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  1. There are auctions every once in a while.
  2. RM is pretty awesome except that with high green speeds and wind it can become borderline unplayable.
  3. In my limited experience, T100 is in between AP 2 and CB.
  4. Newer blades don't seem to be that hard to hit pure -- issue is more of curvature, trajectory, length variation, etc. Older blades seem to have smaller sweet spots.
  5. Has anyone hit both on a launch monitor with the same shaft? Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I played after the redo (never before). Thought it was lousy but easily fixable. Olympic Club and Baltusrol aren’t particularly interesting, but better than Cog Hill. Fixing up Cog Hill could make it in the same league sort of, but Medinah and Erin Hills are ready to go without fixing.
  7. I think it depends on how good u are and how much money you can spend. For a lob wedge, I fully believe a few hundred strikes makes a difference and a thousand would be more than time for replacement. For a gap wedge, rolling up the face and flying a bit more isn’t a huge deal unless u are really good and/or playing for lots of money.
  8. I thought 760 sweet spot was a bit smaller and more demanding.
  9. Play it square with 4 to 6* of bounce ... not too much shaft lean.
  10. May need to qualify bland site with or without spending crazy amounts of money. Eg Chicago GC vs Shadow Creek.
  11. I should say I’ve heard good things about Twin Dolphin which I plan to play on my next trip. Again, need to know a member or stay at a specified hotel.
  12. I think the ones I mentioned are the top 3. If there are others of that quality that are easily accessible, I’m all ears.
  13. Rumor the Desert will be remodeled. Cove Club will need knowing a member or staying at the yet to be built Park Hyatt or other new boutique hotel. Don’t know if Sheraton will still give u access ...
  14. Explain to me how to play Diamanté, Chileno, and Cabo Ocean without switching hotels or knowing members?
  15. Probably better to fix your swing, but yes there is some relationship with loft and ball speed.
  16. Wow! Hard to believe. Just saw him at The Kingdom a month ago.
  17. I wound-up playing Koolau ... course wasn't in great condition, but the layout is pretty cool.
  18. AC168

    Best 52* wedge

    This is a very interesting question. I’m pretty sure it depends on how much you use it for full shots vs. shots around the green. Some gap wedges are better for full shots and some for touch shots.
  19. September is a bad month for any course that overseers. You need to find one that doesn’t. Most good ones do.
  20. Cypress Point NGLA Sand Hills Wade Hampton Shadow Creek
  21. Pro V1x and TP are similar balls.
  22. When I as at test center, they said balls are near identical off driver and long irons. Things start being different from mid-irons and down.
  23. I used to use it. Goes reasonably high but easy to hit left.
  24. My friend had a 72*. Pretty useful right next to greens.
  25. Grind more important. Someone who can custom grind is best.
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