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  1. I have both on various iron sets and love both. The cross line cord are almost 1/2 what the Z grip are. Cross line cord also seem to wear a bit better.
  2. Rogue Silver, RDX Blue as said earlier fit what your looking for. Also look at the Tensei Pro white 1k. That is my current shaft I am using and will be for a while. It was everything I was looking for.
  3. I switched from SM8 to Zipcore a couple weeks ago. The Zipcore are more consistent for me, and the feel and sound is amazing.
  4. I use zipcores in the Aw, 56 and 60. I have considered trying a cbx2 in the AW though.
  5. I play a 9 degree Radspeed with the heavy weight in the back. Out of the factory shafts the RDX blue fit the best and it launches in my window, so that is what I went with. The heavy weight in the back helped dial it a bit. However I had a tensei 1k from my SZ and that shaft with the Radspeed was money for me, still with the weight in the back. ETA, I also play it in the draw setting at 9 degree
  6. Cobra SZ and a F9 fairway are discounted good and still can be had new. I gamed a F9 and SZ driver, now a Radspeed. The SZ is the most forgiving with only giving up little distance to the Radspeed. The F9 fairway can't be beat for me. The sz and radspeed have not beat my F9 when I tried them.
  7. I have never hit the i20, but still game my i10's occasionally and love them the times I do and the i20 are supposed to be much more forgiving. The biggest thing I do when playing my i10's is the distance is not as good as my current irons. I play 1 club more.
  8. That is a great deal. The eye 2's are timeless and if you don't end up liking them, you can recoup your money. I would recommend trying a long softer ball like a srixon super soft. They are $25 or less a dozen and will feel great. Higher end balls can feel really harsh on slight miss hits, much worse than a soft ball like those.
  9. I played 9 holes yesterday and 18 today. One thing about these wedges are that they are soft. Very soft. The sound is pure bliss compared to my SM8. We have had very little rain since the snow melt so greens are very fast and the top soil is hard. I bladed a few, but if I did my part they landed great and held. The 60 is quite different than my TW MG2 wedge. I did have a little harder time adjusting to how soft the Zipcore was. Left 50% of my 60 degree shots short. It would not roll out like my MG2 wedge did. It just stopped. Even would hit multiple balls from the same spot and they were side
  10. Zx5 are amazing irons. It has been a long time since I found a set of irons I enjoy as much as I enjoy them. High, Far, Land soft and feel soft.
  11. I use Malco rejuvinator on all my clubs, 29 bucks on Amazon. The stuff is amazing on almost anything and been using it for over 20 years in the car business. If the smudge is deep, use some medium buffing compound then the rejuvinator. Auto products work amazing on painted/coated clubs. If you need to get rid of some rust use PB blaster and 0000 steel wool.
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