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  1. Not really a video watcher tbh. Did for years and it only chased me down rabbit holes. I know what you mean though everything rocks as a single static entity that’s what I’m trying to unpack
  2. Yeah didn't realize how strong left hand had gotten until you said that
  3. I’ve realized that i can really only keep the club on plane if i take it back relatively flat. As soon as I get across the line I’m completely cooked. About half the time however, the club twitches a little steeper immediately and my trail elbow backs up and doesn’t drive towards the hip. I’m sure this is a little bit mobility and sequencing, but it’s so frustrating to watch this pattern happen constantly. My low point control has gotten better but i hook some balls and spray plenty right with a wide open face. also will dead top 3-4 drivers a round and I struggle to hit any iron longer than 7 on a course https://streamable.com/f0wlmw IMG_8806.mov
  4. Up for sale is a G410 Plus- $280 Shipped This club is cut down a 1/2". 7/10 Condition. Cosmetic defects are mainly just some tee marks I haven't put in the elbow grease to remove. Just had it re-epoxy'd and re-seated at a good golf shop. Next Up is a pair of Footjoy Hyperflex Shoes NIB. A bit too big for me. They fit closer to an 11 or 11.5. $100 Shipped I also have a planemate that is up for sale. I'm missing the club connector and one band so I'm selling it dirt cheap. Can buy a new club connector for like $50 but I I'll probably just sell as is instead. $50 Shipped.
  5. I’m sure a lot of people will suggest some of the mental game books but I think they do better to slightly elevate a player, I’d question if they can totally reset you. it can be harder to pick yourself up off the bottom when you’re truly wheels off. I am going to speak from parallel experience but please know i am not pretending I’ve EVER been as good as you have been. I played off a 10 last year. My rounds from just this year put me about a 20. I’ve started to get ahold of it now but it’s been a long painful year that has made me unfathomably stronger. One of the worst effects is the confirmation bias. At a certain point in my despair, if i really sorted through my ego, i would find myself WANTING to just play bad an reaffirm to myself that i sucked. I wanted to be right and i wanted to feel pity for myself that i was broken. i viewed myself as a broken player and a head case, and you’ll never guess what i became. For me, my issues were driven by crazy swing tinkering ending in an insane dumped under swing with no control. But i played even worse than my swing would suggest because I saw myself as a loser, a crappy golfer etc. If you have a massive glaring swing flaw. Commit to one instructor and work diligently to fix it. If you don’t have a massive glaring issue, then change who you are. Toy around with this. The entire week leading up to the round tell yourself you’re a scratch golfer. Announce it to your playing partners. Remind yourself every shot. It’s not immediate, but eventually this will replace the narrative you currently have about yourself. Avoid quick fixes, change who you are CREATING yourself as. Put in diligent work and focused practice.
  6. I have been working with a great coach, but struggling with finding a feel that works to help inward rounding of the trail shoulder. I can make great half swings, but as soon as I make a deeper backswing my trail shoulder stays way too internal and my elbow pushes behind me with the club going across the line. i end up with choice but to yank the handle down and dump under. my mobility is about average but I’m working on it. Question is, what types of feels might have worked for others to allow that should to fully open and allow the elbow to not push behind
  7. Wooh boy this was a fun one to read through. I'm a crappy 13 hcp so take everything I say with that knowledge. I believe everyone has a fundamental swing DNA the same way pitchers throw differently and basketball players shoot differently. To stray too far from this DNA creates those situations where the player is a miserable wreck after lessons and their handicap explodes. There are certainly examples of full overhauls that work, but they take a level of dedication/time that most reasonable people don't have. In most instances, if you did not learn a particular swing theory/model as a child, you will engrain your own DNA into your swing. A good coach will have a basic approach they take to the swing that can be molded to the individual they are working with. There is not perfect way or "easier" way to do something. There are flaws and advantages to every approach, and you need to find the one that works within your particular biomechanics. To chase a perfect swing is to chase a ghost. To assume there is a "right" way to swing is a bad way to approach golf. (Your paradigm is going to collapse like a castle of sand when someone with a "wrong" swing wallops you) We hear a lot about "match ups" from great coaches. I think that's the wave of the future. There is not a singular approach, but there are perimeters to the swing. Exist within those perimeters and you just need to find the particular match ups that work to deliver the club on the right path, at the right angle. Or you can keep believing that once you have a perfect swing you'll play perfect golf.
  8. Yeah those videos where about 4 days before i went and saw a coach. I had been struggling with a massive hook. Pull hook is still there but not as severe. Attached is a better representation of swing now. (i am by no means saying this swing is better/worse etc. i realize how jerky /dumped under it still is. Also ball was hit poorly. just more accurate depiction of current reality!!) Trying not to video as much until fall because i was obsessing over every video and stopped “playing golf” FullSizeRender.mov
  9. I’ve been struggling this year with a ballooning handicap, and finally went and saw a coach. He transitioned me to more of a pivot driven swing because it seemed to help me square the face, make consistent contact, and rid myself of the “hit impulse” Basically, my feel is to leave the hands up and turn while getting chest open. It does seem to eliminate handle yanking but my hips still spin out pretty violently. It seems like a very GG approach- does anyone know the typical approach in regards to hips? Am i just trying to keep chest centered over them?
  10. I have been reading James Sieckmann's short game book as my 70 yards and in has been disastrous recently. I am especially a nightmare right off the green and I RARELY get up and down. It is not weird for me to have zero up and downs in a round. I either hit the green or I'm bogeying. I have enjoyed what I've learned from the book so far, and can feel some aspects of this method providing some badly needed simplicity, along with the ability to attack. One thing I'm still struggling with is his method off super tight lies. My course has a lot of shots where you need to play a high and short shot (Maybe landing it 5-10 yards away). The greens are fast and slope away, and typically these shots need to be high and short or you will be running hard away from the hole. When I'm using the Sieckmann method, I'm still having plenty of shots where I sorta fumble into the ball. I will hit the little flub shot and wind up 50% short. I'm not sure if it's a deceleration or what. Has anyone had experience with these tight lies and Sieckmanns method? I feel more comfortable with a Mickelson type movement off hard pan to ensure contact, but it just rolls forever
  11. Play more with your grandpa. You won't understand how much this game means to him until you're 30 and he will already be gone. Practice is worthless. Intentional price is vital. Never practice without having a full intention of your goal (And involve scoring games wherever possible) Take advantage of your parents willingness to support hobbies/sports when you're young. It's going to be way harder to learn when you're a broke 20 something.
  12. This 100%. You view yourself as a quitter and a failure and then are surprised when life presents you with reasons you're a quitter and a failure. View yourself differently in a way that scares you or makes you uncomfortable to say out loud
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