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  1. Love reading your posts FWP, keep them coming! As for my swing personally, I feel like trying to hold the angle in my right wrist has done more harm than good for my swing. I seem to remember reading somewhere that Geoff said this swing is not a "hold-off" release whatsoever. The club is fully released.. now obviously there is a balance between slinging it DTL with a lot of conscious hand manipulation versus trying to retain the right wrist angle like crazy (which is the thought that I used to embrace and caused a lot of issues with my swing). I just don't think you can lean too much either way in that balance or it will do more harm than good. It's very difficult to control what's going on during impact, so I think a good/rotational/synced up release should be 100% a result of what's going on the the backswing and transition, not a conscious thought about impact. Again, all this is just my opinion, take it with a grain of salt.
  2. Thanks Left. I hardly get to play anymore so all I have time to do is tinker around on the range. So I appreciate the advice. It may look decent, but more often than not it feels disconnected, especially through impact.
  3. Some "on course" action. As always, constructive criticism is more than welcome. http://youtu.be/mgs25F90oX8
  4. Been tinkering on the range the past few nights. Lefthook, the swing in the yellow shirt is my attempt to stand closer to the ball at address, comments? Comments are welcome from anyone else too http://youtu.be/L9DVQo0WqhA http://youtu.be/9EaNtzBtUh4 Sorry about the lighting
  5. No offense taken, I have not worked with him and that's why I haven't sent more emails to him to bug him for free swing advice. I am very appreciative that he even took a look at my swing videos.. Please don't think that I am upset with him for not sending another reply. That is why I post videos on here
  6. Well I sent Geoff an email a few months ago of my driver swing (dtl and face on) and got this response back (I hope Geoff doesn't mind me sharing this message): Jeez Tyler, that's incredible! You've done such a fantastic job.....and all by yourself....amazing. :-) I'm on the road now with several students at US Open locals. I'll take a closer look asap, but, great job! Gj That was a few months ago and I still haven't heard back from him I'm not trying to brag or show off at all I'm just trying to build a more efficient swing and be a better player.
  7. More recent face on footage http://youtu.be/oaptM2wwuw4
  8. Btw I don't struggle with contact or distance, ball's just curving a little too much for my liking
  9. I don't have an instructor.. I work on it myself and get most of my advice from you guys on here so I appreciate the input. I do better with drills as opposed to "feels", so any good drills?
  10. I am fighting putting a lot of draw spin on the ball, virtually every shot moves right to left and I can literally feel my right arm get away from my body through impact.
  11. Need some guidance. Still fighting my right arm straightening near impact http://youtu.be/A8Dq48V_rr8
  12. Constructive criticism please http://youtu.be/LMclU4oaSig
  13. Decided to take some of Mr. Hogan's advice today.. "reverse every natural instinct and do the opposite of what you are inclined to do, and you will probably come very close to having a perfect golf swing." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erYvcV1fZAE
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