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  1. Curious if you could scan greens, export to AutoCAD (or similar), and create contour or relief maps of the greens. Think that would be really cool.
  2. Snagged a Mavrik 3 hybrid and 4 hybrid last night.
  3. Thanks again for all of the info. Currently leaning Biloxi. Vegas still in the mix and Tucson is as well, but likely a longer shot. We have a free room at the middle tier MGM properties in Vegas but unfortunately not Beau Rivage With no flying, I don't mind paying for a room somewhere in Biloxi.
  4. Casinos would be nice, but not a must. It would be fun to degen it up a bit in the evenings, but not necessary. It will be nice to just get away kid-free for several nights, play decent golf courses, and hang out with the wife. When I get done working today, I have a bunch to look at.
  5. Thanks! The Vegas vibe is one of the reasons the wife doesn't want to go, in addition to sitting next to people at table games, etc. for extended periods of time. I will give Biloxi a closer look. Any idea what the fees are for Fallen Oak? I am a red and green chip kind of gambler, so it's doubtful my play would cover it.
  6. Awesome, thanks for the suggestions, will check them out.
  7. I am turning 40 this year and the wife promised me a Vegas Vacation for my 40th birthday, totally unrelated to golf. With Covid, she's not wanting the up late, gambling, drinking, etc., etc., etc., Vegas trip. We've been tossing around the idea of going somewhere for golf, and she'd either ride along or drop me at the course and hang out at the hotel or go shopping while I play, then we'll go out and whatnot in the evenings. She doesn't play golf. I'd like to play some nice courses and something that's different than what I can play here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I'd like reasonable temps but understand that's a crapshoot. I'd need accommodations to be nice enough for the wife to comfortably hang out solo during the day. She doesn't need spa etc., just something safe and decent enough to hang out and read a book. Beyond that is a plus. We'll rent/have a car but it would be nice to "stay and play" if possible. I have looked at a few things but need to do more looking. I figured I'd reach out here to see if anyone had suggestions that could shorten the research curve. I am looking at 4 nights with 3 rounds of golf and the trip will fall between 12/19/20 and 1/3/21, but we can't be gone over Christmas day. Orlando or Miami - They seem to fit the golf and accommodations bill nicely, but they're $$$$. Phoenix/Scottsdale - Golf seems a bit cheaper than the stuff in Orlando/Miami, but still $$$. Vegas - Cheapest flights and accommodations, and golf seems reasonable, but this may be a hard sell. Could be cooler/colder too. I am currently leaning Vegas and could likely convince the wife. A wild card is Memphis/Tunica - She's been wanting to go to Graceland and it interests me too. There's casinos, food, the blues, etc., but I am worried it won't feel like the trip I want it to be. I have seen a few courses that interest me in the Memphis/Tunica area, but it will involve more driving since we'd likely stay down in Tunica and one of the courses I'd want to play is north of Memphis. A plus is that we can actually drive there (+/- 9 hours) so no flying with clubs, airports, etc. We could also stay in Memphis a few nights and Tunica a few nights. New Orleans Area - Lots to do outside of golf and we love New Orleans, but how's the golf? A few things I crossed off the list - I looked at some stuff on the Gulf Coast, outside of New Orleans, from Louisiana through the Florida Panhandle and it didn't really interest me. I grew up on the Texas Gulf Coast and travelled most of the Gulf Coast from Texas through Florida. I am afraid that won't feel like a destination. I looked a bit at the RTJ trail, but it doesn't fit what I am looking for right now.
  8. I ended up going with a different 60 degree wedge.
  9. I don't think it's fake. Nothing looks fishy to me, but I don't have the skill set to spot a potential fake. The seller has good feedback, but none golf related. The next cheapest complete wedge of the same model is in the $80 range, but admittedly looks to be in better shape and some are higher that look well loved. I posted because of the combination of it being quite a bit cheaper than the others listed (I only look at BIN stuff on ebay), my lack of knowing what to look for, and because I can't hold it in my hands before purchasing. Thanks again for the responses.
  10. I appreciate your response. I'm not seeing it worn out, it seems like it has plenty of life left but not mint by any means. I am going to keep my eyes open, but this one did catch my eye based on it's price. It's just under $50, plus shipping. I am looking for a cheap-ish 60* for that shot or 2 a round I may need it.
  11. I saw this wedge on eBay and wanted to run it through the experts before picking it up. Seller has good feedback, but on non-golf products. Nothing looks fishy to me, but I know next to nothing about spotting fakes.
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