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  1. Thank you @Valtiel for the great advice! I appreciate your feedback and Rory's beautiful swing. I have been trying to drive the lower body and drop my hands. I must agree it feels very weird but I feel like I have improved since working on my swing instead of just hitting ball after ball OTT.
  2. Wow @nsxguy thank you so much for analyzing my swing. I will definitely need to fix my swing plane and keep that elbow in. I need to digest your advice and hopefully see some improvements. I will also be taking lessons!
  3. Thank you @GMac-ATX. I hope this drill can fix my swing as well!!
  4. Thanks for the tip @danthegolfer. I will keep this in mind this week when I practice!
  5. Hi @DavidH88 thank you for the feedback! I am starting to love the sport of golf because it's been the hardest sport I ever played and I enjoy the challenge. I have been working on flattening my backswing and trying to hit the ball inside out (feels awkward at the moment). I will study the video and keep practicing and hopefully eliminate my slice for good. I did shoot my personal record of 98 and feel I'm slowly improving ?
  6. Thanks guys for the tips! I will try them out at the driving range today and keep practicing.
  7. Hi all, I am new to golf this year but have been fighting a slice with a driver on my tee shots. I know my swing path goes out to in with over the top swing which makes the slice even worse. Can you please critique my swing or recommend any drills I can practice to minimize the slice? Thanks! kakaotalk_1592015883938.mp4
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