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  1. Just placed my order for 921 HMP 4-PW, recoil esx 460 f3 shafts, MCC align standard grips. Now crossing my fingers they arrive in time before it’s too cold to play here in the Midwest.
  2. It was better actually. I’m not by any means an expert but the feel of the clubs was entirely different (better).
  3. I’ve been wondering the same. I was fitted recently for 919 Hot Metal Pros, indoors using matts, but later in the day I took them to the range and it was like hitting an entirely different set of irons.
  4. Does anyone know if 2nd Swing locations will have inventory of 921 hot metals on hand on 9/17, meaning if I get fitted for standard shafts and grips will I be able to walk out with my new irons in hand on 9/17...or do all orders including non-custom ship from Mizuno as well?
  5. I just put a used set of 919 Pro’s in my bag less a than a week ago, but I’m debating if it it makes sense to return them and get fitted for 921’s. It’s only about $150 more than the 919’s.
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