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  1. Week 6 Picks LA Chargers dancing dog New England dancing dog Pittsburgh -4 1/2
  2. I had to get out of dodge man before I smoked one of my neighbors after he took my boat and had impounded Here's your proof man. I want my boat back Mitchell!
  3. Don't forget about these too: Giving the Dog a Bone: Can only be used 1 time during the Regular Season after Week 7. The giving the Dog a Bone pick will have the player pick a team with a losing record and is playing against a team with a winning record for a chance to net or lose an additional 3 points. Spread a non factor for these picks. As long as the team you pick for that week has a LOSING record AND is playing a team with a WINNING record the Lose to Win pick will be active upon the player's choosing. The Dart Board. Can only be used one time during the regular season. This solely involves totals where the player will pick 3 totals of 3 games. They will then take the cumulative totals for the combined 3 games and bet either the cumulative Over/Under of the 3 games. If the player's Over/Under of the games bet against fall within a plus "over" or a minus "under" 10 points the player is awarded 5 "wins". If the players is plus or minus 5 points the players is awarded 8 "wins". If the players is dead on with their number a "bullseye" with the plus or minus then they are awarded 10 "wins" on the season. The risk being is if the player is outside the "outer ring" of the +/- 10 point "missing the dart board" then the player is granted 8 "loses". For Example if I take the totals in the New Orleans and Jacksonville game +/-35.5, the New England and Miami game, +/-33, the Pittsburgh and Baltimore game +/- 35 that would be a cumulative total of 103.5. Let's say, in order, the games finished 33,38,35. This would be a cumulative total of 106 I would be within in 5 points of the 103.5 total and awarded 8 "wins". I will defiantly assist when played. Just contact my assistant.
  4. I too will help you all throughout the season their Mich commish. As time allows it I will always lend a helping hand when anyone plays any of the special multiplayers. Please feel free to lean on me when any of those come about. Thank you again and dearest apologies for the sudden drop off. Sometimes your the windshield annnnnndd... sometimes your the bug.
  5. Order in the court. Order in the court. It has come to my attention, NCL played a Pair 'Em and Square 'Em with: Tenn -4 WIN Tenn/Jax under 48 1/2 LOSS And has become an enigma in the process. Have no fear, commish 2.0 is here to make the ruling clear. This score didn't land close or far nor was it bolstered or tarnished and marred to the golf pro, this play was simple a par. I give you evidence A from page 12. I give you the Pair 'em and Square 'em Picks. Can only be used 3X's during the regular season How these picks work. First off they will be similar to how the normal or regular picks work with the player choosing either a total or a spread for their 3 games. Of those 3 games chosen the player will decide and designate 2 of the 3 picks to be part of the Pair 'em and Square 'em. The 2 picks will be worth double "wins' double "loses" and/or nothing at all. The players wins the doubled wins by correctly selecting both teams and having the picks hit. For example if I select Washington over Chargers and Tampa Bay over Cowgirls, with both hitting I then would be granted 4 "wins" instead of the standard 2 wins. This would also be the same if the picks did not hit and I would be granted 4 "loses" instead of wins. Example: I picked the Chargers over Washington and the Cowgirls (which I would almost never do) over the Buccaneers. And lastly the third option is basically a tie where the player is awarded nothing at all. This happens when one of the player's picks hits but the other does not hit. Example: if I choose the Bears over the Lions and then Falcons over the Panthers and only the Bears pick hits and the Falcons picks does not I am then granted nothing. With each pick off setting each other nothing is gained and nothing is lost. All in all you have to hope the third pick hits if the Pair 'em and Square 'em picks ended in a draw for the player to actually gain or lose anything on the week. Mind you too the Square 'em and Pair em picks also apply to totals and not just the spread. The same rules apply naturally to the totals picks as well. When using this multiplier in the picks please list them in Bold Italics so I know to count the multiplier correctly. Ruling: NCL finishes Week 5 at 0-1.
  6. Message from Commish 2.0 I have been getting my a** kicked handily with my new job. I love it but man it has definatly taken a lot more time to ajust to then I had initially anticipated. That be said I should have said something sooner about no being around as much and too I want to sincerely thank the Mich Commish, Q Man, NCL, P3P, doc and Chuntsman for keeping the train on the track and riding smoothly. I will have Mich Commish run the show from hence forth at least until I can consistently donate more time towards the thread. I will defiantly contribute more like I did before. Once more thank you for being the wiley bunch of bastards that you are. Until next time commish 2.0 signing off
  7. Week 5 Picks Washington Las Vegas -5 1/2 Arizona -5 1/2
  8. Mich Commish I apologies I am not producing to the standard you had set let me get back to the good stuff.
  9. Knowing Snyder it's probably hookers and blow
  10. What would be really cool would be another Bucs, Raiders Super Bowl. Only this time around Gruden is would be on the other sideline. Talk about some bizarre Deja Vu.
  11. I like it I think Gruden is finally seeing some fruits of his labor with this year's offense. Dereck Carr has and still will be to a degree an undervalued quarterback. Josh Jacobs when healty is an animal and supremely opens up the play action opportunities that really capitalize on their speed on the outside. Edwards Renfrow and Ruggs III are all dangerous and I do agree with you with them being contenders but do you think they can capture an AFC title? Or run it like that the '08 Giants and sneak into the playoffs only to win it all in the end? Personally I have them going to the AFC title game and losing a nail biter.
  12. After a long drawn out week of studying and training I am finally back in the Mountains. Once more, thank you mich commish for stepping up for the week, I know it would have been a last minute mess had you not. I too have a late change for today's action I am gonna go with and Prime it too please instead of the Tampa -7 @doctoro I think we must have been onto something last year when we said the league should look out for the Raiders. What do you think? Are they Pretenders or Contenders this year? Lastly it's good to back on the thread with jokester and jive steppin turkey's
  13. Alright as you may know I have not been at the helm lately. This is because I am currently in the capital city for some training and have been preoccupied with work. I will be back home at the end of the week and your regularly scheduled program of Tom Foolery will resume. Until then I have noted picks for the upcoming week and will continue to do so. Appreciation goes out to mich commish for playing point guard while I'm outta town. Thank you. Also with my return you will have the week 2 clubs listed out for y'all with a recap on the week's action. In the mean time thank you and here are my picks. Week 3 Cincy -7 1/2 Tampa -7 K C -7
  14. Apologies for the late standings but here they are. WEEK 3 STANDING W/ RYDER CUP NCL 11-4 CH 11-5 P3P 10-2-1 P48 10-4 Q 9-3 G1 7-4-1 doc 5-5 touch 1-9-1 As always please double check me
  15. Sunday's results with Ryder Cup bonus will be posted this afternoon/evening
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