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  1. Trying to decide which of these Ping cart bags to buy.
  2. Yes thanks Valtiel, if I change out the shaft it will definitely be heavier then the 57g stock shaft I have. At least 80g I think.
  3. Actually you can also use a lighter weight grip to increase swingweight. Regular grips weigh on average 50 grams. If you switch to a lighter weight grip like the Golf Pride Tour 25 at 25 grams you can add approximately 6 swingweight points.
  4. Thanks drumdude96, that's a good strategy and one I had planned on. Also, many thanks for the Howard Jones suggestion.
  5. I recently bought a mint condition used SLDR-C driver on the very cheap. I found the 45.5 inch shaft too long and difficult to control. I shortened the shaft by 2 inches down to 43.5 inches but that has reduced the swingweight by 12 points from the original D2 swingweight. I have compensated for about half of this by regripping with Golf Pride Tour 25 grips which weigh 25g. I have purchased tungsten weights to place 12 more grams on the club head to increase the swingweight by another 6 points. Another option I was considering was simply building a new driver using the SLDR-C head and install
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