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  1. For Sale: SIM Ti Tour Issue 3W head from Will Peoples. Used for a few range sessions and <5 rounds. $350 SOLD Lie: 58.1 Loft: 15.7 FA: 0.9 wt: 212.5 CTA: 226 CTB: 239 Additionally I am selling 3W shafts, these all are built to play 43" (Factory recommended tipping) with TM tips and Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Grips. 1. Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7X Black TM Tip (Playing Length of 43") - $200 2. Graphite Design VR 8X TM Tip - $250 3. Ventus Red w/Velocore 7X TM Tip - $200 Trades that will be considered: To
  2. Drew14

    P7TW VS P7MB

    I definitely think you are making the right choice. It's tough to stomach the price tag of the P7TWs, but if you get a discount it's definitely worth choosing them over the P7MBs. I also felt like the P7TWs were decently forgiving considering they are a pretty thin blade. I think you'll love them. Plus there is a definite "wow factor" to having a set of P7TWs! Hope you enjoy!
  3. Drew14

    P7TW VS P7MB

    I was able to hit them both off of grass. I preferred the turf interaction of the P7TWs more as they seemed to cut through the grass, especially the rough more consistently than the P7MBs. I also think the slightly heavier weighting of the P7TWs helps with that too. They are both great irons, but for me the P7TWs were definitely worth the slight price difference as they checked more of the boxes in terms of looks/feel/sound/performance than the P7MBs. To be completely honest, I actually liked the P7MCs more than the P7MBs. I'd definitely give those a chance as well (I ordered the P7MCs 3,4, an
  4. Drew14

    P7TW VS P7MB

    I've hit both of them and actually just pulled the trigger on a set of P7TWs. I am a scratch golfer for context. The biggest difference I found between the two was definitely the feel. The P7TWs are obviously closer to your traditional lofts, but they come with a much firmer feel than the P7MBs. I also found the P7MBs to be more spinny than the P7TWs in the same TI X100s. Let me know if you have any other questions I can help with!
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