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  1. No matter what club I try, my p750 I just can’t seem to knock off lol love these things. Glws!
  2. Oof love those j15s Just picked up a set of MBs and love em.
  3. Hey all! Title says it all, looking for bridgestone j15 MBs. I’d like just the heads in good shape, no browning. Thanks!
  4. With this was a 7x! Love the look of these. Glws!
  5. Looking for the OG Sim 8/9 degree driver head only. No shaft needed. Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks in advance again lol made the exact post with a 9° head a little bit ago. I’m more interested to the 8° head but open to 9°. My apologies. Thanks again.
  7. Title says it all. Looking for a good condition OG sim head in 9°. Not looking for shaft as I’ll be purchasing one separately. Thanks in advance!
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