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  1. Yeah absolutely. That's why I really enjoyed my first lesson with Alex- it was almost too simplified. We just worked on hand depth, some very basic drills, and then we hit balls agonizingly slowly. Which is how I'm trying to approach it this go around
  2. Some progress for the start of 2022. Trip to Shannon Ireland planned for late September and Gulf shore of Alabama at the end of April so I’ll be working hard to have a decent showing. Ugly swings still showing up in longer clubs but some progress on mid irons. working with Alex Clapp on skillest and done 1/3 lessons so far FullSizeRender.mov
  3. All prices are shipped Odyssey Triple Track Ten is 34" and like new. No scratches or scuffs anywhere. Hit a few balls on carpet : $250 Superspeed Golf Trainers- Few minor blemishes on the shafts, but 9/10 shape. Grips are like new, they've barely been used: $175 Old Navy Hybrid Tech Pants- Good knockoff Lulu pants. They're a little big on me. All 3 pairs are size 33"x32" and fit true to size. Each pair was worn once or twice: $old Planemate- All 3 bands and belt is included. Tons of lift left in the velcro and the elastic. Used 5 times and it just wasn't for me. *****LOST CLIP so selling at a discount. I do not have the clip to connect the band to the club. Rather than buy a new one for $45 on their site, I'm just selling it cheap: $old Cayce Golf Sugar Skull Driver Headcover (New with tags, never saw a club)- $45
  4. Look at Colorado's list. That should give you some insight into how you "rank" instructors. Spoiler Alert- About 50% of them represent GolfTec. Now what are the odds Golftec actually has 10 of the best 20 instructors in the state? The lists seem to be a combination of 1. Top Names you have to rank high or your publication is invalid 2. Supernovas that are either hyper talented or hyper visible online 3. Pay to play (buy ads!) 4. Phenomenal instructors
  5. The tendency with a one arm drill is to early extend. In your case stand up and get extremely outside in and hit a hooky little heel strike. Try keeping your left buttcheek more back as you come through.
  6. Hit the ball well and shot a bad score. Short game stuff and putting is relatively straightforward to clean up, whereas the swing being off opens a whole new can of worms. I feel better about my game if I hit two pure shots, hit a GIR and 3 putt, than if I hit two awful shots, somehow get a chip close and then drop a lucky putt. A great day chipping and putting always includes a bit of luck. You can't luck your way into striking the ball well for 18 holes.
  7. God I wish. Every course around me has even the most absurd super twilight rounds fully booked. I'd love to get a feel back doing what you suggested. I hit off grass when I can but work leaves me with little daylight to hit at grass ranges
  8. Thanks for sharing those. I've definitely been guilty of assuming perfect swing = perfect shots. That's probably one of the most toxic things I went through this year. Like you said, repetable is important above all else. Right now, I'm just dealing with unpredictable in short/mid irons and downright non-functional in the lower lofts. That being said, this thread has given me some clarity on not chasing perfect when I find functional. Appreciate the note.
  9. Any kool aid i got is from going through this same thing all year My posts from 5 months ago probably would have a similar tone. The surgeons General warning on my kool aid says “may cause snap hooks” anyway
  10. Yep- was working on getting some extension and it appears a slide reared it’s head instead. Handle also gets stupid high on impact and smothers ball. thanks for all the help dude
  11. Yeah I think you hit the nail on the based on what I can see and feel. You’re exactly right, I can make do with mid irons but I’m non-functional with anything longer than 6iron. here is driver down the line and face on. Sorry computer blocks driver but I think there is a bad sway. Also posting numbers from last night. I’m not very educated about the swing but I imagine I’m basically hitting driver with the leading edge almost. It’s odd how my swing looks a little better than a year ago but it is simply not functional. Driver is normal in first video and tried to take it a little steeper and 75% effort last video trying to just get it in the air. guess this is what the winter is for! Thanks for your thoughts really appreciate everyone’s help as I work through a little bit of struggle
  12. Sounds like you don’t enjoy golf. You really only enjoy doing something well. this is totally understandable and the cause of so much anguish (at least it was for me). It’s an easy trap to fall into. Here are your choices 1. keep going down the same road and try to dig out a game. this might work 2. See a highly regarded instructor and hope you have some fatal flaw preventing you from good golf that can be corrected. This also might work 3. Give up golf short term or long term. Your results may vary here. It works for some people and others can’t fathom it 4. Change how you talk to yourself and accept that your game is wherever it is. Doesn’t mean it’s there forever. Forgive yourself for torturing yourself over a game. Decide what you really want out of this long term. my goal in golf is to score well and become a single digit handicap. My purpose is to experience incredible places and strengthen relationships with my friends and dad as I continually learn to make golf my lifelong friend Achieving or missing my goal doesn’t get to dictate how I feel.
  13. We are entitled only to our labor and not the fruits of our labor. Said another way, we aren't guaranteed anything. If my golf buddies put in the work I have, they would be scratch or better. I'm a 15. Commitment is a state of being. If I'm truly committed to knocking down my handicap, I commit myself to it and then the actions follow without any effort. I do things that are commesurate with that goal. Attachment is a toxic obsession with an outcome. It's the opposite of commitment. Attachment is only being concerned with the end result and basing your worth/identity/etc off whatever shows up at the end. It's trying to let something go by squeezing it tighter. The committed person doesn't care if they shoot 70 or 100 because an end result has zero to do with their commitment, and who they are. The attached person is so reviled by the 100 that they become someone who operates in avoidance They're "Trying not to suck" or "trying not to hit it OB" Our brains don't understand that well. The attached person ends up manifesting the things they claim to hate. I spent most of the year in your shoes. I practiced stupid hours and sacrificed time with my wife, hikes with my dog, etc. to hit a stupid ball at a driving range. I'm still committed to becoming a single digit hcp, but I'm not basing who I am off my golf performance anymore. The golf gods will decide when it's my time again. If I can ask a question- why do you golf?
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