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  1. My time here is done or so I've been informed. Mind you, not from the Mods here. They have been nothing but gracious to me. But from my personal commitments. So this will be my final hint and a gift to you guys still in search of the grail or his secret... Look closely at my threads and posts and I've left tons and tons of breadcrumbs for you guys... First and foremost... MSE is wrong. Not even close. Talk to Moehogan or Virtuoso. They can help guide you in the right direction. Cheers and respect to you guys always sirs!
  2. Have a lovely weekend and happy grail hunting... "The secret is easy to see(and learn) if you know where to look" Cheers sir!
  3. And I assume you are an instructor? If so, respect and happy hunting. p.s. But why do I sense that you've already figured out Hogan's real secret... and that you've already came to the conclusion that it isn't as easy or as repeatable as say... O'Grady's swing mechanic? I could be wrong... just making conversation LOL
  4. The point I'm arguing here isn't only on MSE lessons which he charge a hefty fee for. But also on the fact that MSE himself being the one who sells it can't replicate any of those mechanics on his real swing. Why? Because like you said Virtuoso and I quote... "Theorizing is an important first step, but you have to actually go out and see if an insight is valid and do-able in practice. It's super easy to move the club, at speed, into magical conditions in your brain. The actual driving range and a video machine tend to b%&*-slap people back into reality."
  5. I get your point sir. Totally reasonable. Cheers sir.
  6. With all due respect to both of you. I'd have to ask both of you this... So false advertisement means nothing to you sirs? So as long as the consumer did pay money for his product on their own free will. The seller does not need to be held responsible for that said product not working as advertised? Is this really ok in your book? If that is the case then I'd have to accept that we have totally different perspective regarding ethics or this matter. MSE is still a fraud until proven otherwise.
  7. Grew up in The States. Now based in Asia. Back n forth between different countries. I assume you're from The States Virtuoso? Hope you and your loved ones are safe from the epidemic sir. Oh Virtuoso. Don't I know this too damn well. Been at it long enough to have learned this the hard way. Like I said before, Edison and his colleagues attempted to create almost 2,000 variations of a light bulb before hitting gold. So yes, I know what you're saying. Our battle scars reminds us constantly. As per the Hogan mechanic. The hints are all there for us to "lego"
  8. Great question Alan. I'll explain how. Try this drill... 1) Supinate your right wrist to it's maximum range of motion. The palm will be looking at the sky while your right elbow will fold towards your torso correct? 2) "Now with that motion intact feel that pressure and simply extend or dorsiflex your right wrist at the same time".... now imagine the left wrist and arm twisting in the opposite direction pulling the butt pad of the index finger towards the grip. Voilaaaa... that's how forward shaft lean and "said pressure" is achieved.
  9. Not really sir. On the downswing rotate both your elbows toward your corresponding hips by supinating both your wrists from the top. Simple as that. But I am still trying to figure out how Hogan.... 1) Kept this element in his swing without any conscience effort. 2) How he maxed out the wrist motion from P6 all the way to finish without the arms crossing over despite firing his hands hard at the ball. Cheers sir.
  10. I was here to participate in MSE is a Charlatan thread and didn't notice this one. So yes, I was here but not lurking. As usual. Nothing of value from you.
  11. I respect you sir. You might be one of the few people who actually knows how it feels going through the hitting area with the same Hogan dynamic. But god no I am not that guy LOL Cheers sir!
  12. Go suck on a lemon. Unlike Virtuoso and Moehogan, I have no respect for you. What a rude pretentious person you are.
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