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  1. If you are real curious on what size grip to play lamkin has a great grip fitting on there website, I played standard grips for forever was suggested to try the fitting guide. The fitting guide suggested I'm standard grip plus one wrap since I have tried that I have no plans of changing.
  2. My question is exactly what the title is. my current driver length is playing length of 44 1/2 inches. recently I played with a couple guys that were playing their drivers at even shorter lengths. one was playing his at 44 inches and the other was playing his at 43 1/2. Neither of these guys were shorter than me. I stand 5' 11" tall I do have slightly longer arms, the other two guys one was the same height as me the other guy was I'd say maybe an inch taller the amazing part is both of these players were out driving me by 10 yards and much better control.. as the round wen on I asked them if they played three wood shorter also they both said they play three wood at 42 inches. Now I think I am going to experiment with my driver and fairway wood lengths be nice to hit a few more fairways per round than I do right now. And before the question gets asked the guys I played my round with were 5 years younger than I am and our swing speeds are within a few MPH of each other.
  3. I do know that the 910 and 913 series had more spin than the 915 and 917 series. I have tried them both and for me the winner is the 917 D3 with the diamanna white 70+ shaft. I have tried the new Taylormade gear I will say if I hit the M1 perfect I goes about 5 yards farther than my titleist driver but more often then not my titleist is a lot more consistent all the way around. Also my back up driver is my 915 D3 with fujikura speeder 74 shaft
  4. The turbulators s one of the things I really like about the G line up frames the ball up perfectly with my driver fairway and hybrid.
  5. Love the look of the driver. I sure hope they fixed the loud tin can sound of the G driver.
  6. I have recently felt like I have gone full circle with my driver. Have tried the G30 lst and the G lst with mixed results. Decided to try my I25 again was like finding a old friend.
  7. Thank you i'll look for them.
  8. Title kinda says it all, want to see if anyone knows if anyplace in vegas does hot melt in clubs?
  9. The reason your guy doesn't want to bend them is Ping is the best company of keeping track of every club they build. There is a serial number on every club and Ping keeps all the spec information about there clubs on file to assist if ever need to replace one club. This being the case when you work for a golf shop you prefer to send clubs to Ping for adjustments. Ping will make loft lie adjustments or what ever else you may like done, then they update there files on the clubs info, at the same time ping cleans and performs paint touch up as needed and also changes the color dot if lie angle was changed. Now as far as bending them goes the notch in the hosel is there to help the irons be bent. I have bent numerous sets of Ping irons for people with no issues at all. Only thing I point out is Ping's info they have on file for the clubs will not be correct.
  10. Looking for opinions from fellow wrxs'ers I currently play at a 9.4 hdcp my biggest weakness is iron play. i have a solid short game. I think i'm ok off the tee. This is where my question lies. I have the problem of liking the way players irons look only problem is when i continue trying to impove my ball striking just is not hapening mostly due to work obligations. Here is waht i'm couriuos about is haw many of you play to a low handicap and play a more forgiving iron? also if you switched from a less forgiving iron what were you playing and what did you move to? And how long did it take to get use to the look of the new irons.
  11. Wasn't able to really look at them side by side, but I took a quick peak at the 770's the other day when I was in the store picking up some new gloves. First impression was they seemed small compared to the SLDR's. At first I thought maybe I had grabbed a 750 instead but nope. Still want to demo them but based on that quick look, still have no desire to replace the SLDR irons. Callaway Apex CF 16's are probably the only option I might want to check out. I did same I looked at the 770's in person for the first time the other day. I like the way they look want to try them wih same shaft that's in my SLDR irons before I buy them.
  12. Thought I would bump my post ben a few months now, I'm really enjoying playing these irons I keep getting the urge to try something else only set that comes to mind right now is the P770 irons with same shaft setup.
  13. If you change the adaptor you can, the g25 and i25 adaptors are only .5 degree of loft change. the g30 and g adaptors are 1 degree of loft change
  14. Wondering if anyone knows if you set the M1 in the upright position does the loft change? I know on the sldr it added 2 degrees of loft.
  15. I really like the way this club sets up, I have a big problem with the sound it makes. Is there any way to quiet this club down?
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