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  1. Before 2020, D - 11 5W - 19 Irons - 22 Wedges - 28 Putter - 15. Total 95 Now, D - .5 5W - 1 Irons - .5 Wedges - 1.5 Putter - 1 Total 4.5. This site turned me into a club ho. I hope you people are happy with yourselves lol.
  2. I can see your point on perhaps a lighter grip. It will have to be a Jumbomax though. Anything smaller feels horrible, like holding a pencil that I have to death grip. With the Jumbomax, the space between my fingertips and thumbpad is simply perfect. I use the tours. I play 47 already so I highly doubt it will get trimmed. All of my other clubs are 1" over standard and 1* flat.
  3. Okay, since you drug dealers did your thing and got me to get a fix of autoflex (505X), I'll make a couple posts. This one is a post regarding initial setup and the like. Tomorrow I am hitting the range with data and will update this subsequent to that with said data. I am playing saturday and sunday and will update on that as well. I got it from Torque golf and shipping was pretty fast. I ordered it on the 9th and got it on the 15th. So, 6 days seems decent coming from Singapore. It came in a solid PVC tube with some foam to keep it from sloshing around. It came with a titl
  4. Jumbomax Tour small for me. Considering going medium. Never going back to a non-Jumbomax grip.
  5. I'll be comparing it with the two following shafts: Fujikura Motore X F3 6S 47 inch TSI3 Tensei White S that was standard with the TSI3, extended to 47 inch Jumbomax Tour small is on both of these. The head weighs 198g without the adapter and 188g without both the adapter and the weight. I'll get good top tracer and portable LM info. Oh and I am well aware that it is an interesting shaft from reading all of this thread. Still mad at you people. You did it. I hope you are happy with yourselves!
  6. Okay I have had it with you people and this site. This is nothing but propaganda to vulnerable people. So yeah, I should have a 505x in a few days and I'm sure I will report back on the results in a detailed manner.
  7. 105-107 on average. Very smooth in that I almost never feel load unless it was a mistake - like rushing or taking the club way too far back. Basically a wide low and slow takeback with a pause at the top where the club settles into the slot. When that is the case, I don't really feel anything until impact. So I judge the shaft by how impact feels. If I can feel lots of vibration, then I tend not to like the shaft. So on my TSI3 I am using a MotoreX F3 6-S 47". Great shaft. On my G400 (backup), I have a ventus blue 6-X. Another wonderful sh
  8. An Anser is an Anser. I can't tell any performance difference between my Anser 2 from like 1990 versus one in the store today.
  9. How tall are you, what is your WTF, and are your clubs standard or something other than standard? It appears that most of your scratch marks are on the toe or nearer to the toe and the toe is down. So you are not consistently getting center strike. I had the same problem. Not to that extreme though. I lengthened and flattened and now they are vertical. This involves standing further from the ball, at least for me it does. But, that puts me on a good plane. If you bend those to be more upright, then you need to recognize that doing that will shorten the
  10. Perhaps hockey has some impact indeed. Every hockey player I have ever encountered hits it a ton. The problem tends to be identifying where on the planet it went.
  11. 0311T G3 7 Iron, Elevate Tour, Jumbomax Tour Small. About 30 mins ago. 45 degrees, windchill 38, 15 mph wind directly in face, Callaway range balls. This is usually my 160-165 club when warmer and no headwind.
  12. Yup the feedback on the heppler heads is great and ditto the adjustable length.
  13. I don't think it just the ball. Clubs are colder and I would guess that has its own effect. More layers restricts body movement, reducing swingspeed and ballspeed. I think this one has a drastic effect. Usually when I play in say 45 degrees, it is usually a 2 club difference, sometimes 3.
  14. Ping Heppler Tomcat 14 with gravity grip displaced mine. Still like the copper spider x, but for me the Tomcat is better from short and long.
  15. I think the new TP5x is a great ball and better than the previous version. The thing that I don't think has been said yet is that this ball is excellent in wind, which is a consideration here. It is almost always windy. These things can cut through wind very well. I have the same comments in regards to left dash. Excellent wind fighters. They have a feel difference though. The left dash has a firmer fell at least for me, which I like over a soft feel. I could be strange that way I recognize. These are the two balls in my final two. I am happy to play
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