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  1. i actually bought 3-pw P7MCs and ordered back in Sep. 1 2020. received november 2020... so 2.5 months for me.. average for most orders i think... And yes they are great clubs but not th easiest to hit.. I am a double digit handicapper... I am improving rapidly and can hit these as good as my old sticks.. (rblades from 2014).
  2. Definitely one of the reasons why I am enjoying the P7MCs.. You know instantly when you have a bad hit by the feel and even the sound. Heel side misses feel kind of good but toe misses actually sting the hands a little and sound louder/brighter. But on flush shots the P7MCs feel effortless and soft. Looking forward to another session or round this weekend.. the weather couldn't be nicer...
  3. Did you get your MCs yet? I can't stop raving how much I am enjoying them. I hit them far better than my old clubs, even the dreaded 3 iron...
  4. So I was able to get the P7MCs to the range on Saturday for an extensive range session with the irons and all i can say is I am SO happy with them and glad I got my set in 2020 as the delays and back orders are just as bad now as they were back then if not worse. As for the clubs, I was crushing shots and the feel is amazing. No crazy sounds in fact they are not that loud outside unless you toe it a bit and then its a brighter sound, on pure hits it felt really soft and buttery even on the 3 iron (butter knife). I can't wait to take them out again. Anyone else getting out to the range or the
  5. Any more updates? we are hitting 50-60 degree weather even in the northeast so most people must be having the warm days.. I hope to bring the P7MCs outside this week...
  6. Wow things got really quiet around here. I know its cold out but nothing going on? Maybe i should suggest getting iron covers again and see if things liven up like last time...
  7. Give the P7MC 3 iron a swing.. that thing truly is a butter knife....
  8. Has anyone managed to get in any range or rounds in and want to comment? I am still hitting the net on an almost daily basis now and have some decent sessions. We also have a few places around here offering heated booths with outdoor hitting but I haven't braved that yet... Anyone with a split set MC/MB want to comment on hitting both and the split? I know and can see the MBs are smaller than the MCs and are they more difficult to hit than the already compact MCs and any issue with the transition between the 2 sets?
  9. I'm still loving my P7MCs.. Amazing stuff folks...
  10. I think they have a shortage of the stock grip now. Did you order an alternative grip on the clubs?
  11. I am sure someone in the group can post a picture of their iron because i seriously doubt they are all like this one. Is this the only club with the anomaly or is it all the clubs in the set? Can someone post a closeup of their pw face to verify so Ax has some options...
  12. I couldn't take the waiting and not hitting so I just set up the indoor hitting area again and spent the last couple nights crushing some balls. This is a Net Return Pro 10x10 Net with a country club elite real feel 5x5 mat and if you haven't tried one of these mats before, you have to try it... Fat and thin shots feel true with it and is evident when the ball mark is way up on the club face, not something really possible on hard mats. Now that I have spent time with the clubs I have to say they are really powerful. You need good ball speed and good center contact but when achieved thes
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