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  1. Live look at the Cowgirls RB Zeke Elliott post game. Slow down Zeke there's still plenty of L's left.
  2. Someone found a great photo of the Cowgirls D Line
  3. Thanks for keeping it real Q. Meme game has been point.
  4. Ah Thanksgiving, the only holiday that is chalked full of alliteration. When family, friends, football, food and fellowship share the limelight elegantly dancing together and for one moment in time enemies become friends, strangers become family, and 2020 with all it's struggles is forgotten, if only for a fading moment. While 2020 will undoubtedly be a year etched into the history books as a very divided year Changes in all things human nature came in forms such as Covid-19, racial tensions, unemployment, political uncertainty, and finally the enigma of uncertainty that surrounds human nature
  5. Now if Zoltar isn't your cup of tea may I suggest a motivational speaker. Ol' Matt Foley must have been in the locker room Week One for the Washington Football Team. Down 17 points at half to the Shegals only to come back in dramatic fashion after a motivational halftime speech. Dwayne Haskins surely didn't give the speech at half in Week !, he hasn't been relevant since the Team drafted him. Practically gone now, Haskins reopened the once shut, locked, and guarded door of Alex Smith's career giving new material for another ESPN 30 for 30. Since Smith took the starting
  6. Doc, trust me, I know a guy Way better than that 8 ball
  7. You heard it from the commish first: NO CRED FOR THE RED Seachickens are the better bird and the better team Seattle -3 Washington -1 1/2 LA Chargers -8 1/2 Pre game paragraphs coming next post
  8. Or you can just find one of these in these in the basement I mean it worked for Tom Hanks.
  9. P3P I bet you really hate my posts then because I know for a fact they are riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. Apologies in advance.
  10. How would you serve it up Q? Little mustard, chili and onions, Detroit Style? Or is it better dragged through the garden with a sesame seed bun yellow mustard, chopped white onions, bright green sweet pickle relish, a dill pickle spear, tomato slices, pickled sport peppers and a dash of celery salt, Chicago Style. Do you fancy yourself a hot dog that is first grilled, then split in half before being placed into a toasted bun slathered with cream cheese. While there are standard garnishes—grilled onions, jalapenos, and grilled cabbage, Seattle Style. Skinny all-beef are deep fried, then stuffe
  11. Snap back to reality. 2020 isn't over just yet and neither are the L's. Unlike this year, hopefully my "Pick 'em" year isn't tied up, taken outside, and thrown away because it stinks so bad. With a host of bad teams on an inconvenient bye this week, it is more important than ever to find the good matchups, do your homework on both teams and stick to your picks. Nah. Forget that I got an old fortune telling gypsy by my side. Sure she isn't as appealing or talk about as Ol' Lady Luck herself, but this old gypsy is full of tricks. Little known fact, back in the day she was Pete Rose's base runnin
  12. Week 9 had me parting like it was 1999 with the WWW. Hopefully just like the dot com bubble of the late 90's early 2000's, this win streak will explore into common culture. This wasn't achieved with some excitement on the back end of Sunday's games, as I almost devoured my fingers from the nail biter in LA. Somehow, someway, the Raiders are finally listening to their late great owner Al Davis. Just win baby! That they did, not one but twice, with an impressive defensive play from their young corner Isiah Johnson, knocking the ball out of both Mike William's and Donald Parham's hand
  13. Commish I am over here at I'm gonna need an Uber driver, turns out the mockingbird was me.
  14. Yup got a little too excited going off for the first 3-0 week of the season. Thankfully you didn't lose your eyesight over your birthday weekend because apparently I have lost mine. I am substituting a Bubba Watson pick for Jon Rahm to completely fill out my Masters 5.
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