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  1. Grinder versus talented is just something TV personalities say because they need to fill airtime. Anyone who stays on Tour is immensely talented and at some point has practiced hard. "Grinder" is a euphemism for someone who doesn't particularly excel in any area or who succeeds despite limited gifts but is still accomplished, e.g ,Furyk is not long but he's straight and he's been around a long time. "Talented" is a euphemism for someone who can hit spectacular shots with dramatically good or bad results. Phil is called talented because he was long off the tee, had an unworldly sh
  2. Ha ha, you are not the only one!
  3. His backswing is unique but I don't recall it being long, to me it looked more vertical on the backswing. But on the transition, he moves into a much conventional position for the downswing. Obviously, people with unique or different swings can play very well but I think unique swings are more prone to getting out of whack than a classic or conventional swing. Maybe he's not feeling the way he needs to feel on the transition? And of course, as you said, sometimes things just go really wrong. Golf is a nutty game.
  4. No, you will not find anything better; drivers have pretty much been maxed out in performance since around 2011 or the date of your current driver. Since you are already hitting your club in the fairway and pretty darn long, you are not going to find anything which consistently outperforms it. It sounds like a great shaft and head combination for you. As an anecdotal example, I hit my Cobra Bio Cell + (2014) Callaway Alpha (2015), Callaway Big Bertha (2016), Ping G30 (2014 or 2015), Nike Vapor Fly Pro (2015), Ping G400 (2017) all within 5 yards of each other. The clubs are all essent
  5. If he went immediately into surgery, the police may not have obtained a blood sample. The doctors are not supposed to release his information (HIPAA). In addition to possible DUI drugs (prescription meds) and/or DUI drugs/alcoholic beverages it could have been: Driving too fast Looking at a cell phone (distracted driving) An animal ran out in front of him and he overcorrected to avoid it. Lots of possibilities but DUI drugs seems most likely.
  6. I was thinking about buying a Newport 2. I can buy a used 2014 Select in really good condition or spend a little more and buy a new 2021 Special Select. Does anyone know if there is a substantial difference between these two models? From what I could tell the 2021 model standard weight for the 35" length is 40 grams more than the 2014 model?
  7. I don't know if this is true but I've heard the arrangement is this: a) Small endorsement contracts for many players, i.e, free gear and relatively low cash in comparison to a few big, full bag contracts. Titleist has been aggressive about this so they can win the Tour ball counts. b) There's also a pool of money so if you use the ball in that week's tournament, you get a guaranteed amount. But like I said, I am not sure if this information is accurate.
  8. The only thing I heard coming out new from Bridgestone was the e12 Contact which is not in the same category as the ProVI. Srixon is releasing a 2021 version of the Z Star XV, a premium, higher compression, supposedly slighter longer ball than its flagship, the Z Star. Maybe this is the ball you heard about?
  9. I think you are on to something. Most recreational golfers do not carry the driver nearly as far as you do off the tee. I'd say the majority of golfers are carrying it about 200-10 yards and hopefully getting about 220-240 yards total off the tee. The longest hole most golfers can hit in two shots is about 415-440 yards and they are not hitting anything close to a short or mid iron for an approach. These players need four wedges because they are not hitting greens in regulation. A longer hitter like yourself, who still has ample distance off the tee with less than driver, and who
  10. I draw the line at hanging out with people who've been in jail. I've known some of those people and each of them had long standing problems with impulsiveness, immaturity, and a strange way of ignoring foreseeable outcomes. So, I don't think there is a way to subtly or not so subtly influence your golfing partner towards better behavior. Your other buddies are just enabling him, i.e.,"...him being him..." but his behavior probably doesn't bother them as much as it does you. However, you could lie to him and tell him you can't afford to bet so high anymore? Maybe he would back off on
  11. I've got 16 putters in the garage. Ha ha.
  12. G400 LST but I've thinking about trying to find a G400 Max Second place: Nike Vapor Fly Pro
  13. Mike Davis set a low bar. Whan has to be better.
  14. That is awesome. I wish I owned a club company so I could stamp "Wolfram Technology" somewhere on the club. And market my clubs as infused with Germanic Wolfram, vastly superior to ordinary tungsten, in much the same way my putters use German Stainless Steel.
  15. Who knows? The history of the Tour is littered with the wreckage of "can't miss" careers. It's too early and too difficult to predict.
  16. Well, that's very nice! One thing about golf in Palm Springs, it's still the desert, but the courses that are adjacent to the mountains are pretty.
  17. 6'2" and 35 inch putter. For most stock spec irons: 1/2" over.
  18. I agree, he's definitely an under the radar Tour golfer. I looked at his stats on the PGA Tour website and he frequently does poorly in the Driving Accuracy category. In comparison his Driving Distance and Putting Stats were usually pretty good. His GIR stats varied. Maybe the Driving Accuracy holds him back? Driving Accuracy Rank: 2005- 172 2006- 182 2007- 195 2008- 175 2009- 146 2010- 181 2011- 143 2012- 171 2013- 173 2014- 172 2015- 179 2016- 174 2017- 166 2018- 87 2019- 88
  19. The Anser design was revolutionary and it found widespread use among Tour players as well as golfers of all abilities. It's probably the most copied putter design of all time. The Anser came out around 1966 but I believe its popularity has remained constant because Tiger Woods gamed Anser style putters from Scotty Cameron. Anser style putters gained the cachet of being a "players" putter because of their prevalence on Tour but Scotty Cameron and Tiger really reinforced this ethos. And it's a pretty good putter. I still have mine. It was the first "real" piece of golf equipme
  20. Showing my age but: 1) Callaway Great Big Bertha Driver, circa 1996 or so 2) Ping Anser 1982 3) Cleveland 588 wedges
  21. Showing my age but: 1) Callaway Great Big Bertha Driver, circa 1996 or so 2) Ping Anser 1982 3) Cleveland 588 wedges
  22. The beginning of your post, see above, made me laugh as I am in the same boat.
  23. Do any of these truck guys get any perks? Like free clubs? Or do they get to do anything fun like hit balls on the driving range late in the day?
  24. I agree with you but the RBZ fairway wood was actually 17 yards longer than anything else. Just kidding. But seriously, that thing was a cannon (not 17 yards better) and a really good fairway wood. Of course, I traded mine in for a Ping after a while.
  25. I'm with Rory on this one. Screw the USGA and their Distance Project. If Mike Davis had been around in the 1930s, steel shafts would've been banned and we would still be playing with hickory. Continuing my rant, we are supposed to trust the judgment of a bunch of people who routinely screw up their biggest tournament, the US Open, e.g., Shinnecock (twice), Chambers Bay, etc. These guys can't conduct a tournament without doing something stupid at least every other year and yet they seek to make decisions which are going to affect the entire PGA Tour as well as millions of recreatio
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