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  1. I would try some tipping and hard or soft stepping also.
  2. I played KBS S when I was younger and moved to Modus 120 S as I've gotten older. They are at least a 1/2 flex apart if not more so it isn't an apples to apples comparison.
  3. For pros, they are going 3 wood and 5 wood or even 7 wood to hold greens.
  4. Thanks! Those are nice!
  5. M or low bounce K would be first two I try.
  6. Which ones were Tiger Woods Miura badged differently? Thanks
  7. I've been hitting my Modus 120 S really well ... I've played a bunch of different shafts through the years, but interestingly enough I'm hitting my irons really well the same way I hit the DG R400 I was fitted into years ago.
  8. An instructor suggested I stretch my normal grips, but I went to Tour Velvet Undersize instead and have always used them since.
  9. I'm hitting my irons with Modus 120 S extremely well, but am struggling with driver, fairway wood, and hybrid. For those of you playing 120 S or know a lot about it, what is the most similar graphite line to Modus 120 S? I'm using Tensei Pro White now, and think I could clearly do better with my driver, fairway wood, and hybrid. Thanks for any suggestions!
  10. Diff in off-center hits and feel
  11. I think Furyk hard-steps twice.
  12. 62 is a M grind? Depends on what lofts you have for Wedge before SW as well and playing conditions and attack angle. I have 62 M and I don’t think it’s that hard to use, but it takes some getting used to. Another option, and it depends on your GW loft is to go 56 D sand wedge and play a 60 in either L, M, or low bounce K.
  13. AC168

    Unusual Vokey

    Probably or some one off lower bounce D.
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