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  1. Anyone have any other ideas on assessing grinds? My concern is that Edwin Watts et al will only have the 4-5 standard grinds (which may in fact work for me), but will not have T, A, Low Bounce K, etc.. I just want to ensure that I'm getting the grind that will maximize my ability without having to pay an astronomical amount for a "fitting."
  2. How do you like the L grind on the 60? I find myself in a similar boat to you. Also, did you try out various grinds before purchasing?
  3. I would love for the search function to not duplicate responses. Like, if i search for Vokey within Classifieds, I get numerous postings of the same thread.
  4. Problem is, he is a high quality fitter who gets big $/ hour so I feel like I'm really gonna spend a lot of coin on what shouldn't be an overly complex fitting.
  5. Scott Felix (Felix Clubworks) is here in Memphis. He is a pretty well renowned fitter so I would think he's the way to go, but just didn't know if there was a current grind/bounce that approximates what i play with now.
  6. I am in the market for a new set of Vokeys. Or at the very least a new 60. I have been playing SM4 since they came out. Truth be told, i probably should have refreshed 4-5 years ago, but here we are. At one point, i replaced my SM4 60.07 with an SM5 60M Grind which has 8 degrees of bounce. It was terrible. I’m not sure if there is something specific in that grind that doesn’t work for me but i COULD NOT get it to go through the turf correctly. I went back to the 60.07 and everything was right in the world again. Now, I’m looking to upgrade but not sure which route to go.
  7. Those of you who have used the CEL for an extended period of time: have you had the same issues with stand mechanism and divider breaks that i keep reading about? Imo, it’s the best looking bag on the market but i continue to read negative reviews. Just wanted to get some real world feedback.
  8. Not sure what year model this was, but does anyone have a still new or gently used version of this bag?
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