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  1. Dang, those are pretty. If they had stiff shafts I'd be all over it. GLWS
  2. Not bad for a beginner. As you start your downswing, work on getting the feeling of letting your hands 'drop' rather than slide to the outside. Try to wait to extend your hands/arms until your are deeper into the downswing.
  3. Fair point. I assumed this question was in the context of having no rules official/committee available during the incident. So if this question were to be brought up after the round, then you'd at least have the confirmation of your entire group as witness. May not be a get-out-of-jail-free card, but wouldn't hurt your case were to it be evaluated afterwards.
  4. Work on keep your head more stationary. From the side camera, draw a circle around your head at address, and it should pretty much stay there throughout the swing until after you've hit the ball. Right now your bouncing around a bit much - very hard to strike the ball precisely when you do that. It's hard to tell in slow motion but it also seems like you might be swinging VERY hard. If that's the case, you might want to try backing down by 5% or so.
  5. I'm not a swing expert, but the first thing that I would suggest working on some drills to 'separate' your backswing from your downswing. At the top of your swing, you seem to kind of loop your backswing into your downswing, as opposed to having the backswing stop, rest, then start downswing. Note, your move is not necessarily "bad" but I think it could lead to some of the inconsistency you are experiencing. The fact that you are looping around puts you at risk for getting the club head outside on your downswing which can lead to those types of problems.
  6. IMO you should at least report the instance to your club to provide yet another example of him cheating and hopefully the club would then decide to take stronger action. Maybe ban him from the next tournament or something. He needs to learn that there is a consequence for this - and you just gave him an example that there was no consequence for his action. He may have felt guilty and remorseful in the moment when he knew you had him, but if he was brazen enough to cheat & directly lie to you about it, he will probably do it again the next opportunity he has. This will affect hi
  7. I believe this is where you, as the golfer, need to exercise sound judgment. If the gravel is reasonably related to the cartpath, then I believe you are entitled to relief. If this is a casual round I'd take relief and not thing twice about it. No way am I screwing up my clubs and by moving my ball a couple feet away, I'm not improving my lie. If it's in a tournament this would be much trickier, so I would most likely consult with my group. If everyone consulted agrees that it's part of cart path, then take relief. If there is dissent, then I'd make them wait while I remove
  8. I would have abandoned the twosome immediately, especially if the course is fairly open ahead or behind you. The money you paid for your round should entitle you to an enjoyable experience and they were the idiots so I wouldn't feel bad about ditching them. I've done this in a non-confrontational way in the past by suggesting something like: - "Hey guys, I've got somewhere to be in X hours, so I'm going to go play ahead if you don't mind and then you guys can take your time" - "Hey guys, I'd like to play a little slower and hit some more practice shots, etc. W
  9. I am currently a ~5 handicap and have honestly have not ever considered altering my grip. In recent years I've started to struggle more with inconsistency off the tee (push fades or pull hooks) and I feel like my grip is the problem. It's extremely strong - I can see all 4 knuckles clearly on my top hand, and my lower hand is rotated under the club. As a result of my current grip, I feel like I get great power and I feel like I don't have to worry as much about rolling my wrists on the downswing. However, it does seem to have a narrower range for presenting issues as it's easy for my
  10. Congrats! I shot my first even par about 5-6 years ago and remember it clearly. Drained a ~15 foot putt for birdie on the par 5 18th hole to make it happen. Unfortunately, haven't had an even par round since then ... lol.
  11. I have noticed the same thing at a local club. I used to play there a bunch back in 2011-2013 and hadn't been back until recently. They have had financial problems for a while and I think got new ownership a couple months ago. On at least 7-8 holes, the greens were noticeably smaller and fringes were larger than I remembered.
  12. I actually just found it recently. I guess I've been living in a cave. Have been an avid golfer for a very long time, but never really got into talking about it on any forums. Also as a left handed player, the lefty swap shop forum is like the best thing I've ever seen.
  13. Up until the pandemic started, I would always remove the pin when putting. Visually it just messed with my head not being able to see the hole, especially on putts from the 5-10 foot range (which you've got to make to score). I've also seen too many instances in the past year or two of the ball hitting the pin and bouncing out where it otherwise would have most likely dropped had the pin not been in. Since the pandemic started, my friends and I have adopted a more casual rule. Basically, if the putt has reasonable speed and hits the pin, it counts as holed. This was actually the lo
  14. Will definitely be drinking some iced tea/lemonade mixtures on this day.
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