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  1. Looking for an iron set of Yonex cb 301, 501, N1, or TC forged range. Currently using ezone PB and really like them and now looking to get into one of Yonex's CB/MB irons. Ideally 3-PW but 4-PW is fine, too. Thanks very much.
  2. Hah!! Was about to say. Concur with the green plastic mat glaze that you can peel right off but metal peeling? That sounds downright awful.
  3. I noticed one day that I was unable to login. Didn't know about an upgrade, as I'm not the most regular poster here. But still, I enjoyed the topics and of course the classifieds so I thought it'd be worth asking if I got banned accidentally or something. I emailed the management address. "Some accounts were not brought over during the migration. It is being looked at." Ok, I said. Six days pass. Any update? You want me to recreate my account or what? "Please recreate". Ok, done. Will you please restore my post count?
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