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  1. When talking about the generalization of ball position, there are really two tactics: -Moving the ball position based on the club. The ball moves up or back in the stance depending on the club, while the stance stays the same. or -Keeping the ball in the same position for every club. The ball stays in the same spot every time, but the width of the stance narrows or widens depending on the club. How do you position the ball and why?
  2. I received my Titleist 2021 Pro V1x last week for testing. I live in Connecticut so I'll need to wait till our golf season resumes again to truly test them but that didn't stop me from hitting them in the simulator. The ball felt great and it produced some of the best numbers I've had in the simulator. I cant wait for these to come out. Does anyone know when these are supposed to come out or when the official release date might be?
  3. Yes, thats what I was thinking too. I’ve always felt I swung hard but never had the numbers I thought I should have. Its just crazy to me that I gained an extra 15 mph of swing speed. Maybe, my early extension was slowing it down or my legs are generating that extra power?
  4. I recently gained over 15+ mph in swing speed by eliminating early extension and using my legs correctly. Now, I used to early extend big time, which was caused by incorrect lower body movement. I would fire my hips and push up and onto my back foot while rotating, which made me come up and out of my swing. When I would make impact, I would be up on my toes on my back foot, my hips would be fully rotated facing the target, my shoulders/chest were turned past the ball and my arms/hands would trail behind with the club. I was basically in a finished position when I would make impact.
  5. I agree with Monte, you need to know what is causing you to early extend, then focus on eliminating that. I think early extension will be the root of most of your problems. I also early extend and figured out what was causing it. I was basically in a finish position when I was making impact. My body was facing the target and I was up on my toes on my back foot. When I addressed this issue, I told myself to stay square and down through the ball and keep my right foot down. I was able to get rid of early extension and add 15 mph on my swing speed. Now, early extension could be affecting your fo
  6. I have the dynamic gold 120 s300 shafts in the i210s and have the dg s300 shafts in my ping glide forged wedges. I ordered the UW and a 50* glide forged so I am going to do some testing. I’ve always used the set UW though.
  7. My setup is 50, 54 (bent to 55) and 60
  8. The set I got is 4-PW too. In all my previous sets its had a UW. So, the first thing I did was order a UW and also a 50* Ping glide forged. I hit my wedges with a full swing fine, so I was thinking the 50* might give me more versatility. I guess ill have to do some testing and see what I end up going with.
  9. Have you guys tried Ping glide forged? I absolutely love them. I think they are a heavier head (not sure) but the feel is fantastic.
  10. Ive always played Ping irons and always had the set UW. The set I just got didn't have the UW so the fist thing I did was order one lol but I also got a 50* glide forged. I also like my wedges a bit heavier with DG S300/400.
  11. Yes, I usually have the UW in my bag. I have Ping glide forged 60* and 54* bent to 55* and then a UW or 50*. I was thinking that the glide forged 50* would give me more versatility.
  12. Thats what I’ve been hearing. If its a full swing, go with the UW which I usually carry. I hit the Ping Glide forged wedges fine with a full swing so I was thinking, a 50* would give me more versatility. I guess I will test this out.
  13. I just got my hands on a set of Ping i210s and I will be transitioning from Ping i500s. My question is what is the best set of wedges that fit the i210s the best? I just want to match the gapping as best as I can. I currently use the Ping Glide Forged wedges, which I love. But i am willing to use a Ping Glide 2.0 or 3.0 to eliminate gapping issues. Also, should I go with a Ping i210 UW or set wedges, such as a Ping Glide 50*?
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