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  1. Not sure if this would work for anyone else, but I have settled into doing a rather unorthodox "double interlock" with my left thumb somewhere around the S on Stroke. Seems to hit the wrist/forearm in the right spot and for whatever reason that double interlock (pinky and ring of right + index and middle of left) seems to feel solid as a rock at the moment.
  2. Am I missing something/doing something incorrectly? I keep posting to WTB forum and then come back to check it and the post is gone.
  3. Do major retailers (i.e. Edwin Watts) carry them? I'd love to roll one but don't recall ever seeing in person
  4. Not exactly the same ballpark
  5. I think this is going to be a common theme with this grip. I already play the ball well forward with a flat left wrist so it doesn't feel all that unnatural to me, but for the majority of people, LHL is one way to setup with this grip that may feel somewhat normal
  6. Well this spiraled out of control quickly.
  7. Are you married to the putter you wanna do the conversion to?
  8. Why did Miller Lite ever go away from this branding?
  9. I have to get my hands on one of these. Interested to see if the long slant neck would work well with Wrist Lock grip.
  10. I think that may come from the extremely shallow milling more than the nickel plating, but that's just a guess.
  11. I have it on a Betti QB5. Have only played once, but have done a lot of testing on carpet just messing with different grips and setups. My biggest takeaways: A little length addition probably wouldn't hurt. As others have mentioned, I would be interested to see what bending a little more upright with a little more loft would do. And lastly, it makes the 362g putter head seem a little too light for my liking. Messed around with a counterweight to just add some total weight but that makes the head side feel much too light still. My guess is adding some length would help the head feel a little heavier. Short of that, I may add some lead tape to the sole or something just to see.
  12. It shouldn't change it to the extent that you would notice. It's a very thin nickel plating. I have refinished several pro platinums and the raw carbon seems to retain the same feel.
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