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  1. Just bought a titleist 983k with a stock speeder shaft off ebay. I've read some reviews praising the YS-6 shaft upgrade. I also read about people buying the drivers cheap on ebay just to pull the shaft. I'm a lefty, so I'm interested in buying a cheap righty 983k with a YS-6 and put that in the lefty model. My question is, will this actually work? Or is the shaft damaged due being fitted to a bore through club?
  2. What would be a modern equivalent of these? I know that's a loaded question, just looking for some opinions
  3. Unfortunately I don't know any of the club or shaft specs of the zings. I bought them off of facebook marketplace. We lefties don't have a ton of options lol. But I never thought of swing weight or other shaft characteristics having an effect. I'm going to have to look more in depth into this. Thank you for the feedback!!
  4. For reasons unbeknownst to myself, I have been obsessed with playing blades lately. So I took a trip to my local range today and picked out an old Lynx USA 7 iron blade from the rental rack (I don't own a blade and had never hit one previously). While I did see a reduction in distance (more of a result of EXTREMELY crappy range balls and a 50 degree day), I couldn't believe how much more consistent my face contact was, compared with my Ping Zing's I currently use. And even on the few mishits, they weren't punished nearly as bad as everyone and their mother said they would be, and I knew exactl
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