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  1. But if you wanted to send me your whippiest and lightest (senior?) red ventus 47", I would be tickled pink to test it for you extensively. I even have spare titleist adapters for your convenience!
  2. I would have otherwise figured that fujikura would have bought an autoflex to try to figure out the deal on it in house. All I know is higher ballspeed than my MotoreX and much better control. Can't answer on ventus. I have blue 6x on my G400, but the TSi4 and AF easily surpassed it. I am still very much a fan of the MotoreX and Ventus. No offense is intended here -- they are truly excellent shafts.
  3. Without question. It has helped all clubs. The tempo it enforces for driver bleeds over to irons and the long irons benefit enormously from this.
  4. Those look just amazing. I have considered those to be ping's best iron and played becu for over 20 years. It is the remarkably thin sole that I like. Side question. My ex has a set of the nickel, but the paint fill is gold and not black. Was the gold used for a ladies club? Is it the same head as a men's? These are mine. I polished and refilled them last winter.
  5. I ordered a set of 0311T Gen3 RH for my son. To celebrate the stupidly cheap price thereof, I also added a wedge that was not stupidly cheap. They quoted me next week on starting it. My guy (I use the same guy every time out of the Minneapolis store) told me that the different levels get different priority. Gen4 are highest obviously, then lower gens. Makes perfect sense to me. He said the wedge, since it is current, will speed things up. Otherwise he said it would be 3 weeks, which is still good given all of the horror stories of other brands on the board. The
  6. I didn't think of the collar. My bad. What I do with light colored shirts is I spray the collar and that seam thing with hat saver. Works like a charm to control ring around the collar.
  7. I would give sun sleeves a chance. I have some allergy to some ingredient in sunscreens (start sneezing within minutes). Sun sleeves work pretty well if you can deal with the look.
  8. Is that a real thing to leave the band on a cigar when smoking it? That seems pretty stupid.
  9. Taking a hole or two off, so to speak. Example would be Tuesday I did a quick 9 after work. After 7, I was -3, which for me is good (usually would be -1 to +2, depending on how putts are falling that day). Remaining two holes are relatively easy par 5 and 3. I check out on hole 8 and stray a drive enough such that it is in sufficient tree trouble where I have to do a recovery shot and just advance the ball as best I can. So I do that. It stops on a lie where the ball is below my feet a lot (I typically avoid that spot or try to at least). So I catch the pitch thin enough to
  10. if that was his strategy getting people to hit once and try the product, then it worked on me... I Oh it worked on me. I noticed an immediate difference in feel gen 3 0311T's as compared to the i500 I was previously using. Highly satisfied.
  11. I remember seeing a podcast with him (Parsons) where I think he said that was his goal (i.e., price reduction in the long term). It might have been no putts given. At any rate, I think he said his intention is to continue to sell the most recent things for the highest for the people that want the latest and greatest immediately, and sell the older models for progressively cheaper until the stocks run out on the ones that aren't made anymore. He also mentioned the savings comes from getting the manufacturing process better, not having to have reps go to stores to vie for space, not having a
  12. Yep. Ditto. I asked to be dropped into groups so as not to goof things up with a solo run. I think it also makes one a better player because it introduces at least some level of pressure. Its good to be social and one can get clients and new regular playing partners that way. Overall great experiences, with only a couple of notable bad ones. One was a garden variety loud dude whose mouth wrote checks his swing couldn't cash and there was always some reason as to why a particular shot was not good, besides just not being very good in general. No problem as I can deal with tho
  13. Artisanal toilet paper? Can you enlighten me? Perhaps I am not experiencing the level of pampering I deem myself worthy of experiencing.
  14. EDC I think means "everyday carry" . Usually in reference to concealed carry, at least that is how I have always known it.
  15. It is real. It is about 13 yards for me. That is nice to have yes, but the real benefits have been dispersion and just overall smoothness of swing that bleeds over to other clubs, benefiting those as well.
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