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  1. Ahhhhh the guy forgot he sold the SS1 over a month ago oh well next time! still unsure about the Titleist. They are for sure 85-86 but I have yet to find a set with the red number on the sole
  2. that’s some cool history right there! I’m deffinetly going to grab those SS1
  3. I like the look and feel, I may take them to the range and see what they are about
  4. That’s awesome! I need to better my searching skills lol
  5. Hey guys Im pretty new to GolfWRX but I’ve recently been collecting some older clubs when I can find them. I’m just curious if anyone has any info on a set I’m looking at at the moment. They are a set of Tommy Armour CF4000 SS1 irons with Wilson staff woods. I can’t seem to find any info really on the irons or what they are worth. I’ve seen plenty of sets of ss2 around. also picked up a set of Titleist tour model irons I believe are from 1985 any info is greatly appreciated! thanks!
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