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  1. So you guys are saying that the only thing Hogan did differently on his actual take away is merely the turning of his shoulders while everything else is the same as his waggle? Interesting indeed... --Circle-- = The clubhead --Yellow line-- = Shoulders (both on the waggle and actual swing) --Green line-- = Right arm and shaft relationship (both on the waggle and actual swing) --Red line-- = Left arm and shaft relationship on the waggle. --Blue line-- = Left arm and shaft relationship on the actual swing.
  2. Yes sir. You are correct. This comparison is to only highlight the unique dynamic in Hogan's swing that is also very hard to mimic. Just wanna show the plane that Hogan's club exits on which is totally different than Maria's. Even today touring professionals cannot replicate this, and not for the lack of trying.
  3. Hogan's secret isn't in the dirt. Hogan's secret isn't in his so called "weak grip"........ a neutral grip will look weak under some "conditions". Hogan's secret isn't fanning open the clubface. Hogan's secret isn't kicking in the right knee. Hogan's secret isn't pre-torque your trail foot away from the target at set-up. Hogan's secret isn't his godly determination and work ethics... though that what leaded him to his discovering the secret so work hard always fellas! Hogan's secret isn't in him changing his grip mid swing
  4. Ok man, I get your point. Totally reasonable. Thanks for chiming in. Meanwhile I will wait for the 18 hole vlog from MSE.
  5. I watched "The Irishman" several times and still didn't come any closer to cracking the code
  6. What personal vendettas? You're missing the point I'm making entirely. I did say I do enjoy his content and he seems like an enthusiastic nice guy who loves Ben Hogan. But my gripe is him telling people he "knows" Ben Hogan's secret and making money off of this claim. Lemme ask you this. Would you pay for your son or daughter or someone you love to go take a self defense class with someone who you know is a "fake martial artist"? And if you see people from you neighborhood getting duped by this "fake" martial artist in hopes that he can teach them how to "properly" defend themselve
  7. He doesn't need to . My dog is safe. But him doing damage to unsuspecting golfers who will ingrain bad mechanics for life while paying their hard earned money to him is enough. Cheers!
  8. Hey man, I have no animosity towards you or anyone willing to defend MSE or state their opinions. We can agree to disagree how bout that. Have a lovely day bro.
  9. Let MSE make that shot for shot video shooting in the 70s for 18 holes with another respected youtuber as witness and I'll back off. How about that?
  10. Oh my soul is secure. You know why? Cause I don't deceive people for my own gains!
  11. I've read all your posts on this forum and have nothing but respect for you. What you described will help countless golfers if they open their hearts and minds and practice this one thing. With that being said, I'm gonna bite my tongue and say while what you're telling us is "exactly" what takes place in the Hogan swing. It is an "effect" of the secret and not the cause. Meaning, once the secret is activated, what you described will be built into the swing without the golfer even having to think about it... ever. Actually to be more clear, once activated, no matter how the golfer
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