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  1. You need to have them spec'd. My 770's don't look anything like your offset.
  2. I game the Cobra F9 3w. I have yet to find a 3w more forgiving and as long as it. Off the deck or off a low tee, it goes long and straight.
  3. This the same Hi Toe raw faced from last year on the tour bus? I have one and it is good but not great. The tiger wedge worked way better for me except for bunkers.
  4. I ended up going with the Scotty special select squareback. I will keep the Betti 28 also, it rolls almost as well for me, but the Squareback works the best for me.
  5. I will start off by saying a fitting is the best way. BUT, I recently have been helping my golf partner to dial in his driver and putter. 3 weeks ago I let him try my Cobra F9 10.5. His stats are very similar to yours, he was 102 average club head speed and has a very fast transition. Since we are indoor league now, we were able to mess with settings and shafts. He tried my Rouge 110 silver shaft, my Hazrdous Green 70 gaming shaft, and just didn't have the power for them. I put in the Atmos TS Blue shaft and it was perfect. We then messed with head adjustments and up with the best numbers at
  6. I am also 6ft and play a 33". (Gotta love having short legs) I would say 34" is the best. Easy resale and you can choke down if need be. I usually by 34" till I settle on a putter, then have the shaft shortened. I go through a lot of putters and 34" have been a breeze to sell.
  7. I have tried hitting one numerous times and it just doesn't agree with me. Dispersion always sucked. The Cobra drivers on the other hand have been every bit as good and better as my old 16' M2.
  8. Neon orange Srixon and Callaway are what I play in the fall. Easy to see with the fallen foliage, but also not to pricey to lose when it rolls under the leaves.
  9. That is the putter that ended up in the bag. I purchased a 2020 special select squareback and a Betti Studio 28. The Squareback was just more natural to my stroke. I did end up putting 40 gram weights in it because I like a heavier head.
  10. I was 6, stayed the weekend with my aunt and uncle (who played golf competitively). First time watching golf with my uncle. Didn't understand what I was watching, but my uncle was excited and I was hooked. He bought me a set of Junior clubs for my Birthday that year.
  11. It's not far off from the Goofy Stupid Random questions the golfers were asked in the interviews...... Some of the questions made my head hurt.
  12. I prefer Mallets, but this year switched to wide Blades and never been putting better. I can still roll both of the better than a standard blade.
  13. I have quite a few milled putters. From my experience the putters that are too hard or too soft mess with my distance control. It doesn't matter if the greens are fast or slow. To me, it is the feel at impact and the sound that are what matters. I can adjust to the green conditions, but need to have that feeling and sound in synch.
  14. For me, they just showed up. I ended up getting the shipping notice AND the delivery notice about 3 hours AFTER I received them....
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