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  1. That's great news! Yup, I see the putter on their website. I wonder if they are going to offer the wedges in LH as well.
  2. adonad

    TP mills

    What can you guys say in terms of feel? I like the fact that I can order the putter LH, but the price is a little be on the steeper side. I wish I can try some of the putters out.
  3. I prefer the feel of Gen 1 putters over Gen 2s. Gen 2 putters felt rather, dry--trying to find a good word here, but that's how I would describe it.
  4. I think the milling on the face is slightly different. Not sure if that is going to make a huge difference though. Insert should be the same. I have T22, and love mine. Softest of all Scotty Cameron putters I have tried. If you want the soft feeling putter and don't mind inserts, why don't you look into odysseys--white hot RX, etc
  5. Wow I see so many LH putters that I had no idea about...
  6. Just curious, what caused the putter to be in that shape? Club chatter?
  7. I got one recently, and while it is not the softest putter I have ever hit, it is the softest of all the scotty cameron putters I have tried in the past. I really like the feel of it--it is quite addicting to be honest. Now it is battling with Bettinardi Signature model 2 for a spot in my bag. I can't decide
  8. Imagine a lefty who wants to play RH putter and this is what happens. Heck I might even be switching from LH to RH for other clubs that all leftys are missing out on.
  9. I still have vapor speed and vapor fly drivers. I like them a lot, but they don't get as much love as they deserve.
  10. Looks/Feels over performance for me. Self satisfaction is what I am after for now, and clubs that I 'enjoy' hitting get thrown into my bag. Maybe that's why my handicap is not improving. lol who cares? I like my game.
  11. I was hitting 7iron miura MB today, and while it feels very nice when you middle it, it probably is too hard for me to find it every swing. If I were to game a set, I will definitely find something that has more forgiveness. Given my skill level, CBs are as far as I will go.
  12. I saw TXG review the other day. I really wish they made the wedges LH
  13. Can anyone speak to the difference in feel between apex pro 21 vs 19?
  14. As mentioned in this thread already , inconsistency in the longer iron kept me from trying these irons. But then again, I don't use longer irons that much. maybe 5-p irons are all I need.
  15. I am considering getting JDM version of these. I think I heard some saying it takes less time... Worth looking into if you want your irons fast. Not too sure about the specs though.
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