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  1. You're definitely right. I hope I don't come off as argumentative - not my intent. More saying that I function so much better with a feel than the minutia of knowing the physics. And The more topics spiderweb and spin out into greater detail, the better than chance I never am able to apply it. In your opinion, what's the best feel for the pressure shift you've seen?
  2. I think we're going to end up losing the forest through the trees with the semantics argument about weight vs. pressure. As with most things in golf, trying to understand the difference between the two is inconsequential to all but the most body aware golfer. I think we should be focused on the proper "Feeling" and less on the exact physics behind the movement. Thanks for pointing us towards the AMG video, OP. It's really good and one of their better ones (Concise with an actual drill) I have long struggled with getting my hands in front of me, and pressure shift has
  3. Taking a shot in the dark here. My planemate club connector met an unspectacular demise as it got tossed into the trash with a few other odd plastic pieces from my work bench during an unsanctioned cleanup...lol Anyone have any success jerry rigging something else to grip it? I have all the other pieces just not chomping at the bit to pay $60 for a piece of plastic. It can be quick and dirty and/or harm the club. I put the planemate on an old club anyway so not concerned about damaging a 10 year old shaft
  4. I think "back" is more helpful than "down". I think "keep your head down" might be the Gas Station boner pill of swing tips. It might work, but it probably wasn't due to the pill
  5. Question about alignment stick in the club to force shaft lean. I am learning to come in shallow and even when my elbow is nicely in front of that trail hip, I stall and flip (And I think it's because I'm not used to having the club face open on the way down and my body knows I need to buy time.) For someone like me, could I take swings with the alignment stick in the butt of the club or might that introduce other weird compensations?
  6. It's such a deceiving process because of how elbows close and wrist angles need to work together. I finally got my elbows close and began hitting the ball worse than ever because my wrist angles sucked, the club was open, and I'd stall and flip trying to shut it down.
  7. Yeah probably the reality check I needed. Honestly the coach has been fantastic and we are just temporarily stuck on this piece. And you're right that this approach is just gonna spin me out a hundred other ways. Appreciate you smacking some sense into me. I'm going to clear out the text on the OG post so I don't get more people spending time replying. Thanks bud
  8. Not a bad thought. Maybe I’ll reintroduce swinging under a stick/ noodle. Usually that forces in a little bend
  9. You might be able to see it from DTL but from face on, My left knee collapses a bit. My coach thinks it's a problem to sort out towards the end as it doesn't appear to have a massive effect on my sequencing. I do feel like my positions have improved since working with an online coach for 2ish months, I'm just not seeming to grasp this part about impact and can see myself stall and dump out all my lag. It's like I don't know how to hit a ball with lag and so I fight the feeling.
  10. The worst feeling is when you truly figure it out (No I don't mean a youtube swing tip) but you work through some issues, find your swing with your coach and start lasering balls, only to show up to your annual friends outing as the same old guy (or worse). Nothing worse than losing all muscle memory and being drunk behind the wheel for a weekend of golf losing 6+ balls a round. A skullfucked chip shot can't hold a candle to the agony of my buddies watching me suck for another year.
  11. Exactly. Tendonitis is one of those strange maladies that we still don't understand or have a direct fix for. If something works- use it. Doctors don't have a magical cure or timeline for you. It's likely that after 4 weeks of rest you might feel a little better, but you also might reignite it immediately. My preferred route is to know I'm also gaining strength in the supporting muscles and lengthening the connective tissue/sinew etc. I like progress more than waiting. I understand there is a time for rest, but I reserve that more for pulls/tears/breaks
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