terrible. North Scottsdale weather rarely is. If you only want to talk about the area around the strip clubs then whatever. That's not where the golf courses are. Palm Springs is too windy and often too cold in the winter. I'd only choose to live there if I were near death as it would no longer matter since there's it is already one step closer to nothing whatsoever to do. ?
  5. You'd be far better off in Scottsdale than Palm Springs if that's what you're looking for. Also, better weather, more courses, more young people and far more things to do. If you really want Palm Springs, fine. Madison is really your only choice. Stone Eagle is a better course but will be an older demo.
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