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  1. I canceled my order and just went to the store and bought them.. ordered shafts were here in 1 week and just changed out the shafts .. boom.. no waiitng till June July .. alrwady got 20 rounds on them.. o
  2. Seems Wierd .. how can the heads be gone if they didn’t have the shafts .. tried ordered into heads only but wouldn’t let me back then .. Thinking about switching to a different iron now or going to eBay to find a set
  3. Quick question i ordered my set feb 6th p770 Updated today from my golf fitter they are saying mid June originally March 30th now if I go on taylormade website and put in my order today . It also says mid June .. so me waiting these past few months and order today mean the same thing that seems messed up
  4. im also in the same boat. Ordered Mid February, site said delivered for March 31st. But still waiting i went with the Project X LZ shafts
  5. dang i like this putter im interested.. gatta think though lol just bought a spider x
  6. seems like 2 months is the norm from your order date.. TM said there is a shaft shortage.. i thought it was just for some shafts.. but clearly now saying its every shaft.. i found my shaft at stores and online so ive tried to change my orders to get just the heads to put on my shafts myself.. but stated its to late to change best to just wait for the complete set.. kinda frustrating .. tournament season starting 2 weeks ..
  7. haha wow im the exact same way.. i have the speed sticks and every time i get past week 1 my back just kills and ruins my golf for the next 2 weeks till im all better.. sucks which workout did you do for flexibility on fit for golf as their are 2-3 of em.
  8. Any difference from 3 weeks ? ive also just started fit for golf program last week
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