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  1. Do you watch the ball or do you watch the club head hitting the ball I try to start by watching the ball go back to watching the club head and then finally back to watching the ball and the club head hitting the ball
  2. I've recently made two orders of golf gloves from some makers in Pakistan and because the dollar is so strong I was paying $3 a glove for genuine leather really nice and $5 a glove from the other guy in a really cool Cabaret style I was thinking of trying to sell them on Amazon but figure someone's probably already beat me to it
  3. Golfworks is making a killing I just shelled out a hundred bucks for a putter head I know Golf Galaxy bought them up for the Dick's parent company just can't get around needing stuff if you're a club Builder and its the easiest and most convenient
  4. There's another disturbing trend I'm noticing with golf courses in an attempt to save costs and money they're shrinking the size of their greens overtime by increasing the size of their fringes you can tell where the greens used to be and where they are now looks kind of funny in clownish in my opinion
  5. You can't call the same Club both a cavity back and a muscle back if it looks like a cavity back and is designed as a cavity back then it's a cavity back the CMB is not a true muscle back and is only meant to mislead the consumer
  6. The only success I've had in selling used clubs is through consignment at a local golf shop that has been around for a while I guess the only other real option that is kinda of trending now is getting trade-in value Or just keep on holding on to it forever as it just keeps losing value
  7. Manufacturing processes continue to improve making the quality of products of a higher and higher grade
  8. Technology continues progressing building upon itself so you might as well take advantage of it
  9. I disagree that golf equipment can't be wore out maybe for a casual golfer you can have the same set for 20 years but any serious golfer needs new equipment at least every other year
  10. My personal opinion currently is you should always buy new even if it's OEM it's still better than any top of the line used equipment maybe if you just need some clubs to practice with or you're waiting for an order to come in then I guess used would be fine
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