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  1. So just threw the six irons on the scale, and the MP14 is 15 grams heavier. There is a bit more grip tape under the MP14 but otherwise, the grips are the same. I'll definitely try as you suggested and add the lead tape to the shaft and head.
  2. Good call on the swingweights, I'll have the fitter check tomorrow. One thing I noticed after a few rounds with the MP14s is that I was striking the center much more reliably (small data sample, but still noticed it). My miss the with the CBs is a toe strike, so much so that I actually have an "8" pattern forming on some faces (it's very faint but one area in the center, the other near the toe). Did you find your impact location change much with your experience of the different shaft combos? Edit: Looks like the MP14s are 1.5o flatter than my 718 CBs, even though my CBs are already 1o flatter than stock. The MP14s also a .25" shorter. Really curious what the swingweight will be.
  3. Pretty open minded to be honest. I've normally gamed Titleist exclusively but am willing to try anything that helps, especially that 150-200 yard range. I will say, I'm curious about the I210s if the they are still offering them. I had left my 716 AP1s for my current 718 CBs, thinking I needed players irons. My ego has tempered over the years and I'm willing to step into anything that will get me closer to scratch. I see some great golfers on these boards playing GIs/SGIs, so if they help me, I'm not opposed!
  4. Welp, was able to squeeze in a booking with a fitter tomorrow evening, let's go let's go!
  5. Yup, great points. I figure I could sell the 718s as well relatively easy that could minimize the expense. That's a good idea (re: reshafting). I've never done it myself, could be something to fiddle with over the winter season.
  6. Edit: Relatively new here, maybe this should have been posted to the Club techs section? Apologies if this is the wrong place for this topic. About three years ago, I was fitted for the first time into a set of 718 CBs shafted in PX 6.0s. Since that time I've continued to work on my swing and feel like I've made some good strides as far as technique goes. My swing path has gone from normally 0o - 3o outside-in to now being from the inside 2o - 4o with my 7i. Is this reason enough to go try out some new shafts/heads/lie angles? What really got me thinking about some new sticks was that I recently took out my old set of MP14s that are shafted is DG S300 and played great with them. I feel like my swing is much smoother now and I could feel the club head better with the MP14s. When I went back to my PX 6.0 CBs, it felt like I was swinging a telephone pole and found it difficult to maintain a smooth tempo. Finally, the last reason is that I think I was over clubbed with the CBs and think some more forgiveness would be nice. The past two seasons I've plateaued (have hovered between 3.5-5.0 handicap) and can't help but think some forgiveness might help me breakthrough. I did some strokes gained analysis this year with golf metrics and the numbers said I'm underperforming by a full stroke from 150-200 yards (compared to scratch). Would love to hear your thoughts... Not sure what I'm looking for here, maybe some just some echo chamber permission to go and get some new clubs? haha
  7. Thanks for the feedback Rooski! I definitely agree, my last swing coach did as well. He was always getting me to straighten out the back but I find I always slink back to this position once I'm between lessons for a while. I blame office work for it. I also think I crowd the ball as my miss is toey. I feel like I'm slotting the club well now versus my previous videos which I think has remedied the toe hits. I'll try not to crowd it so much and see how that goes. Cheers
  8. Did something similar last year. Found a beautiful set MP-14s on kijiji for a steal (3-PW). Some of my best scores are with these over the past 2 seasons.
  9. This brings up a discussion point, how many people actually club twirl at the range?
  10. Well it's been just over a year. I feel like I've made some good progress, and a lot of it coming recently since implementing cast A from Monte's video.
  11. As many have mentioned, need to know distances, don't worry about the loft numbers. My PW (718 MB) is 47 degree and my gap wedge is 50 degree. PW goes 130-135 and GW goes 120ish. It would make sense to bend my 50 to 51 to better match my next club (56 SW) but there is not point because I'm happing with the distance gapping.
  12. Exactly. I posted random video a few pages back that had some unknown instructor getting his student to perform a move that looked a lot like a cast move at the top. To be completely honest, the cast at the top was such a counterintuitive concept to me that I always blew it off as another weird golf tip and filed it away as such. I finally decided to take it seriously after reading this thread and started seeing more instructors talk about it's importance (Larry Cheung, Jake Hutt, Chirs Ryan, etc.). That lead me to buying the video access on rebelliongolf. A few range sessions in, and I'm striking my irons better than I have in the past 2 years. Someone labeled such videos being posted as parasites, where I see it more as validating a truly unique concept that was pioneered by Monte.
  13. Model - Titleist 917F2 Loft - Set at 21 Shaft - MITSUBISHI DIAMANA M+ RED 60 3 wood shaft, trimmed down to 41.5" Carry - 230 average (@ 3000' elevation) Driver SS - 110ish . Edit: missed 2020-2021 model year in the title...
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