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  1. That's a good question there commish. I don't know if my insight will be any more forth coming as it was in the Stafford - Geoff trade earlier this offseason, but then again I am a man of the people. And so with that, here goes. Surprising to some, maybe even to many, Joe Burrow ( Drafted 2020), Josh Allen (Drafted 2018), Lamar Jackson (Drafted 2018), Josh Rosen (Drafted 2018) Baker Mayfield (Drafted 2018) are all older than their first round brother Sam Darnold (Drafted 2018). Also 2018 was the second highest number of first-round quarterback selections (tied with the 1999 draft)
  2. Masters 2021 picks Cameron Smith Sung-Jae Im Scottie Scheffler
  3. Helping the stats dept. Kuchar T12 Connors T14 Matsuyama T30
  4. Fun Fact: I have actually had the pleasure seeing this masterpiece first hand and it is just that a masterpiece. One of a kind golf bag and is primarily why I can't caddy for the commish anymore
  5. Matt Kuchar to round up my 3 Musketeers
  6. Valero Open Picks: Corey Conners Hideki Matsuyama
  7. Commish just RIck Rolled us all... legend
  8. That's impressive! You are a wizard with the details. Remind me never to play hide and seek against you. Ever. lol. I bet you could tell me where waldo is right this second too?!
  9. Q Man I think those are chairs not books
  10. Get Better soon Puttin After all someone's gotta carry those redbirds P.S. sorry I don't know enough about golf to reference
  11. Pick Change Notice Here as well Changing: Harry Douglas to Jason Kokrak
  12. Well you know it sure beats the hell out of greasing up your Goldie Locks and going behind the 7Eleven to give 3 bears their porridge
  13. More importantly though commish.. look at that kick after follow through. That's how you know it's gonna go in every time
  14. This week for the WGC Dell Match Play Tourney gimmie Louis Oosthuizen Harry English
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