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  1. I battled this. Simple fix for me was to retrain the brain from only seeing one target line. At the range play draws and fades to the target, one then the other one after the other. Before every shot look behind the target line, and see your fade or draw setup points. A huge help is to say the shot before you go up and hit it.
  2. Its going to have to be something pretty special to be better than the Original One. The only way I can see how it could be better is it was easier to hit off the deck. However that is not the primary purpose of the club, its just a bonus capability.
  3. I had lessons and it just stuffed my head up. The best advice I've ever received was from a multiple club champion who taught himself. He told me the body will naturally do what the brain sees. He said play naturally, play draws and fades. See the shot and feel it. And believe it. And do it with a smile on your face. I go back to this when I get too technical at times. I'll always fair better with natural relaxed confident play.
  4. Its that simple for me. I hate the big heads on the modern drivers. 3 wood as a driver seemed too small, but 2 wood size is perfect. Its also a nice feeling when I continually drive as far as blokes who are using 460cc's.
  5. Hi. I've been wanting to buy one of their bags for quite some time. But after numerous calls over the last 12 months, I keep getting told by a message service they are overseas on holidays. 12 months holidays? I get no response from the Australian or US franchises.
  6. As I said, its probably true that irons and hybrids are equally workable. But how many golfers would have to be convinced of that? Most. Simply because a club that has less volume, we instinctively believe it has more workability. And we usually have better results with what we have greater confidence in. My reference to youtube videos is a general opinion of their credibility, due to so many contradictions in golf tips.
  7. Yes. I've owned a set. I have owned the burner 09's, Burner JDM's and burner TP iron sets. In terms of head size the smallest to largest goes TP, JDM then 09 Both of the first two are forged, the last cast. feel is surprisingly better with the 09's By far the best overall is the 09 irons.
  8. It took me a long time to figure my driver out. My irons, wedges and putting is good. Until 3 weeks ago the driver had always been bad. My handicap has stalled at 8-10 for years. Im hoping hitting more fairways now will get me down to a consistent 75. I knew I had a slightly stronger grip, but tried several times to weaken it. Only to consistently cut it right. Realeasing the hands created clubface inconsistency. So I went back. A lot of pros have a stronger grip, so I needed to work out what I needed to do make it work in my swing. Two things: Shaft lean at im
  9. Maybe so, but many people feel they have more control with an iron over a hybrid. And with that confidence brings action. I've noticed with a lot of those you tube videos, they are very contradictory. One coach will say one thing and another will contradict it with the opposite.
  10. Oh boy, im going to get no sleep the next 6 weeks!
  11. Workability. Will continue for as long as I'm able to hit them. Will go to utilities next, then hybrids after that.
  12. Music is fine in practise, but wont solve your problems come competition.
  13. You mentioned you had a lesson and going for another. So it sounds like you have a case of Paralysis through analysis. One swing thought always helps with that.
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