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  1. I'm also interested in this as I'm suffering from the same issues (sorry OP - I don't want to invade on your thread)
  2. Thanks everyone. I'll try and stand up taller and closer to the ball. It really is much appreciated Monte- I've already bought your no turn cast video - will I find the correct right shoulder/ elbow movement in there? Golfsticks - I'm interested in your thoughts and suggestions also. Should it drive flatter and more back to the inside? I've always had a flatter plane swing from my youth but have been trying to transition to something slightly more upright with my instructor
  3. Hi all I'm having some real difficulty with a very heelish strike pattern. I was working with my instructor pre lockdown and felt that I was making good progress with my swing. However, since lockdown started I've had to resort to a mat and a net. It's been going OK but I've recently developed a very worrying "heel" strike pattern (checked with a sharpie and masking tape) I've messaged my instructor and he's asked me to stand a little closer to the ball. I tried that today and it was a disaster! Everything was a hosel rocket. It was so bad that I
  4. Lynx VT irons, in gunmetal finish with kuro kage stiff shafts
  5. Is this the same from Danny Maude? https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=danny+maude+hips+lateral+motion&docid=608053471336007749&mid=F2B29EE0F9613CC1B58FF2B29EE0F9613CC1B58F&view=detail&FORM=VIRE If so, then it makes it really easy for me to understand & I've been doing it so wrong for so many years
  6. Had a few lessons with a great local pro - we've been working on trying to stop the rolling of the wrists and fanning the club open on the way back and trying to get a deeper hip turn Does it look any better? Shots are more consistent, although I do need to work on the power a little, this was an 8 iron at 3/4 pace Thanks Dec2020.mp4
  7. I've just picked up a Skypro to do the same thing
  8. Cheers You might be on to something there (although, I have since tested and can get better address, delivery and roll angles with a slightly different posture) - the app doesn't like the "auto" calibrate when using my Samsung S10 Android phone. I'll have to see if I can borrow an iPhone to see if that makes a discernible difference I'll report back Thanks
  9. Just a bit of analysis via the Skypro Green Dot is Centre shaft Mallet - face angle 1 degree open at impact & path 3 degree out to in Blue Dot is Anser style toe hang - Face Angle 0.3 degree open & path 2 degree out to in Yellow dot is Odyssey #4 slight toe hang - Face angle 1.9 degree open & path online (0 degree)
  10. Can I ask what type of putter did you go for please? Thanks
  11. I managed to pick up a second hand skypro & have reviewed my putting stroke. Interestingly the putter face is between 0.5 and 1.5 degree open at impact and the path is 1 degree out to in - that's really given me something to work on . The current centre shaft putter that I'm using seems to leave the face open a smidgen more than an old Anser copy that I used just to see if there was a difference. Perhaps my stroke is slightly more suited to a gentle arc style putter?
  12. Thanks both, will check out YouTube for some ideas tomorrow. When I say it's a miss on the right, in a real life example it is still being holed, it's just on the right side. The ball travels down the centre line of the putting mat but deviates to the right hand side. Cheers
  13. We're in lockdown here in the UK so am looking at some practice drills to do indoors. I'm working on my putting and have a quick question which I hope someone can help with? I've got a good quality putting mat and a "putt out" hole. I've stuck a bit of blu tack on the face of the putter either side of where the ball would face on the centre of the face and am practicing putting. The stroke is good and I can consistently hit the face - I don't hit the blu tack and have set the margins really fine ie minimal space between the blu tack so the ball has to hit the centre of
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