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  1. Let’s here it! Need help from the WRX’ers! What am I gaming in 2021? -Lamb Crafted -Olsen -Swag -Benock -Seven Lets hope 2021 is better then 2020!! Stay blessed and stay safe everybody. Happy Holidays WRX’ers!
  2. Just got fitted for AF 305 in 4-6 and Tour CB in 7-P. The feel was amazing. Loved the feel compared to Miura feel. Don't get me wrong, Miura feels amazing. But the soft feeling from the Epon was addicting.
  3. Starting a thread to maybe give some insight into my Epon purchase. Doing research myself in the weeks prior to todays fitting, I know there is not much information and reviews on Epon out there so figured I would add what I could. I have played Miura CB1008 and Mizuno JPX919F in the past, currently playing the JPX until my Epon's come in (6 weeks). 2020 is my 3rd year playing golf. 13hcp. On course or at the range 4-5x a week during golf season. I was a 24hcp when I had the CB1008 irons during my first year of playing, I bought the CB1008 after my first few rounds lol. I got addicted after th
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