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  1. ive always played ten finger grip ( baseball ) but taking some lessons and the teacher is hoping i change to a vardon or interlocking.. but they feel so loose ? like the clubs gunna fly out of my hands, its the fall / winter season so i can put in some hours with the new grip to make it feel good... but my question is.. am i gunna get an advantage by changing my grip from baseball grip to one of the prominent grips ?
  2. Ya you really need your partner on match play tourneys hahah... i went 4 up early. then lots of push holes and slowly they came back and won it on the 17th.. those times when you have an off hole and don't have to partner to save you killed me.. but oh well.. good experience..
  3. Thanks for the quick response.. Yes the commish just got back to me. I do have to play by myself today and try to qualify, no substitute aloud
  4. my match play qualifier is today and of course last minute ( within 3 hours ) my partner just bailed on me due to sickness.. Am i able to play against the other team by myself ? able to switch out to someone else with similar handicap ? ive notified to tournament director just waiting for a response, but i know you guys are faster hah
  5. I’ve got a shaft .. just need head if someone wants this shaft
  6. I canceled my order and just went to the store and bought them.. ordered shafts were here in 1 week and just changed out the shafts .. boom.. no waiitng till June July .. alrwady got 20 rounds on them.. o
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