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  1. Good advise. I will give this a try
  2. Thank you very much for the response, I really appreciate it!
  3. Good evening. I went through a full bag fitting over the summer and was fit into T100S irons with KBS Tour V stiff shafts. I’m going to switch back to my i210’s, although I had some great success with the t100’s, I feel the Ping’s are a bit more forgiving. (The Pings just have stock shafts and I was going to have them reshafted) Is it a safe assumption the Tour V’s are still a good fit for me in the Ping’s vs the Titleist? Or does the head change the dynamics that much? Thank you!
  4. Great thank you for posting this. I have an old magnesium bronze anser that was naked and they put a site line on top line for me. I love it but it’s super light. I’m calling them tomorrow!
  5. Can I get a line on the top line of an anser rather than the cavity? If so I’m there.
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