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  1. that sounds awful, i wouldn't be playing much on weekends. How do morning tee times look during the week or are those just as difficult too?
  2. Looking at frisco/mckinney area
  3. how do you like ClubCorp? Seems to get a bad rep here but to a prospective member like myself it looks pretty inciting. I am looking at Trophy Club.
  4. how difficult is it really to get a tee time at my home course? Im looking to play 5-6 times a week around noon adding on to this how difficult is getting a tee time at another clubcorp course as I would like to play a different course every now and then also what would you recommend for country clubs around the same price as Trophy Club? Would love a club with two courses in nice condition
  5. The benefits that I saw that attracted me the most was the ability to play other clubcorp courses for free, is this really as good as it sounds? Ive also heard a lot of people say that they are unhappy with clubcorp, do you know why that is?
  6. Moving to the DFW area soon. Was looking at different clubs and came across the ClubCorp system and was a really big fan of all the benefits with a ClubCorp club. Is anyone a member at a specific club? I was looking at Trophy Club and Stonebridge Ranch. What would you say the rankings are on the best ClubCorp clubs in the DFW area regardless of price?
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