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  1. 62 is a M grind? Depends on what lofts you have for Wedge before SW as well and playing conditions and attack angle. I have 62 M and I don’t think it’s that hard to use, but it takes some getting used to. Another option, and it depends on your GW loft is to go 56 D sand wedge and play a 60 in either L, M, or low bounce K.
  2. AC168

    Unusual Vokey

    Probably or some one off lower bounce D.
  3. I'm guessing a lot of the F grinds have tweaks that make them similar to a S or D grinds, but that you can't create what is wanted if you start with a S or D grind.
  4. I would choose Calusa if in your shoes. Concession is a great course also, but I think Calusa is more manageable long term.
  5. I think it has to do with target yardages. I did the fitting with Bob Vokey and the first thing the assistant did was do a grid of target yardages.
  6. I have both original and 2nd gen 790s and they are quite good.
  7. Yes ... their tee shots are really impressive looking. I remember years back when the "target" was 90 feet high or something low like that.
  8. X for sure. I play S and I'm no where near you distance wise. I don't think it's humanly possible to swing that smoothly where you'd be better off in an S versus an X.
  9. Wow ... that's great. I'm similar age and play Tensei White 50 stiff and swing 100 mph. Care to share what you do to swing what I think is tremendously fast for someone not on tour?
  10. Don’t remember who P named after but L named after Phil back in the day.
  11. Just get your grind right. Then your shaft. Then worry about maker. Differences in maker don’t matter if grind and shaft are wrong.
  12. I need a good 5 or 7 wood. I may go older generation if I can find a face angle I like.
  13. I've done a wedge fitting with Bob. Grind is biggest factor. Once you have that, then other adjustments are smaller.
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