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  1. Check out Piretti putters...think they have a blade-like putter called “Matera” with a double bend shaft, making it faced balance.
  2. I can’t play without sunglasses. Don’t find any issues reading greens with polarized lenses. Have previously owned Oakley and Maui Jim’s, but have found Kaenon to be the best for me. Great lenses with stylish frames; can wear on and off the course.
  3. Ordered a set of ZX-5 irons (4-PW) with stock Nippon shafts in regular flex, 1* flat, standard lengths and lofts on 4/24. Was quoted an early June delivery, but have received notification of delivery scheduled for 5/24.
  4. +1 for Will Peoples...great service. He has hot melted three driver heads for me.
  5. On April 24th I ordered a set of ZX-5s (4-PW) with Nippon 105 R shafts. Lengths and lofts were standard; bent 1* flat; GP MCC +4 midsize grips. I was told that the ZX-5 heads would be back in stock towards the end of May and that I should receive my set the first week in June. But just got an email from Srixon this past Saturday (5/15) telling me that my irons were shipping out via FedEx. I ordered my clubs through the Srixon website.
  6. PingBoy63

    4 wood

    Another vote for the Callaway Mavrik. I have the 4-wood in both the regular and sub-zero models. Money off the tee box as well as off the deck.
  7. My 150 yard club is a 7-iron. I play Ping I210s down to 4-iron with no issues; find the long irons in the set easy to elevate. I also play a 19* hybrid; and swap out a 17* hybrid with a 16.5* 4-wood depending on course length and how much rough there is. If you are looking for a 4-iron alternative I would recommend the Ping G410 or Callaway Mavrik Pro hybrids. I have both. I find that both hybrids sit square and flight the ball on a high trajectory; easy to hit as well. While I don't thing anything more needs to be said about the Ping hybrids, I demoed the entire Mavrik hybrid line-up. I found the Pro to be the most neutral and compact set-up behind the ball with a flatter lie angle and not all that more unforgiving with a good swing.
  8. Would love to game a set of black Ping I210s to go with a set of Stealth 2.0 wedges I have sitting around.
  9. Mavrik 10.5* @ 44.5" with a VA Composites Raijin Mavrik SZ 10.5* @ 44.5" with VA Composites Nemesys Both heads with hotmelt to SW @ D3
  10. I discovered Piretti putters last year. I think they are the softest putters I have played...crisp contact that imparts a true roll on the ball. I have gamed a few Cameron putters over the years (Newport, Futura and Futura Phantom) and much prefer the feel and simple elegance of the Pirettis. Add to this their stellar customer service and the freebies included with their putters, you just cant limit yourself to just one! I have 3 and just ordered #4. Currently have the followiing: Savona Elite Special Edition-probably my favorite Teramo Classic-probably the softest Teramo Belly No Belly Firenze (Midnight Series)
  11. +1 for the Will People’s recommendation. Get your specs and buy the clubs from Peoples Golf. To be honest, I never heard of him until I joined GolfWRX, but he does great work at I think a fair price.
  12. In no particular order: Srixon Miura Ping (sometimes less is more) And to echo the sentiments of a previous poster...Piretti for putters.
  13. Have to go with the Ping G410 hybrid. Nice, high-launch for me; have played the last two iterations of Ping hybrids and just find them so playable, especially on those days I am not swinging well. However, just purchased the Mavrik Pro hybrid with a GD Tour AD HY shaft and really like it.
  14. Good to know. Appreciate the knowledge!
  15. VA Composites Raijin. I think one of the founders of Oban, Victor Afable, founded VA Composites; so their shafts share some performance characteristics. I am gaming both their Raijin and Nemesys shafts and couldn’t be happier.
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