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  1. Well hopefully that didn’t slow down play too much. I’m of the old school, look at putt and then hit it. If I start analyzing putting then I start missing. But other people are the opposite.
  2. It's not delusion. It's the personality of the golfer, the way he or she views golf, and what is important to him or her. However, I don't get mad at my bad shots because it's, just golf. Anybody who has played golf for any length of time has hit at least one truly exceptional shot. I realize I will not achieve exceptional proficiency or quality on each shot but it doesn't mean I don't strive to do so. If you've achieved something once, you can achieve it again. Why would you not expect to hit a really good shot each time you address the ball? Golf is an opportunity with each strok
  3. Hello @MtlJeff, This is interesting. I've heard in the UK and, now I learn Canada, that golf is much more affordable than in the USA. Why do you think this is so? For example, I live on US West Coast and the best private course near me is a $50,000 buy in with about $9600/yearly in dues, etc., And while it's a nice course, it is certainly not famous. I could join a couple of courses near me for about $4000 buy in but they're run by Club Corp so it's more like semi-private and those are about $4800/year in dues. I plan on joining a club once my youngest graduates
  4. "You're everyone's problem. That's because every time you go up in the air, you're unsafe. I don't like you because you're dangerous." "That's right! Ice..man. I am dangerous." GLWS
  5. Congratulations on your progress! You will be able to break 90 if you hit it 215-220 off the tee on a 6000-6300 yard course. I've also seen people break 80 as well. Play well!
  6. I think it depends on the individual. I use both face balanced and slight toe hang putters and putt equally well but I'm terrible with strong arc putters. I think it comes down to individual tendencies?
  7. I've got the G410s. A great iron. I couldn't get my hands on any G425s. But I've also played the G30s. Not too much difference, performance wise. I think the G410s and likely the G425s are better looking clubs.
  8. Great Big Bertha from the 1990s. (1995 release date?) I hit that thing a figurative mile and straight too.
  9. I sympathize with you. I can't stand a .58 round on a .60 shaft. It just bugs me and I don't know why because I can hit it just fine. By conventional wisdom, I should be in a mid size but I prefer the .60 Tour Velvet round on a .60 shaft. Anyway, have you tried the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G? It comes in .60 round but the simulated wrap construction gives it a different feel than conventional round grips.
  10. Wow, now I know why BAD lives on the razor’s edge. Green density and air density. Golf is so complicated.
  11. No, I didn't read it but putting that idea aside, how about match play over stroke play? Or two man alternate shot?
  12. The Olympic Committee should make a crazy competition instead of stroke play such as: Five man teams with designated roles: A designated driver who can only tee off using the driver. In other words, a bomber. Two players, who handle all tee shots not using driver and all shots not from the teeing ground. In other words, good iron and/or wedge players. A putter. A Team Captain who decides the strategy for each hole and thus which player will be teeing off and playing from the fairway.
  13. If I understand correctly, you were dissatisfied with the shaft length and swingweight in the finished clubs. I didn't notice any language in your post indicating the clubs you received differed in make up than the order you placed. You blame the problem on the club fitter hurrying the fitting but ultimately you placed the order. In other words, your placement of the order indicates you approved the specifications of the clubs you received. PXG will alter the clubs to your liking but you have to pay shipping and a $50 alteration fee. If the preceding summary is factually corr
  14. This is the cry of a person in pain. He has not yet hit the bottom and he’s still looking to others for intervention or blaming others. He has not yet owned his problem or his behavior. I’ve had experience with alcoholics and alcoholism is so difficult, so consuming, and so destructive. I hope he finds sobriety and peace.
  15. My handicap has crept up to 9. Occasionally, I will still get a good round in the mid 70s. If there is a new and creative way to make a bogey, I am your guy. I call it an extended slump. Ha ha. A few years ago, I played a net qualifier event for a tournament on my association's schedule. The winners were two 10s who shot 71 and 72. Talk about sandbaggers.
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