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  1. Loved mine. Sold it to a buddy to buy a Radspeed and regret it every second I golf. Got rid of the Radspeed.
  2. I would say try a set of Sub 70 699 pro (they have a demo program). I had a TM P790/P770 combo set, Mizuno HMB, a bought a set of 699 Pro used. The 699 Pro's are my second set of clubs. Really no better or worse than the Taylormade or Mizuno, the numbers were all similar, but much less money and feel fantastic.
  3. I just got my PXG irons the other day. I am incredibly satisfied. I ordered Gen 2 0311 P when they were 89/iron and they are awesome. Stepped some Elevate tour shafts and couldn't be happier. Kind of a love child between my Project X 6.0 and some Modus 3. I like them a lot! Great for stock shaft.
  4. My order is on the way to me. Ordered gen 2 0311 irons and a gen 4 driver last Saturday and they had then built and shipped Wednesday.
  5. I game a big tour 3w. It is definitely more of a mini drive IMO. It is phenomenal off the tee. I had trouble getting spin and height off the deck and went to a ventus red shaft. It helped, but going to try a couple more 3w to find that elusive perfect all around one.
  6. Have you hit a TT elevate tour shaft? They are actually quite good.
  7. Not true. You can pick up the Gen 2 0311 for $89/club and the Gen 4 drivers for #299. I think the lower end 0211 are the same price as the Gen 2 0311. It is smart marketing, I guarantee I had zero interest in PXG till I saw the price of the Gen 2 0311 and called them. After talking to a rep, who was probably one of the most helpful and knowledgeable people I have talked to from a golf company, I ordered a set of the Gen 2 0311 and because they were less than 700, I decided to throw in a Gen 4 0811x driver for a grand total of just over $1000 with shipping. The best part is they already built and shipped my clubs. Got the notification today and ordered them 5 days ago. I was ready to drop 1300 on another companies irons that I would probably have to wait till December to get like I had to wait on my P770's last year. Props to PXG.
  8. Try teeing up a bit higher, move the ball forward in line with your toe and weaken your right hand. That would help you get the face closed.
  9. I think the answer here is, let it ride. If it slips, then pull it and re tape it. If you don't have many club specific tools like myself, a coated bent coat hanger worked down and around the grip to break the bond with the tape and a blow gun on your air compressor removes the grip quickly. Just give the grip a quick puff up the butt end with the blow gun. Don't go full bore otherwise the grip can explode. Or so they say.
  10. I would say DCB.... Although.... The Gen 2 0311 XF are on sale through tomorrow night for $89 per club.... I Ordered a set of Gen 2 0311P and the PXG fitter said there isn't a big difference between the Gen 2 and Gen 3. Like 1 mph ball speed and a couple yards, and the Gen 2 spin a couple hundred rpm more.
  11. JDennis

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Your correct, I just said 90gr as a reference, in stiff the KBS tour 90 are 102g. It just didn't work for me with a quick transition. I gather it might work better for a smooth transition/slower tempo.
  12. I am excited for my 0811X to show up. Will it knock out my Sim2, we will see. The PXG sale just has some deals too good to pass up. The Gen 4 drivers and Gen 2 0311 irons are stupid cheap.
  13. JDennis

    Sub 70 Clubs

    I am in a similar transition to my swing as you are. I sold my Srixon's and bought some 699 Pro irons with the KBS 90 shaft. I played a PX LZ 6.0 and Modus 120 shaft previously. The KBS shaft felt way too loose for me, and went and got fitted for some titelist irons (free fitting day). I found out that shaft wise, I was fitted to Modus 105, LZ 5.5, DG 105. So basically shafts in the 105-115 range with some kick to them. The short swing quick transition really brought the height and distance back on my irons with those shafts. Where the 90 didn't work for me was the lack of stability of the 90g shafts with the quick transition. I am currently switching my 699 pro's to a soft step Modus 105x shaft.
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