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  1. If I am not rolling one of my Scotty's, I am rolling one of my Bettinardi's
  2. I would try some gun bluing. Like Perma Blue. Those sanding scratches are through to raw metal. It won't match perfect, but it will help blend it in.
  3. I have encountered it a few times this year. I play for fun and honestly it doesn't get to me. I wait for a proper time and ask to play through. The last time it happened to me, it was the group behind me on a par 4 that was getting infuriated. I hit my drive close to the groups second or third or more shot and the couple behind me was at the tee box. It was a solid 20 minutes for them to finish the hole before I could make my second shot. The couple behind me had waving hands and pacing back and forth. I let the big group in front tee off the next hole then after 2 of their shots and no gree
  4. Try playing in Iowa.... we have 30-40 degree swings and it may be blowing 30+ one day and calm the next. Or be calm at 10am and be blowing 30+ at 11:30.
  5. A couple of our local courses do. The greens are splotchy with bare dirt. They don't water it much at all so the ground is concrete. One of those course is owned by the college, but the college practices and plays at the country club...
  6. Needing to drop down in some flex and want to try a 4h. Looking for a Ventus Velocore 6s not tipped and if it has a cobra tip that is a bonus. Also looking for a Sim2 max or TSI2 4 hybrid in stiff.
  7. Selling a couple items due to a recent injury. Taylormade SIM Udi 2 iron. It is a absolute beast in to the wind. Ordered from Taylormade with a Hzrdus Smoke 6.0 shaft, MCC plus 4 grip and is 1.5 upright. 9/10 condition or better. $215 shipped Second is a mint Tensei AV Raw Blue 75TX 3 wood shaft with Tour Velvet 360 grip and Cobra adapter. 42.25" from tip to grip. An amazing 3 wood shaft, only selling because I can't play TX flex anymore. $195 shipped
  8. After dislocating my knee I have come to the realization I can't swing like I did, especially at this point. Currently I am playing PX LZ 6.0 in my Irons. I have a very long quick transition swing and will need to tone it down. I am considering dropping shaft weight/stiffness to compensate for the shorter less twisting swing. Can't find much on the MMT 105 since most of the talk is the 125's. Nobody around me even has them to demo. Any info or even other shaft advice would be appreciated. I was fitted last year to PX 6.5, PX LZ 6.0, DG s300 hard stepped or S400 soft stepped. Nippon shafts do
  9. I play in a ton of wind in Iowa and have been playing the Hzrdus Smoke 6.0 in my driving iron (Sim UDI). I have never had it balloon and is a very piercing mid flight. Before that I had a Mizuno HMB with a Nippon Modus 120 and it was much to high and would catch the wind. I do think I am done with my driving iron and selling it after my knee injury. Been experimenting with a Radpeed Big Tour 3w and it has a similar flight with a touch more distance than my driving iron. Plus the effort I put in to it is much less on my knee.
  10. You may want to contact Mizuno. I have always been told (so don't know first hand), bending clubs more than 2-2.5 degrees is frowned upon.
  11. I don't know about the torn ligaments either. I just turned 41 and am pretty healthy so maybe he thinks the strengthening of everything might be all I need. I have no idea. I plan on easing back in to golf and definitely not going to rush it. I have a pretty quick transition and a long swing, so might have to work on a slower one and shorter swing to ease the rotation on my knee. Been thinking I might need to go down to a Stiff on my driver shaft and ditch the PX iron shafts for something a little more lively with a slower transition. Heck I might even try some MMT shafts (opini
  12. I dislocated my knee 2 weeks ago golfing. Still using crutches and have a while before I can hit a golf club, but still looking at purchasing a couple clubs and a new set of irons....
  13. As far as I know, the lie angle becomes more upright in the Draw loft settings.
  14. Little update. Few days ago went to the ortho. Didn't give my a MRI but according to the xrays everything is back where it needs to be. Being the first time happening he wants to avoid surgery and basically gave me excercises to do. Also told me to start walking on it, don't use braces when walking (limits range of motion which would be bad as its healing), also told me to ditch the crutches. Figures I could go back to golfing the end of the month. There is no way this accurate. My knee is still swollen twice the size of the good one, I have ditched one crutch for the most part, but need the
  15. I played them last fall till this spring. They are forgiving. Prior to the P770 I played Mizuno 919 forged and now I play ZX5 and they are on par with the P770 but feel MUCH nicer. P770 just didn't have the feel of the Mizuno or Srixons. I am sure due to the forged face only.
  16. I was fitted last year to Modus 120 and PX 6.0. I loved the feel of the Modus 120, but they just didn't fit my transition. Timing was off. So I ended up with PX.
  17. Maybe try some 105's? For a better part of a decade I played DG shafts, then got fitted for some irons and ended up with C taper 105x. Last year I was fitted into a choice of Modus3x, or PX/PX LZ 6.0 and went with the PX. I play them well, but not as good as my C taper 105x. If I could get irons with that shaft these days, I would go back to them in a blink. They launched high, spun high, went Far and were smooth!
  18. I am a 14 and play a Radspeed Big Tour. Best 3w I have hit. It is long, so I play it at 15.5 degree with a Tensei AV raw blue. It was also the club I was hitting in to a long par 5 last sunday when I dislocated my right knee. Even when I was on the ground my playing partner said I will grab your ball since I obviously had to go to the ER. I told him I had no idea where it went. It was about 15 yards in front of his in the fairway. Not bad for a debilitating injury mis hit with that 3w.
  19. Definitely driver in my opinion. I rarely hit my 4-7 iron. If a long hole it is Driver, and 3w or 19 hybrid, then 8-putter for the rest. I probably use my Pw, 50 and 56 the most in a round for my irons.
  20. I apologize a head of time if this is the wrong place to ask this. Yesterday a buddy and I were out golfing and it was a fantastic round. On the 16th hole I went to hit a shot and my right knee popped twice and I collapsed. I looked down and at first I thought my leg broke, there was a indention on the left side of my knee and a huge bulge out to the right. I grabbed it and realized it was my knee cap and ended up popping it back over to the left. Some golfers on the course and my buddy lifted me in to the cart and my buddy took my to the ER. I ended up dislocating my knee cap and when I co
  21. I played a Tensei Raw Blue 75tx in my F9 3w. Now it is in my Radspeed Big Tour. It is a very mid flight shaft. I tried a RDX blue and it was a little lower than my AV raw blue. In my driving iron I have a Smoke grey shaft and it is a mid and very piercing trajectory.
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