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  1. For those who have had the blessing of attending The Masters in person and been able to shop the merchandise area. Does the Masters sell fitted Masters Hats on site? I have a large head and wear a size 8 fitted hat. Sometimes a 7 7/8 will work depending on the brand. Any personal experience with the merchandise at the Masters especially when it comes to Masters hats would be amazing!
  2. Definitely not my style, but thanks for the heads up! For those who have actually been to. The masters and gone into the shop where they sell hats, do they sell fitted hats that go up to size 8? Thanks for the help!
  3. I have always wanted a Masters Hat. Over the years I have had friends buy me masters hats when they went to the tournament. However, I have a large head and I wear a size 8 fitted hat. Does anyone know if they make Masters hats that would fit my big cabeza? If they do where can I buy one? FYI the hats with buckle closures etc do not fit. Thanks for any help!
  4. I have a Scotty Cameron Monterey putter. I have noticed that when I hit puts about an 1/8 to 1/4 towards the heel, the feeling is more solid and the roll is more pure. Is there anyway to get the black line removed and have it put in the exact dead center of the sweet spot? I am sure this would require special machining equipment, and be very expensive?
  5. Tiger woods putter has a single dot on the top line. Supposedly the dot is directly over the sweet spot. Is it true that stock Scotty Cameron putter’s alignment line is not directly behind the sweet spot of the putter? Alignment Aids Woods’ Newport 2 has a single dot on the top line that helps him put the sweet spot directly behind the center of the ball. Today’s Studio Newport putters come with a singl
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