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  1. Hi, I'm in the UK and have one of these putters - I've done a review on it somewhere on here. £129 delivered with all the weight kit, etc direct from Sub70europe.com - fantastic putter. I compared it with the Ping Heppler Tomahawk, TM Spider EX and the Cleveland Huntington Beach fang style putter and there was no competition, the Sub70 putter won hands down
  2. Thanks everybody, you've cheered me up and given me food for thought. I'll have a good look at all the suggestions (I'm liking Ballard as that makes most sense to me as an ex footballer / soccer player - the movement seems intuitive). I'll also seek out a good local physio and ask him for some strengthening/ stretching exercises
  3. I'm also playing Nippon NS Pro 980 shafts in stiff so am considering going for a softer flex to try and smooth the swing out and not be so violent on the downswing!!
  4. Hi all I appreciate that there have been a lot of threads on golfing with a bad back & I have read them all and re read them but I just wondered if anyone could share their journey - what swing did you move to and how successful has it been? I'm 48 and have started to suffer with lower back pain after golf. Last week it got unbearable and has lasted all week. A quick check with the docs and it's muscular, but I need to look at changing how I swing if I want to carry on playing and helping my kids on their journey into golf. I don't think that I can rotate the hips open like I used to and that together with side bend has got me to the position that I am now ie looking for a more back friendly swing I appreciate that I'm just a random hack on a forum, but wanted to see if anyone has used the Moe Norman or the Jimmy Ballard type swings and has it helped? Have you still managed to play and play well? I play (played!!) off 6 so have an understanding of how my swing works - not very long or accurate but a good short game, so I'm happy to give anything a go if I can carry on playing until I retire! Moe Norman / Todd Graves? Kirk Junge? Jimmy Ballard? Don Trahan? Brian Sparks? Thanks
  5. dai3015

    Sub 70 Clubs

    I've got a 004 Fang style mallet putter and absolutely love it. Great feel, good weight (with the additional weight kit) and great quality - I can thoroughly recommend it (I put up a review in the putter section if you need any further info)
  6. Cheers I went via https://www.sub70europe.com/ and emailed as the putters weren't showing on the website. Nick at Sub70 was brilliant as I said earlier and the whole process from start to finish was awesome. Credit where credit is due
  7. I've recently bought a Sub70 004 "Fang" style mallet and thought I'd share my own personal thoughts in case anyone else was considering buying onePrice was £129 delivered & spec was as follows:Milled carbon steel head - length 34" (spot on length)KBS CT Tour "Black" double bend putter shaftOversized gripWeight kit & Sub70 "poker chip" ball markersI tested it on the putting green against my Cleveland Huntington Beach #11 and my thoughts are:The feel from the two putters is different. The Cleveland "feels" (to me) softer off the face. I attribute this to the deeper milling on the Cleveland, which is the selling point of the putter. The shallower milling on the Sub70 also felt great, but different.However, the Sub70 "feels" more solid and a bit more premium. I can't explain it, as it was only a personal feeling, but having putted with TP Mills putters, Byrons, Scotty's, etc I "felt" like the putter face gave me a more satisfying "click" than a metallic "Ting" feeling. Obviously this is down to acoustics as well.I found that I needed to add the heaviest weights to the head (easily done via the weight kit and "Scottyesque" wrench) - once done, the putter felt better on our slowish greens. I think that the added weight kit is fantastic as it really is a quick change to find something suitable for your own greens. The weights could also be adjusted depending on your stroke.Alignment is easy. I'm not a huge fan of massive alignment aids & I found that the black head with simple white top line mark was unobtrusive enough to be useful without being distracting.Sound and feel were greatWeight kit, pouch & headcover are all of a good qualityAll in all I'm very pleased with the putter and think that it is outstanding value for money.Also, Nick at Sub70 in the UK was brilliant and provided a different grip than standard as I preferred an oversize grip.Despite the current component shortages, it only took 3 days for my putter to arrive form initial discussions to arriving at my houseBoth putters are great, and the Cleveland is also great value at under £100, but for me, the SUb70 is the better putter and more superior product ie not cast and milled face, but CNC Carbon steel head I've now had a couple of rounds with the Sub70 and my distance control is noticeably improved. Zero 3 putts in two rounds. Not quite "automatic" from 4 ft or so, but very consistent.
  8. My new Sub70 004 Sycamore has just arrived It looks awesome. Black KBS shaft, adjustable weights, milled and only £129 delivered. That's a fantastic price. I'll give it a roll against my Cleveland 11 this weekend and give my thoughts on it. But at first glance it looks excellent.
  9. Just thought that I'd show off my collection of modern (ish) bullseye style putters to add to the thread (none of them were very expensive options)
  10. Just picked another one up to add to my growing collection! An updated John Letters Golden Goose with milled faces.
  11. Yes, I've just picked up a MOD 90 - just have to reshaft it but I can't wait to get it on the putting green and putt (!!!!) it through its paces against the Benross
  12. Hi Could anyone enlighten me as to what size tip putter shaft I'd need for a Nike Method MOD-90?I've just managed to pick one up but it has a recoil iron shaft fitted currently. It's exactly the head that I was looking for (see previous thread) so I'd like to get it reshafted with an alternative shaft All help and advice gratefully received
  13. Just to update, I've managed to track down a Nike MOD 90 in fairly decent nick for not a bad covid tax price - just got to wait for it to be delivered Thanks for your suggestions
  14. Ah, OK. Thanks. I've just printed the sheets and had a quick swing into the net. Results show strike is a bit haphazard, but the line seems pretty vertical?
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