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  1. I have only had one ping product break ever. That is my isi 5-wood and it didn't really even break. The epoxy gave out. Everything was intact and I re-epoxied it. To ping's credit, even the head flew straight when it let go. I would bet that the clubs in the op's post have been abused and/or not taken care of properly, either by the first user or the second. I am much more disappointed in TM with the flaking paint on the spider x. That flat-out bugs me.
  2. 11 on my home course. There are a couple shorter par 4's where the distance of a driver presents some risk and I can just use an iron off the tee and score well. As far as drivers this year, methinks the Titleist TSi3/2 and the 425 will be it. Fair disclosure: have not seen or hit the G425 (yet - and I will because I am a total whore). I bag the TSi3. I agree with TigerintheWoods in that extra distance has a huge impact. As for why we look at drivers, this picture explains it all. It explains club ho'ing perfectly.
  3. If it helps, I am 6'2" skinny dude and WTF is 37. My irons are 1" over standard and are 1* flat. Shafts are Elevate tours and i think are around 120g. I went in that particular direction (as opposed to using shorter with more upright lie angle) because in my mind's eye, I am not too close to the ball. If I use a shorter club that is more upright, for whatever reason, my eyes don't like it. I have never figured out why that it is. It just is. Clubs feel heavier than a standard club I would guess. But, I use heavy grips (jumbomax tours) which I think lower the perce
  4. Lefthack, On their site you are correct. I called them and they had them.
  5. Have a G400 so cannot comment on the Max. I got the TSi3 9*, MotoreX F3 stiff. On the G400, it is Ventus Blue 6x 10.5* lofted to 9.5*. Both are 44.75". My observation is that the TSi3 is the better club for me. I find both forgiving. The TSi3 is definitely longer than the G400 and I have better results in that dispersion is tighter. The dispersion is not better by much, but the distance difference is noticeable. By way of illustration, top tracer says I hit my G400 total of 254 yards. The shots there are both warm weather and cold weather. Top tracer says I hit
  6. Out of curiosity, did those copper ISIs come with black fill or was that done afterwards? Mine came in white. Just curious. The black looks nifty.
  7. I have Jumbomax Tour smalls and if anything it (SS) went up, simply because it is more comfortable and I can go after one while maintaining control. In the short term, did driver and irons felt a bit funny, but then that went away. Now, using anything with a standard grip just feels totally wrong.
  8. This is where being left handed has its advantages. I ordered a 2 iron today from them and they even have a 1 iron, which is mighty tempting. I'll see how i hit the 2 iron first.
  9. If it helps, my blue is 1.75" for that measurement and I definitely tipped it. I meant to tip it 3/4". Must have taken slightly more than that off when I did it.
  10. Bottom: Under Armour tights, under Adidas Frostguard pants. Top: Under Armor long sleeve mock, under a galvin green midlayer thing that traps heat very well, under a sunice long-sleeve half zip, under a sunice windproof shell. Seems like a lot, but it swings pretty freely. If there is no wind, i will ditch the shell in my bag. My shoes are Adidas Tour360. They are solid leather, so they are actually pretty good in the cold. Regular socks. Stocking hat. Titleist hand warmer thingie that goes around your waist. Then a couple of
  11. If this helps: The red is the i500 6-iron, 27*, 1" over standard, black dot. The purple is the pxg 0311p (wanted to hit a 0311T, but CC didn't have one in left-handed), standard length, standard grip 28* loft. As the chart shows, the i500s with the standard grips were more left and the pxgs with the original grips were more right. remember the left-handed thing. I think the small grip plays a significant part of this. I am not sure of the effect of the shaft length on this. Smarter people than I can opine on that. Shot data also attached to be thorough. I had j
  12. Interestingly, I was goofing around at club champion a week or so ago. My irons (i500) have jumbomax small on them. Glove size is a bionic medium-large. So, they're big grips. I got them because they are comfortable (long fingers that dig into my thumbpad even on a jumbo grip like a TV jumbo). I was goofing around with a pxg iron and it had the usual standard grip. On their emailed report, which was pretty cool. With the jumbomax on the regular irons. long story short, with the jumbomax irons, their grouping was tight but straight. On the pxg iron, everything wa
  13. ChipNRun, I think that is a pretty fair statement, but that difference is pretty large IMO. In addition to looking like a shovel, they hit like it. To me the results were good, distance wise, but the feel is very different from an i500. If one hits an i500 and expects the G700 to feel similar, I don't think that's gonna happen.
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