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  1. what's the current price for the mavrik ? just the head
  2. im a big numbers guy, specs guy. i want the science and breakdown of why.. i have an old nike putter that I've never strayed from ( putting weight is great but i seem to pull it right a bit ) yah exactly spider x has a few options of necks .. maybe weights are a bit different .. i dunno.. that's what i want them to tell me through a fitting.. of course this year is winding down so this fall i wanna get speced out for everything in my bag.. so come spring i know the tools are right.. i just need myself to get the tools to work for me and help me lower my handicap to single
  3. i had a friend who had a horrible experience there too lol.... his fitter was cory, first words out of the guys mouth was " so how much do you wanna spend today " They never measured him, never took his clubs and put them on the machine.. just swapped out a few clubs and shafts and asked what felt best.. so he left there with no specs on what he needs for his new clubs. that discouraged me to hahah..
  4. I wanna upgrade to the spider x practiced around with one at a shop and really liked it . now should i buy the putter then get it adjusted after ? or should I get fitted with my old one the buy the new one to know what to get ? I don’t even know if the spider x is the right choice . But does a fitting do thst .. they use quintec around here for fitting putters
  5. Yah just really off putting ... I will be trying Morgan creek for my iron fitting as they have the gears technology too.. $200 for 2 hrs .. looking to get fit into mavrik pros so we’ll see what this fitting says
  6. Recently went into the golftec in vancouver for a swing analysis for my irons . After seeing some videos with the technology they have i thought i would like to see my mechanics on the screen.. To fast forward and save you some reading here are the bullets of what happened. - 1:15 arrival - 1:30 Appointment - irons warm up for 10 minutes and wait for instructor - 1:48 instructor comes in and starts to talk about my putting, chipping, where i miss with those ect.. i stated " im here for an iron swing analysis. -2:01 i take some swings with my 7 iron.. he compares
  7. so who is the supplier for the gloves ? im looking to get some gloves for our mens league guys with our logo on it...
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