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  1. Thanks for the responses so far! I haven't played around with grinds: that is one more factor to consider-this is all new to me. Back when I played as a kid, a sand wedge was a sand wedge, end of story.. I am meeting with my coach next week so hopefully he can give me a little more clarity after seeing my tendencies. I figure I need to master at least 3 swings; chip, soft hands square pitch, and open faced-steeper angle pitch.
  2. I have been fooling around on the chipping practice green with my 56 and hitting it everywhere: deep rough, short steep pitches, and bunkers. I am really working on that radial deviation wrist hinge and hitting that super soft shot with a bigger swing. I know I don't need something that aggressive most of the time, but even a modified version of that "flop shot" comes in handy in deep rough. If I can manage this shot, should I just ditch the 60? What is your experience? Getting the distance right on the 56 is the hardest thing: if I really hit it perfectly with a half swing, t
  3. I had a chance to try out 2 nice irons today at the range: 9 iron and 6 iron. Callaway Apex 19, Modus 3 130 X Mizuno MP20 MMC, DG 120 X100 Mizuno MP20 MMC, PX 6.0 I have been working on my swing a ton recently and have started to settle down. I am more fluid with my hips, being more patient up top, and starting to strike the ball well, so it was time to give these a go. Hopefully this gives someone else more data to go on. About me: 5 foot 8, 165lbs, athletic, back playing after 2 decades off (basically from freshman year of HS until now). K
  4. I got 275 for the 4-wood on the launch monitor today. 152 ball speed.
  5. Hi-fli 2-iron: 250 plus roll if hit squarely. I was putting for eagle on a dogleg 290 yard par 4 with it once! Totally unexpected but the hole was probably 270 away. This is one of the easiest clubs in the bag to hit.
  6. Wow, super helpful relationship! I brought this up to the clubfitter I was talking to today and he looked at me like I was crazy (probably because he didn't think of it and it made him look silly). I find it to be spot-on with my numbers; 135-145 PW, carry typically is 270-280 driver. Maybe I could get a few yards on my driver but who knows....working through that now.
  7. I posted last week about testing irons and then a driver, which was way, way off for me. I went back today to the hitting bay (paid $50 for 90 minutes of testing at PGASS: it was instructive even if the guy running it was trying to sell me something I didn't need) but I had some interesting results. First off, my ball speed just isn't that high on the driver, and I can't figure out why. I am consistently low to mid 120s on the 7-iron. I was pretty much maxing out at 153/154 on every driver I tried. I got some good results and some OK results: longest drives were 305 with 275-2
  8. I can chime in! After about a 20-year absence, I have been playing regularly for the past 2 months and have gotten most of the rust off. Definitely not at your level but still hear me out! I have been hitting a MP20 MMC (purchased here used) w/PX 6.0. I went to a fitting session and still liked the Mizunos the best (loved the new JPX921 Forged) but honestly, the MMC was nearly as accurate and not as ridiculously long. My 7-iron well struck is 185. I don't need 200 yards like the 921 was giving me. I have a slightly choked 5-iron for that. Anyways, I started with t
  9. No, but I am looking at picking one up used here!
  10. I wish I had it: I may try and pick one up here used! Update: over the weekend (outside) I hit a few more clubs (took 2 out on the course), courtesy of a friend who works at a fitting shack. Titleist D4 w/Smoke 60 yellow 6.0 (I think this is stiff although often said to be X), loft 9.5 M5 Tour w/Proforce V2 7F5 X, loft 9 Titleist 917 D3 8.5 degree w/Diamanta LTD 70 X shaft, loft 8.5 None of these were particularly long; I have hit others further, certainly. I took the M5 and 917 out on the course. The M5 was good and a touch higher; the 917 wa
  11. Here is the thing: if you swing well, you will get extra distance on a GI iron. I just hit the 7-iron from Mizuno, new JPX 921 HMP, and it was easily 10-13 yards longer than the equivalent MP20 MMC. I don't really need that distance, but if your 7-iron is only going 140 these days, you might. If you strike the ball well and are lacking swing speed, there is nothing to worry about: you will only get hot shots if you usually miss and then really strike one. If you swing well, your shots will all be "hot" and therefore what you expect, and your slight misses won't be too bad. I am
  12. I just bought a set of MMC MP20s here. Would have been $1400 new with a wait, and these had a handful of rounds for $780. I could have gotten a set for $600 if I had waited, but these had the exact shafts I need. If you are really on a budget, get a set of MP18s or MP20s and find used shafts. I don't know about those specifically, but most pulls are available on eBay for $100-120.
  13. I know there are a lot of Mizuno fans here! Has anyone seen this review yet? 921 Forged vs 919 Forged. 200 yd+ 7-iron distance: that is crazy! He is swinging the club 86-89mph, and I get that he may feel more comfortable with the 921, but still, he is hitting an already long club a good 10 yards further! The other day I hit the new JPX 921 HMP vs the MP20 MMC and differences were similar. With the same shaft (DG 120 100X) I was getting a very consistent high 170s to high 180s on the MMC distance wise, with ball speeds maxing out at 126. On the new 921, I maxed out at 129mph b
  14. That is a great idea! They have a $50/1.5 hour shaft tryout deal there-I should book a session.
  15. Thanks, I appreciate it. I plan on spending 2-3 days a week at the range and playing once a week. Playing more rounds is tough due to time constraints.
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