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  1. As stated by Mr. NotThatGuyorAmi? the way you usually strike the ball is a good place to start. You said you are a picker, so if it that means a small divot, or no divot, then GI clubs should be fine for you. There are a number of GI clubs that shade more towards the better player side with not that much more offset than blades. Like you, I am more of a picker and I take a small divot. I have played blades but switched to GI because GI were easier to hit as far as getting good results (distance & dispersion) on off center hits. The offset of GI clubs, for me, turned out to be no
  2. Ha ha, this is true but the driver is the most fun club to hit.
  3. No, I don't have any insight into the dynamics of their relationship so I am not making a judgment about it. Regarding your example, kids can think they want to do something because they're kids and at a certain age, they wish to emulate their parents and please them. Later, it may or may not be what path the kid really seeks in life. I think this is why there are relatively few successful pro golfers whose parents were successful pro golfers. But who knows with C. Woods? I hope life works out well for him, regardless of golf, and his relationship with his father is a good one.
  4. I think if Tiger was concerned about Charlie enjoying himself being a kid and shielding him from attention, he wouldn't have had him play in the PNC? He termed it as "introducing him to the world". But, maybe the kid wanted to do it? Hopefully, the dynamics of his relationship with his father and future work out well for the kid.
  5. I don't care about his indiscretions but as far as doing better? I think there are many people who could've done better. I know that I wouldn't have had sex while my kid was sleeping in the same room. Gross, weird, and out of control.
  6. Northwestern! Ha ha, those were my first clubs!, used. I paid $2 for them at a garage sale about 40 years ago. And then I was able to buy a brand spanking new set of Wilson X31 irons; I had arrived!
  7. I remember Taylor Made had the ICW11 irons, and I think, ICW5, irons. Those were foam filled.
  8. Thanks! Yep, very nice (haven't played that one, of course, ha ha!)
  9. Good story; which course? (I've played a lot down there, just curious).
  10. That's a great story. Good for you and your son.
  11. PJE

    Cleveland RTX 3

    I have both RTX3 and RTX 4 wedges. Both worked fine for me. I think all wedges in their respective categories more or less perform the same but I know there's lots of people who would disagree with my opinion. So, I think it comes down to personal preference.
  12. I heard Scotty Cameron is coming out with putters made of low background steel. It's being sourced from Scapa Flow but there's interest in recovering some from the South Pacific as well. Robert Ballard, finder of the Titanic, is in on it. Just kidding. GSS and DASS is marketing puffery or less charitably, BS.
  13. Note: I used the criteria of "widely used" for this list in determining "first". Trendsetters: Ping Anser putter (first perimeter weighted putter) Ping Eye 2 irons (first perimeter weighed, high toe, GI irons) Tommy Armour 845 irons (first cavity back, player's shape irons) Taylor Made Pittsburgh Persimmon (first metal woods) Adams Tight Lies fairway woods (shallow face with face slots) Big Bertha Driver (graphite shaft metal wood driver) Big Bertha irons (cup face irons-first irons to emphasize distance) Taylor Made R7 Driver (adjustability)
  14. I don't think the original Tri Metal fairway wood was a flop. They sold a lot of them but then Orlimar tried the Tri Metal driver and that thing was definitely a flop.
  15. I've seen him hit it in person, before he bulked up, and of course, on TV and he swings, really, really hard. It's a testament to his commitment to his swing method and practice that he can hit it relatively straight. I wonder if he is making himself more prone to injury the way he goes after it? I guess time will tell. Other than that, he seems like a crybaby and sort of a jerk. I don't think he's garnering a following as "cool".
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