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  1. Called Ping today and my I210 irons shipped 3 days ago with a delivery date of 10/12 (Monday). Only took three-months...
  2. Ordered I210s with Modus 105s (stiff flex soft-stepped x1) on 7/8 and am still awaiting delivery...per Ping CS, Nippon shafts have been back-ordered with multiple shipping delays. I am now looking to take delivery by end of October.
  3. I ordered a set of Ping I210 irons (4-PW) and Glide 3.0 wedges (50/54/58) with Nippon 105 shafts (stiff flex soft-stepped x 1) on 7/8. Received the wedges about one-month later, but still waiting on delivery of irons. Was told by Ping that Nippon shafts were backordered with delivery expected on 9/18, then 9/23, now its the first, full week in October. So it looks as though I won't realistically take delivery of my irons until the end of October. I know that this is the current landscape, but still a bit frustrating.
  4. To say the least...was told by Ping that there is a 300 piece PO of Nippon 105 shafts due to be delivered on 9/18, which “should” allow my clubs to be built. The frustrating thing is that I also ordered Glide wedges with my I210 irons at the same time with soft-stepped Nippon shafts and I received them about two-weeks ago. I was told at that time there were no I210 heads.
  5. I think you’re correct; I should have been more clear; the Nippons I ordered were stiff flex soft-stepped x 1.
  6. I ordered a set of I210s with Nippon 105s on 7/8; called Ping today to check the order status and was told the Nippon shafts are on back-order and they are expected on 9/18...so looks like I might receive them by the end of this month. Good thing my other set of I210s with Steelfiber 95 shafts were delivered yesterday; they were ordered on 7/30.
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