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  1. Sorry, I didn't mean to single out older guys. It was just that I've noticed the playing partners that want you to hit are usually the guys around 70. I don't know whether its because they don't hit the ball very far any more, and see that distance as unreachable to everybody. Or they've lost a little patience. Not sure. Yes I'll be saying this type of thing next time.
  2. We all have an individual smoking gun that ties our swing together. Mine probably won't be yours, and yours probably won't be mine. There are 1000s of tips online, and every one of them will work for someone. Just have to find one that works and you believe in. Im glad you found yours.
  3. Bit of a vent here, but when Ive had to wait on the group ahead to finish on the green, I've had several remarks over time (and twice today), hinting that I should hit. Today 2 older guys, who I haven't played with before said "its over 200 meters" and the other said a couple of holes later "your 220 into the wind". And not in a helping yardage way. It happens a lot I've noticed. Why would I take the risk, if its within my reach? Maybe I haven't showed much that day, but who are they to question that? I've gotten to the point where I won't play with older guys for the first time. Anybody feel uncomfortable waiting with the judging eyes? And how do you respond?
  4. Any decent sand wedge new or old will work if you are doing the basics right. Any wedge won't if you aren't. Ball about where a 5 iron would be, open stance and swing accross your feet hitting 2-3 inches behind the ball.
  5. This exactly. Its very liberating in a golf kinda way. To just stroll along with a stick or 3, keep knocking it down every fairway. I play of 10 with a full deck of clubs and score no worse overall with just the 3. Had a 4 over after 9 last week.
  6. My course is about average length. 5400 meters The longest par 3 is 170m, par 4 is 370 and par 5 is 460. I hit my 4 iron around 185m. So granted it takes two of my best to reach the longest par 4. Every other hole is comfortably reachable. The longest par 5 I've found that 3 solid 7 irons is perfect distance.
  7. Anyone else found this? I score consistently better with just the 4 iron 7 iron and Sand wedge. And can reach every green in regulation I quite often play social rounds with these clubs for a couple of reasons. Its less to lug around, and relaxing just strolling along with a couple of clubs. In fact sometimes I only take the 7 iron and have fun manipulating shots, even bunker shots. The kicker is I score consistently as well or better with just those 3 clubs. Even though I hit the full bag fine. Typically miss a few more fairways which probably account for the score difference. Would a golf club allow this in comp? No bag, 3 clubs? How would you as a playing partner in comp think about someone doing this.
  8. I'll bet you're not as good on the range as you think you are. On the range you typically hit 50-100 balls. Some well and some bad. On the course you hit one and walk to hit another shot. While building pressure or not depending on shot. Its that we quickly forget the bad ones on the range.
  9. It feels that way too. I've had to widen my stance a little and keep my head still. Perhaps its a bit to do with a fast swing has to be free of tension too. Otherwise it would be very hard to swing fast. A swing that is fluent in a way. It all seems to come together when I just try and swing faster, not harder. Id never tried it before, because you hear people saying we try and overhit the driver.
  10. Yes true. But I don't think that's because of bad swing mechanics as you mentioned. Bad mechanics and the mini wouldn't work much better. For me and I think most people its confidence. We prefer the look and feel of a 2 wood head. Instead of the brick on a stick 460cc look.
  11. Just put a standard M6 driver shaft in my Original One. Wow!
  12. This is a somewhat pointless thread i guess, but I'm a little confused in how that is possible, to hit the driver straighter with a faster clubhead speed? I hit my irons well, but like many others struggle to control the driver, no matter what set up I use. I hear people talking about mph clubhead speed, so looked up a video on how to best achieve that. I figured I'm spraying it everywhere anyway, so who cares may aswell crank it. Im hitting higher long drives, and straighter. I would have thought swinging faster would make it less likely to control the ball. But nope. Even developed a draw most of the time. Bizarre.
  13. Driver "replacement" for me. 20 or 30 years ago golfers would have thought it was too big to be a driver. Its a mindset thing. Its odd how some golfers seem to look down on the mini. They dont seem to say much when I out drive most of them.
  14. Introvert here. However I like different golf equipment that is a little out there. I don't give a crap what people think.
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