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  1. When I got fitted, the stock KBS was like rebar. I don't know how to explain it, but it was very harsh feeling. I tried the Modus 3 120 and the dispersion was horrible. They swung nice but dang, they were not for my swing. I then tried Px LZ 6.0 and the ball flew way too high. Finally I tried the Px 6.0 and they were money. Perfect flight, great distance and spin, and the dispersion was the best out of everything I hit. My fitter then had me try the Modus 3 120, KBS and Px 6.0 randomly, 5 shots quick, no time to think or get my head in to the selection, and the results were the same.
  2. This year was a perfect storm of everything. My son is now 3 so I can get away more to play. My wife is working from home because of the Covid, so she wants me to go play more. After a dozen rounds I got the new equipment bug and changed my entire bag. The only thing not changed was the bag itself. Been playing at least twice a week this year
  3. I have hit the Evnroll's many times. The 2 is good. Actually they are all good EXCEPT I can't stand the sound on the 5. Which is the type of putter I play. The feel is great, just wish they could get the sound right. It reminds me of a old Knight putter my uncle gave to me when I was 13. When you hit the ball it has a high pitched ring that is like fingernails on a chalk board. If they could get the sound to a Odyssey or my Scotty, I would be all over it. It rolls better than both.
  4. With my JPX919 forged/ Mp20 HMB combo set, my wedges are sm8 50 (tweaked to 49) and a 56 (playing 54.5), then a Taylormade tour issue 60 hi toe.
  5. I am doing 4-6 P790 1 weak and the 7-pw 1 degree strong.
  6. I can't justify spending that much on in-play club. My threshold is no more than 300/club not considering iron sets. My most expensive club is my scotty putter bought new for 299.99.
  7. I tried one earlier this year. It always went to the right. The associate told me that Cobra just lowered the price on the 19 model and for grins I said let me try it (never have owned a cobra club). Hit it and fell in love. It reminded me of my 16' M2, straight and long. Ended up with the F9 driver and 3 wood.
  8. Unless it is something spectacular, I can't see upgrading my Cobra F9. Bought it earlier this year when they cut the price in half. Only driver I have liked as much was my 16' M2. The F9 goes for miles and is hard to miss a fairway/first cut.
  9. I tried the Hazardous smoke in my F9 driver and 3 wood. Ended up getting the Atmos blue shafts. The Atmos blue just gave me the little bit of kick that sent the ball further. Dispersion was very similar between the two. I can't see my self changing out the F9 driver or 3 wood in the near future, the only other driver I liked as much was my 16' M2, and the F9 goes farther.
  10. I still have a Ping G10 9 degree driver I throw in the bag on occasion. It has seen better days, with many scratches and a couple dents. Survived a car accident, cart rollover, and a garage fire.... I will never get rid of it, still crushes drives too... Same goes for my I10 irons and matching tour bag.
  11. I ordered mine 8/24 and estimated shipping was 2-3 weeks. Then was updated to mid November on 9/5.
  12. 3 woods have been a love/hate thing with me. Always have been a Taylormade fan for the driver and 3 wood. Should have never sold my 16 M2 driver..... Anyways, been playing a Aeroburner TP 3 wood, and it has stuck with me for 5 years. This year I needed a Driver and went for a Cobra F9 when they dropped the price to 249.00 on left over stock. It was like we were meant to be! I naturally picked up the F9 3 wood and it is not going anywhere. The club is straight up amazing. I swing shallow and with the rails on the bottom, if I fat it a bit I love that I am not punished for it!
  13. If your worried about bag chatter pic up some iron covers. I always have all my clubs covered.
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