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  1. Thanks. That makes sense. I stay pretty connected throughout the backswing but a better feel is turning the sternum so its over the back foot? Obviously while stay in posture and keep spine angle.
  2. I am working on my pivot in the backswing. My feel is that when I rotate my shoulders so that the lead shoulder is over the back foot, my hips rotate freely without me trying to move them. Is this the correct feel? Will a good shoulder rotation produce a good hip rotation? Or should I feel that I move my hips? Thanks!
  3. Honestly, I had the red 7x from a 5 wood I bought but the gapping was off. So, I went with a 7 wood instead and just swapped the red 7x into it. There was really no thought process, I just had the shaft and used it. Its really been performing though. After using the 7 wood with the red 7x many times on the range and course, its really been a great club for me. I took out the 3 hybrid and replaced it with this 7 wood. I mostly use it off the tee, long approach shots (par 5s) or to get out of trouble. The ball flight is a penetrating mid-high launch with a little more spin. It holds on the greens and launches out of thick rough. This club has been very versatile for me especially after taking the hybrid out. I still haven’t decided if I want to go blue or red for the 3 wood...lol
  4. Yeah, I like the blue in my driver but I’m still unsure of what to put in my woods. If I went blue, I’m afraid my 3 wood might go as far as my driver, which would defeat the purpose. If I went red, it would launch higher and spin more but do I want that? I mostly hit my woods off the tee and occasionally off the deck on Par 5s. Rarely do I hit them into a green. I recently picked up a 5 wood with a Red 7x in it for a steal and really hit the ball well with it. I also put a 7 wood head in the Red 7x and hit that well too. I’m just trying to figure it out and want to be 100% sure because these shafts are expensive. I appreciate everyones input.
  5. They make the Red 8x for tour but you can get them. The Red 7x is actually lighter than the Blue 7x. But yeah I could always go Blue in the 7 wood, so well see.
  6. Do you think I would be better off going with a red or blue 8x in my 7 wood?
  7. I am currently gaming the Ventus Velocore Blue 6x shaft in my driver and wanted to get Ventus Velocore for the rest of my woods. I got fitted but recently swapped my hybrid for a 7 wood so im trying to find the best combination. I was thinking Blue 7x for the 3 wood and Red 7x for the 7 wood. I’ve always played my wood progressively heavier, by 10g or so. I am a little concerned about playing a lighter shaft in the 7 wood, but should I even worry about this? I guess I could get a Red 8x if needed. What are your Ventus Velocore driver and wood shaft combinations? In your opinion: Should I play X or S in the woods, if my driver is X? Blue or red? Play different weighted shafts? Please let me know, thanks!
  8. I am going to get fit for my fairways but I play the Ventus Blue 6x in my driver. Does it correlate to the fairway woods? I was thinking Blue 7x in my 3 wood and Red 7x in my 5 wood?
  9. With the different methods of starting the downswing, I think its all dependent on your own swing. The goal is to synch the body and arms which everyone has different thoughts and feels for. All about timing. In my swing, Im completely out of synch. My lower body starts my downswing but my arms stay up. I get into my left side and my arms trail behind and have to catch up. My body outraces my arms causing me to get steep and sometimes over the top. I’ve always been active with my lower body but I think for my particular swing faults, I need to feel the arms start the downswing and not think about the body movements. The body will react to the arms. The few practice swings I tried like this, felt more in synch and produced more speed. I plan on trying this at the range later.
  10. From Scotty’s custom shop. I just wanted to see some final products.
  11. That being said, can you have the feeling that the arms are starting the downswing? And to not think about your body movements as your body will react to your arms. Just a swing feel / thought because ultimately, everything needs to be in synch. Tony Luczak had an interesting take on this.
  12. I just got a new Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 and since I’m not gaming it yet, I wanted to send it in to the Scotty Shop for customization. Please share pics of your custom Scotty Cameron putter! Thanks!
  13. Sorry for the late reply but I most definitely will. Thanks!
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