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  1. I have. The App included is like having a personal trainer motivating you. It’s Fantastic. It’s what makes the Stack valuable.
  2. If he's keen on the sport, he'll fix himself if you are crafty about it. Show him his favorite players next to his swing. He'll love some of his moves and then work a little toward, say how Rory, or Adam Scott look. When I was a kid, I studied the GD pull out pages. I wouldn't go technique yet, just fun and games around the greens and range.
  3. Hand path reaches out too much, away from you. Keep tension on the band, but get the hands a bit more in, with the club head more outside the hands. As you start to bend your right elbow and stand up the shaft, you'll have a chance to shallow it and better manage your wrist conditions. Go to the Advanced Protocols and watch "Developing Backswing," and "Transitioning." You'll get it. Cheers
  4. 100%. I would add that most people who "jack knife" the club's COM too close to their bodies center of rotation have a really hard time "getting that angle out," in time to be reliable.
  5. The 2nd cup that lands in my right forearm helps add certainty that the wrists are in a good position. The swynguide is excellent, but many people mess things up
  6. As I type this note, my subconscious training allows my fingers to hit keys faster than my conscious thought. Thank you grade 7 typing class... You still have to train in some good stuff. I'd type like crap if is wasn't for the teacher who made us all do simple drills to cross the sub/con bridge to performance. Yes, typing is performing:) Do the small things well and the big things can be creative and meaningful.
  7. That's seems to be the theme. People fight it initially and then seem to have a breakthrough. Let's face it, changing a pattern is really hard.
  8. 20" on long bands 12" on short band. Good luck! I've seen some creative DIYs
  9. Best tip to get to single digits.... Play with the best players (single digits) who will suffer the current state of your game and watch what they do. They likely have enough speed to have mid irons into par 4's, have a predictable curve on their driver and can read lies around the green to pick a decent short game shot and they don't three putt often.
  10. Good things happen when arms aren't chaotic. Manage the dimension between the elbows and wrist conditions improve as does the club's center of mass. Elbows separating on the way down, stands up the shaft. Elbows narrowing puts emphasis on the pivot and helps to shallow the club.
  11. George was my coach from an early age. I met him when he was in his forties, fading out of his Tour career. GREAT guy and one of the most important people in my life. He professed "passive" hands and allowing the swing motion to have a starting form and finishing form. His goal was to take things from conscious and bridge things to subconscious as quickly as possible. He had plenty of technical, conscious thoughts while developing his game, but he realized that didn't do him much good during tournament play. There are some things you should spend time to get right; grip, stance, posture, routi
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