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  1. 33” shaft. 34.5” from bottom of putter to the top. Standard lie
  2. Odyssey Stroke Lab 7S putter. It’s in really great condition. Can barely tell it’s been used. It hasn’t been hit that many times. Standard everything. Odyssey mid size grip and comes with the putter cover. $150 shipped
  3. all good answers. Yes I know I need to get fit and probably will at some point. I guess I was more just wondering if anyone made the switch from blade to mallet and saw dramatic increase in putter efficiency. But, that would be too easy. Digging in deeper with some lessons and get fit would help me figure out the root cause of missed putts. I guess Ive known all along that its not the putter thats the problem. Its the person putting.
  4. GPS functioning still works in airplane mode.
  5. Aim is not my problem. It is strictly pushing or pulling putts off the starting line. Its most likely not the putters fault, but wondering if the mallet style might help with that.
  6. I have never been a great putter. My tendency is to start putts off line. I have been gaming a Scotty Newport for the past 5 years or so. I have a custom one and I really like the look and feel of it, hence I'm reluctant to change putters. But I'm starting to see that more and more people, including the pros, are gaming mallet style putters now. I have always heard to use the putter that matches your stroke. I think I have an arc putting stroke, so I was told the anser style was what I should go with. But now I am hearing that may not be as big of a deal. Just looking
  7. my next club after my PW is a 50* wedge. I have found that this gapping works for me. Stock PW distance is 140, but I am comfortable hitting a 75% shot that goes 130 if the shot dictates that distance. The 50* is versatile for anything 110 to 125 full. I am pretty satisfied with these gaps.
  8. When I was trying to decide which clubs to order after getting fit, I read as many personal reviews as I could. So I figured I would do one to help out anyone else who is wondering. I got a set of the Srixon ZX5 with the Modus Pro 120 Stiff shafts. My first response after hitting them on the range was that the feel was fantastic. I was hitting the same distances as my Callaway Rogue irons which are very long. These might be a couple yards shorter, but not by much. The feel is 1,000 times better however. After playing a few rounds with the new clubs, I just
  9. Shoot Id drop it down to $250 with pickup at this point. Its time to get rid of them.
  10. Jake at Stripe Show is as good as they come. He’s extremely knowledgeable and really offers a no pressure fitting. If you do buy clubs from him his builds are top notch and lifetime guarantee. His a one man shop and it’s all really private. I can’t recommend him enough.
  11. Idk how this has happened, but I have way too many full sets of clubs. And they are all pretty new and nice. I think I have 4 bags each with a full set that I could grab and go play a round with right now. Yet I never use them. I always use my current set and bag and travel with it everywhere so really what’s the point? Maybe I should liquidate, but I also like looking at them all set up neat.
  12. I compared them both in the simulator and had pretty much identical numbers using the same shaft. I liked the look of the srixons ZX5s better, as they have a thinner topline. My fitter who is also a used to be pro said that the Srixons are the real deal. Those two things led me to tip to getting the ZX5s. And they are a tad cheaper.
  13. Sorry not really sure which forum to put this topic. Where do y'all get boxes to ship your golf clubs to people when you sell them? Ive tried the shipping stores and they don't carry those sizes. Nothing for irons or longer for drivers. Does anyone have a good lead on where I can buy one to two boxes?
  14. Callaway Rogue Iron set. 5-PW with Tru Temper XP95 regular flex shafts. These have been my gamers for the past two years. The club heads and grips are in very good shape. Just usual wear from playing, no major dents or dings or anything that would affect play. All the logos and everything look good. I wash my clubs with soap and water after every round because I'm very particular about my clubs looking nice and shiny. These irons have massive distance. They are going to be hard to give up because they are so easy to hit far and they are very forgiving. Price Drop to ask
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