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  1. I took a break once, days led to weeks, weeks lead to months, and next thing I knew it was about 10 years since I picked up a club. Sounds to me like you just need to clear your head, and get back to basics
  2. I just want to say thanks for making this "drill" in to a full instruction video. It is the single greatest instruction out there, period. I know Monte prescribes to the rule of drills in practice and just swing when playing, but for me when my swing goes off the rails mid round, I take a few practice NTC swings and the feel of the body rotation thru the ball helps me get back on track.
  3. Well I had tennis elbow in my left (lead) elbow and tried to manage the pain for over a year, couldnt lift a cup of coffee in the morning without pain. Thanks to this site I got the green flex bar, went 6 weeks without picking up a club, and am now 100% pain free.
  4. Not a marketing guru by any stretch of the imagination but have to believe that if he offered a free preview week, or even a paid trial period, they'd land a ton more subscribers
  5. I know that using the term "Stack and Tilt" gets an immediate ignore from many, but if one can substitute "pressure to inside trailfoot" for "weight forward", there's a ton of wisdom in the drills for staying centered
  6. Maybe this was asked already, but since you are a professor at University, do they have a golf team? Or is there a club golf program? Might be a way you can at worst volunteer as an assistant coach, at best get paid for it. Great experience and would work in conjunction with your full time gig
  7. Just my .02 but The Noren drill appears to be of the broomforce drill set, the intention of holding off the club there seems to be a bit adverse to NTC. As far as NTC goes, (again just in my understanding) keeping the mass of the club behind the hands is reliant on cast A to 8 oclock while the hands are on path to ball. From down the line perspective, the clubhead being sent to 8 oclock while the body rotates essentially makes it impossible for the clubhead to get in front of hands Just how I see it
  8. I get that, thought it was $499 for the year, when I saw $450 I thought there was a discount
  9. Do you get a discount for the 2nd year?
  10. If the sport wants to gain traction, you'd think that the results would be available somewhere.
  11. Well, that's cool. Do you wear that tin foil hat when you play?
  12. Well I feel more confident in believing what Stricker said as opposed to believing anonymous posters on an internet forum spewing conspiracy, but hey, you do you
  13. Well that's a shame, I would be respectful and consider that an Austrian name. And for the record, Weisberger is a correct spelling of the surname though it is not the way his name is spelled. So good luck to you and your passion for criticizing without proper research of your own. I'll go back to talking golf
  14. It's an Austrian name, because he's Austrian. And calling someone the wrong Nationality is much more offensive than misspelling their name. Maybe you can do some research before criticizing others.
  15. Actually we do know exactly why. Stricker wasnt comfortable with his health and how much/how well he recently he played. I know this because thats what he told us. So unless someone first hand cant prove Stricker wasnt honest, I'll consider it fact
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