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  1. PGA Tour Commisioner but I’m renaming it the Globo-Tour and our Ryder Cup Team will also be called the Purple Cobras.
  2. Where is it? I wish I could play it! I’ve played some elite courses but the most fun I ever had was a down on the heels muni with a quirky layout and small, crazy greens. Enjoy what you have! It looks scenic and relaxed. My kind of place!
  3. Well,multiple hybrids look lame and take up space in one’s bag. That said, I usually play two , sometimes, three.
  4. PJE

    Smylie Kaufman

    Harsh, but sadly true. I’m sure the thought has occurred to him. I hope he can get it together. It has to hurt to be that good but not quite good enough. I guess Matthew Wolff is next up on the list of “can’t miss” guys who flame out? Hopefully, not.
  5. Tough choice. I think it depends on your own tendencies and your set makeup. I've gone with the 5 wood turned down to 16.5 ( to make it like a 4 wood). I like the shorter shaft versus a 3 wood and the open face makes me think I can't hook it. Maybe it's just the look of the club at address that agrees with me but I've hit lots of good shots with that set up. I've also experimented with a 16 degree hybrid in lieu of the fairway wood. It goes pretty far, almost as far as the fairway. But if it's windy, I favor the fairway wood.
  6. Absolutely! I learned this from bitter experience. I spent three years screwing around with an instructor trying to achieve an "ideal" swing which was "prettier". I played okay but I never felt comfortable. I was so worried about various positions or segments all the time. Then I went to another guy who just gave small suggestions. I played the same, and often better, and felt a lot better about it.
  7. Pro golf is fine. The talent level is insane and it always has been. In fact, the depth of talent at the elite, pro, level is arguably the greatest it has ever been. Nicklaus and Woods were very special dominant players and eventually some kid will come along that will be right up there with them.
  8. Withdraw/DQ on his own volition. Notify who needs to know: The coach, if it was a high school team event, and the tournament director. A lesson learned and he moves on.
  9. Even Homer nods; Woods was one hell of a closer. The loss to Y.E. Yang pales in comparison to the body of Woods' work- 55 wins out of 59 attempts. In fact, Woods really only had serious trouble against journeymen and little known players: He had a one shot lead after 54 in the 2000 PGA and barely beat Bob May in a playoff. He had a three shot lead after 54 in the 2005 Masters and beat Chris DiMarco in a playoff. He beat Rocco Mediate in a playoff at the 2008 US Open after having a one shot lead after 54. You could also consider the 1999 PGA when he best the recen
  10. I own about 15 putters and numerous other clubs and I want to get rid of stuff I don't use. So, this putter is for sale: Scotty Cameron 2014 Select Fastback Specs: 35” , stock weights, and stock lie and loft. $250 but offers and trades considered. I am the original owner of this putter and I bought it new at Golf Mart. The putter head and shaft are in very good condition. The weights have never been changed or removed. The grip is original but serviceable. I played this putter for part of 2014 and 2015 for about 15 rounds but otherwise it has sat in a golf bag in my garage.
  11. This club fits in well with your family situation. I would join. After your kids are watersafe, they can swim at a place close to home. Kids love to screw around at pools during the summer. And it's better for them than sitting around playing video games. Most importantly, they'll probably regularly end up going to a golf course and they may end up teeing it up with you. This club promises to be good times for your family.
  12. Home made or "...wouldn't teach that but it works for him." or Classic Lots of people are into pushing off of the ground. Other people try to rotate through the ball. I don't think it matters. People eventually find what works for them and their physical strengths and limitations.
  13. Johnnie-O Fairway Polo I bought one earlier this year and so far, so good.
  14. Any fairway wood from Ping dating back to the G25 series with a stock Ping regular or senior flex shaft would probably work. Ping's regular flex shaft offerings seem to work well for smooth swingers who are seeking height. Or just consider ditching the wood altogether and just go with a hybrid, 16-17 degree loft? Higher loft with a shorter shaft than most fairway woods might equal flushed shots? I've experimented with a low lofted hybrid and I can hit mine almost as far as a fairway wood. I've hit (shorter) par 5s with it. For newer clubs, the Cleveland fairway woods and hyb
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